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Ordnance Survey Letters by John O'Donovan and Eugene Curry, 1839

Part II. Letters and Extracts relative to Ancient Territories of Thomond, 1841

XII. Hy Ronghaile

This Territory is frequently mentioned in the Wars of Torlogh as the patrimonial inheritance of O’Shanahan, a very powerful Chieftain of the Hy-Bloid race. He was driven out in the year 1318 and his Country was added to that of his enemies the Mac Namaras.

It appears from Mac Namara’s rental that Hy-Ronghaile comprised the Parishes of Kilno and Killuran in the 15th Century but before O’Shanahan had been driven out it was certainly much more extensive and there is every reason to suppose that it contained the greater part of the Country afterwards given to the Kinel-Donghaile or O’Gradys, for, previous to the year 1318 the O’Gradys were located near Killonasulagh in Tradree, as appears from Magrath’s Wars of Torlogh.

Map of Tuath Echtghe and Hy-Ronghaile
Map of Tuath Echtghe and Hy-Ronghaile
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