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Ordnance Survey Letters by John O'Donovan and Eugene Curry, 1839

Parish of Drumcrehy (d)

Besides the Castles and old Church, the other remains of antiquity in this Parish are those of primitive Pagan Forts called Cahers, and sometimes ooans (Uamhainn-Speluncae) from their containing artificial caves.

Of these there are several but in a state of great dilapidation, as (1) Caher-Loughlin in the Townland of Muckinish West; (2) Cahernahooan (Cathair na h-Uamhann) i.e., the Caher of the Cave in the Townland of Ballycahill (the Baile i Cathail of No. 14 of Hardiman’s Deeds); (3) Ooan-Knocknagroagh, in Irish Uamhainn Chnuic na gCruach, this is just effaced. (4) Caher a Mhargaidh, in Newtown, all destroyed and even blotted off the surface of the land. It would appear from the name of this, i.e., Caher of the Market, that a fair of some kind was held at it. (5) Lisnanard, in the Townland of the same name. (6) The Caher of Ballyvaghan in the Townland of Ballyvaghan and not far from it three small ones. (7) Cahermore, in the Townland of Ballyconry (the Baile Ui Chonruidhe of Hardiman’s Deeds No. 14) and (8) Caher-Mael in the Townland of Dangan (Daingenn, Hardiman’s Deeds). It would appear from these primitive habitations that this Parish of Burren was thickly inhabited in remote times.