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Ordnance Survey Letters by John O'Donovan and Eugene Curry, 1839

Parish of Kilfenora (e)

The well of Saint Fachtna, still called Tobar Fachtna, is situated a little distance north of the Church, having a small stone roofed building over it, in the east side of which there is inserted a cut stone with the following inscription in plain characters:-

Deo et B. Fechnano hocce opusculum fundavit Donaldus Mac Donogh Licentia et permissione episcopi Finecorensis Anno Domini 1687.

The common name of this well is Buallán Fachtna, Bullan being a general name throughout the upper part of this County for all those circular small springs that spout up out of the limestone rocks.

We have the following few notices of Kilfenora from the Annals of the Four Masters:-

A.D. 1434. Felim, son of Mahon O’Loghlin, Bishop of Cill-Fionnabhrach, died.
A.D. 1506. The Bridge of Portcroise on the Shannon (on the Tipperary side of the river, near O’Brien’s Bridge) was erected by O’Brien (Torlogh, the son of Teige, who was the son of Torlogh) Donnell, his brother, the Bishop of Killaloe, and the Bishop of Kilfenora.
A.D. 1510. Mortagh, the son of Morogh, O’Brien, who was son of Torlogh, Bishop of Kilfenoragh, died.
A.D. 1572. The Bishop of Kilfenora (John Oge, the son of John, who was son of Auliffe O’Niallain) teacher of the word of God, died and was interred at Kilfenora itself.
A.D. 1591. Morogh, the son of Conor, who was son of Torlogh, who was son of Teige, who was son of Torlogh, who was son of Brian Chatha-an-Aonaigh O’Brien, died at Cathair Mionain on the 23rd of February, and was interred at Kilfenora.
A.D. 1599. O’Donnell remained that night encamped at Cill-Inghene-Bhaoith, and left it before noon on the next day, and then proceeded to Kilfenora in the Territory of Corcomroe, etc.

The Annals of Munster tell us that Morogh O’Brien burnt the Abbey of Kilfenora, and slew many people therein, A.D. 1055. - Archdall Mon. Hib.