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Ordnance Survey Letters by John O'Donovan and Eugene Curry, 1839

Parish of Abbey (d)

In this Parish is situated the Townland of Finnivara which is mentioned in the List of O’Loughlin’s residences preserved in the MS. Library of Trinity College and in the Rental of O’Brien published by Mr. Hardiman, where it is called in Irish Fidh na Bheara, the Wood of Beara. In an Inquisition taken in the reign of Jac. I. it is styled Manerium de Flyn Ivarra. According to the tradition in the Country, Donogh More O’Daly, Abbot of Boyle, lived near Finnivara House, in this Townland, at a place called Parkmore, where a curious monument called the Leacht of Donoghmore O’Daly is shown and also the site of his house and of a College over which he presided. Many wild stories are here told about Donogh More, but none sufficiently definite to be committed to writing, for tradition is so extravagant here as to make Donogh More O’Daly a brother of the Sorcerer Macámh Insi Creamha, whom he is said to have accidently killed by a “cast of a sharpened scollop.” This tradition seems to have been derived from a poem which Donogh More addressed to the shade of the Sorcerer, but as I have not a copy of that poem before me I cannot say how it has given rise to the tradition. The Macámh of Inis Creamha in Lough Corrib seems to have been one of the Tuatha De Dananns. The family of O’Daly is shewn in this very locality on Ortelius Improved. In this Parish, near Corranrue, is the district called Liatha, where a branch of the descendants of Cooey na nGall O’Kane settled at an early period. Its extent is still well known, but I do not find the name in the Name Book of this Parish. Perhaps it could not be shown on the Map.