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Ordnance Survey Letters by John O'Donovan and Eugene Curry, 1839

Parish of Clondagad

  1. Situation; Name; Kilfiddan Church; Old Parish Church (site of) occupied by the Protestant Church; Stone in south side wall inscribed to George Ross, Esq., the founder; Graveyard attached.

  2. Waterfall to northwest of do. on the river which, at that place, is called after the name of the Church; Sgreavan’s Bed, a little recess in the cliff with an ash tree growing over it, so called by the people, in which they say he was in the habit of sleeping; Tobar Sgreavoin (Well of St. Sgreavoin) three small wells in the rock collectively so called and at which stations are performed for the cure of diseases of the eyes and for protection against the fairies; “Patron” formerly held at do. 10th September which is still kept a Holy Day in the Parish in honour of St. Sgreabhan; Fiadh-an-Eich (the Land of the Horse) a small burial ground for children so called in Gort-Ui-Ghoithin; Tobar-an-Fhiodain (Well of the Stream) a holy well in townland to which it gives name but supposed to have never had any claim to sanctity; Cill Fiddain, burial place for children in same townland; Cill-Aodha (Church of Hugh) a small burial ground so called in Lisheen; Inis Mor Island at mouth of River Fergus probably the island mentioned in Life of St. Senanus of Inis-Cathaigh on which he is stated to have erected a Monastery over which he placed Sidonius as Bishop; Tobar Libern (Well of St. Liberius) a spring well which, it is stated in same life, another of the Disciples of St. Senanus caused to spring upon the Island near the Monastery; No traces of the Monastery or well at present on the Island nor any tradition rel. to either remembered there; Remains of a modern Church and burial ground on same Island; Craig-Brien, where there formerly was a castle, mentioned in list of castles in MS. Trin. Col. Dub. as being possessed by McGylereogh (O’Brien?); Beal-Ath-Corick old Castle (remains of) mentioned in same list as belonging to Teige McConor (O’Brien); Craig-Ui-Chiardubhain Townland, set down in Annals of IV Masters ad. Ann. 1600, as the lower part of the Cantred of the Islands.


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