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Ordnance Survey Letters by John O'Donovan and Eugene Curry, 1839

Part II. Letters and Extracts relative to Ancient Territories of Thomond, 1841

II. Corcomroe West

After the original Country of Corcomroe had been divided into two parts between the two rival Chiefs, O’Conor and O’Loughlin, the eastern division went more generally by the name of Burren than by that of East Corcomroe, and O’Loughlin, who previously to the 14th Century was (had been) styled Chief of Corcomroe, was afterwards called Chief of Burren, while O’Conor, who seems to be the senior of all the Corcomroe, retained the original name of the tribe for his country. The extent of West Corcomroe is now preserved in the modern Barony of Corcomroe, while that of East Corcomroe is preserved by (in) the modern Barony of Burren, the great Abbey of which is still called the Abbey of Corcomroe.

Map of Burren and Corcomroe
Map of Burren and Corcomroe
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O’Loughlin retained all his division of Corcomroe, (i.e., Burren) till the time of Cromwell, but O’Conor’s Country was granted to Sir Donnell O’Brien in the reign of Queen Elizabeth, as appears from the Annals of the Four Masters already quoted, and from a List of the Castles of O’Conor’s Country preserved in a MS., in the Library of Trinity College Dublin, E.2.14, in which all the Castles of Tuogh Mory Conor are set down as belonging to Sir Donnell O’Brien, or Teige Mac Murrogh O’Brien, except one, namely Inysdyman (Ennistimon) which was left to O’Conor himself.

The list above referred to places the following Parishes and Castles in O’Conor Corcomroe’s Country.
“The Baronie of Tuogh Morey Conor conteyninge Corkemroe and is ploughlands after like rate XII, Sir Donnell O’Brien, Knight, Chief in the same.”

1. Vicar of Kylvurg.
2. Vicar of Lonayne.
3. Vicar of Killoleagh.
4. Vicar of Owghtory.
5. Vicar of Killaspule.
6. Vicar of Kiltean.
7. Vicar of Tomolyne.
8. Vicar of Cluny

The present names of the Parishes in the Barony of Corcomroe are very different from those in the above list. They are as follows:-

1. Kilfenora.
2. Killaspuglonane.
3. Killeilagh.
4. Kiltoraght.
5. Kilmacreehy.
6. Kilshanny.
7. Kilmanaheen
8. Cloney.

It is possible that a total change has been made in the Parishes of this Barony since the above list was made. The names are so different that it is impossible to identify them with any certainty. Tomolyne, No. 7 in the list, is now the name of a Townland containing the ruins of a Church, but it gives name to no Parish at present. Kiltean, No. 6 of the list, is probably the present Kilshanny (Cill-tSeany). There is no Parish name at present which corresponds with Owghtory, No. 4 of the list.

Castles Gentlemen
Inysdyman O辰onor
Glan Sir Donnell
Ballighanyre Sir Donnell
Tullowmore Sir Donnell
Ffante Teige Mac Murrogh
Ballyngowne Teige Mac Murrogh
Insheovee Teige Mac Murrogh
Ballighany Teige Mac Murrogh
Ravine Teige Mac Murrogh
Beancoroe Sir Donnell O達rien
Cahirmenayn Teige Mac Murrogh
Tullagh Sir Donnell O達rien
Leymenegh Teige Mac Murrogh
Dunegoir Sir Donnell O達rien
Dunnycphellem Teige Mac Murrogh
Knockefyne Teige Mac Murrogh
Tuomolyn Conogher Maglanchy
Ballenalaykn Teige Mac Murrogh
Beallaghe Teige Mac Murrogh
Loghbuligin Teige Mac Murrogh
Kylmua Teige Mac Murrogh
Dughe Sir Donnell O達rien
Lyscanvire Sir Donnell O達rien

From the above list, which was made in the reign of Queen Elizabeth, it appears that Sir Donnell O’Brien and his relative Teige Mac Murrogh O’Brien had got possession of all the Castles of O’Conor’s Country, excepting that of Ennistimon alone, which was left to the original proprietor, O’Conor Corcomroe.

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