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Ordnance Survey Letters by John O'Donovan and Eugene Curry, 1839

Parish of Abbey (e)

The lineal descendant of the last O’Cahan who held this district is Shane Reagh O’Kane of Corofin, a tailor, patriot, rebel etc., and who thus traces his pedigree :-

Shane Reagh, now an old man, the son of
Andreas Reagh, the patriot, warrior, rebel etc…
Shane Reagh,
Shane Reagh,
Shane Reagh

Was the last mentioned the Shane or Johannes addressed by Roderic O’Flaherty, the author of the Ogygia?

There is a small lough on the top of a hill situated to the south of the Abbey Corcomroe, called Loch Luire, as appears from this old Irish staza:-

Mainistir Chorcumruadh air an taobh ó thuaidh do Loch Luirg,
Mar a bhfuil an cúpla saor, a thairigh an cúpla daor a’chur.

The name of this lough does not appear in the Name Book of this Parish. Between Munnia and the Behagh hill there is a conspicuous and well know hill called Lissavaun, on which the Terry-Alts challenged to fight the King’s troops in 1831. The name of this is not in the Name Book, but it is sufficiently conspicuous and important to be named on the Ordnance Map.

In this Parish lived the notorious gentleman, Peter Comyn, who was hanged about eleven years since for burning his own house. His life would be well worth writing and publishing as affording a rare instance of human talent, honor, folly and dishonesty most strangely combined in the one character. Capt. Tyrrell of Kinvara has a curious MS. found after Peter, which gives one a curious idea of his industry in collecting local legends, and of his sagacity, talent and candour in describing the habits, morals and superstitions of the primitive and sequestered people among whom he lived. He was of a very respectable family and a native genius, but his profligacy and dissolute habits brought him at length to the gallows. I hope Mr. Tyrrell will publish his MS.

This weather is again assuming a very unfavourable aspect.

                                                                                                      Your obedient servant,
                                                                                                                  John O’Donovan.