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Ordnance Survey Letters by John O'Donovan and Eugene Curry, 1839

Part II. Letters and Extracts relative to Ancient Territories of Thomond, 1841

XVI. Hy-Conghaile

This territory is now believed to be co-extensive with the Parish of Aglish-Sinnell, which is now generally called Ogonnello from the tribe name of the ancient chieftains, who, after the introduction of surnames, took that of O’Durack. But whether the Territory of Hy-Conghaile was or was not more extensive than the present Parish which retains the name, we have no means now left to determine, and as we have not, it is fair enough to assume that they were co-extensive.

Map of Hy-Donghaile and Hy-Conghaile
Map of Hy-Donghaile and Hy-Conghaile
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