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Ordnance Survey Letters by John O'Donovan and Eugene Curry, 1839

Parish of Carron

  1. Situation and name; Old Church; Stone altar and Holy Water Font of curious formation under window of E. gable.

  2. Termon Church - nearly as old as Christianity in Ireland. Described; Was dedicated to St. Cronan (probably Cronan of Roscrea) from whom it is called in Irish Teampull Chronain; Curious human heads done in stone projecting from W. gable on the outside; Cumdachs for bones, said to have been formed by St. Cronan, in Churchyard; Tobar Chronain Holy Well at which Stations are performed, S.W. of Church; Remains of a Cross of considerable height N.W of Church.

  3. Boher na Mias or the Road of the Dishes at foot of a high cliff called Kinn-Aillé in Caelchoille (Keelkilly); Holes worked naturally by water in the surface of the lime stone flag said to be the tracks of the feet of men, horses and dogs impressed on the rock by the miracle of St. Mac Duach; Hermitage of St. Mac Duach; Its situation from the Life of the St. published by Colgan; His Oratory; Tobermacduagh Well at which Stations are performed and a “Pattern” held on St. Mac Duagh’s Day at Kinallia; Altars or penitential stations (two) at which pilgrims perform their “Turises” or rounds; Mac Duach’s Bed or Leaba Mhic Duach, a cave in a rock so called over the Oratory to the N.W. in which he used to sleep every night before he was discovered by K; Grave of his servant who died after partaking of the dinner which flew to the hermitage from Guaire’s table.

  4. Glencolumbkille Valley made by Colgan a distinct Parish in itself in Diocese of Kilfenora; Placed by Annals of IV. Masters on the boundary of Kinel-Fearmaic; Old Church dedicated to St. Columbkille in do. supposed to occupy the site of a primitive one erected by the Saint himself; Family tomb of Torlogh O’Brien (the next in point of seniority to the Marquis of Thomond) with inscriptions, in S.E. corner of Church; Residence of same Torlogh O’Brien in the valley - 101. His pedigree; Genealogical table shewing where he & the present Marquis of Thomond meet.

  5. Old Castle or house in same valley, not mentioned in list of Castles of O’Loughlin Burren preserved in MS. Lib. Trin. Col. Dub.; Stone with inscription stating the erection of the Castle by a Torlogh O’Brien said to have been placed over the doorway; Torlogh supposed to have been O’Brien of Gleann Caoin (Glenquin) in Kilkeedy Ph.; Castletown old Castle called Castletown in College list & Caislean Boirne in Irish; Cappagh old Castle called Nacapaghee in College list and now in Irish Caislean na Capaighe; Crughwill old Castle called in College list Kreaghwill, and now in Irish Cruichmhuil; Called Criothmhaill in Annals of Innisfallen; Faher old Castle (remains of); Said by the natives not to have been a regular castle, but rather a large house or garrison formerly belonging to O’Loughlin, King of Burren; Was probably built after the writing of the list of O’Loughlin’s Castles preserved in Trin. Col. Dub; Cuskeam old Castle (site of); Poulcarron old Church.


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