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Ordnance Survey Letters by John O'Donovan and Eugene Curry, 1839

Parish of Feenagh. Footnotes.

1. Ad St. Cocceam nutricem suam, C.4, (recte 24) St. Concha was corruptly read in MS. and Cota with Capgravius, it is read:- She was called Cocca in the Life of St. Barreus, C.10, and by the Martyrology of Tamlact, Marianus Gormanus, Maguir and the Martyrology of Donegal at the 29th of July, on which her festival, they say, is celebrated in the Church of Ros-Bennchuir. Wherefore she is different from St. Coca, Virgin, who, they write, is venerated on the sixth of June in the Church of Kill-Choca in the Territory of Meath.

2. Minante, literally, threatening. He sends heifers (or steers) to St. Conchea (qui) which (annue) yearly the whole time (season) go and return without a leader.

3. Nos autem laetet quomodo ibat & redibat, quia nemini ex nostris hoc indicavit C.25. Here the author clearly indicates that he lived among the Monks of Saint Kieran at the time this miracle was performed, whilst he says, quia nemini ex nostris hoc indicavit, i.e., because he disclosed this to none of us (or) of our community.

4. Petra signifies a rock, etc., a sharp stone. Plin.



Chapter 62