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Ordnance Survey Letters by John O'Donovan and Eugene Curry, 1839

Parish of Kilballyowen (e)

There is a Holy Well called Tobar-Cuain in the Townland of Kiltrillig, near the burying ground, at which devotions continue still to be performed, and cure for soreness of the eyes sought. There is another Holy Well in the Townland of Kilclogher dedicated to St. Seanan, at which some few people still continue to perform some devotions or prayers.

The following places mentioned in Hardiman’s Irish Deeds No. 14, are still known in this Parish, viz.:-

      1. Ceathramhain Bhan.
      2. Traisg-Shliabh.
      3. Bile.
      4. Leith-Ceathramha an Gharrain (in Rehe).
      5. Cluain Sumain (now Clochan Sumhain).
      6. Uachtar Airt (now Uachtar Ard).
      7. Fotra (now Foidre).
      8. Cill Beitheach.
      9. Cealla Beaga (not known now).
      10. Reiche.
      11. Caille (now Caoilte).
      12. Crois.

In the list of Castles preserved in MS. T.C.D. Class E. 2, 14, the only Castle mentioned as having been in this Parish is that of Dunsumayn (now Clochan-Sumain) which belonged to Torlogh Mac Mahon, but of which nothing remains now but a heap of rubbish to mark its site.