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Ordnance Survey Letters by John O'Donovan and Eugene Curry, 1839

Parish of Kilfenora (g)

There is a very large Caher in the Townland of Baile-Cinn-Marga, i.e., the Town of the Market, around which were formerly a great number of upright stones, forming a circle about it. There is a prostrate cromleac a little to the south of the Caher.

There is a hill in this Parish called Sliabh-na-nGroidhe i.e., the Mountain of the Studs (of horses) and which occurs in the Annals of the Four Masters at the year 1573, thus:-

A.D. 1573. As soon as Donnell, the son of Conor O’Brien and Teige, the son of Morogh, had heard of the arming of this great army to oppose them, they immediately assembled all the forces they could command and advanced to meet them at Carn-Mic-Fail. Teige, the son of Conor O’Brien, and Torlogh, the son of Donogh O’Brien, and their forces remained all that night until day break stationed by the side of their camp vigilently and warily. At sun rise they marched forward by Sliabh-na-nGriodheadh, keeping Bel-Atha-an-Ghobhann on the left hand, and the forces of the country marched slowly to meet them.

I wrote twice requesting you to send me the whole of this year from the Annals that I may be enabled to find the locality of, or the identical Carn-Mic-Fail, but up to this my request has not been attended to, so that this interesting topographical and historical feature remains unidentified.

The following Townlands mentioned in Hardiman’s Irish Deeds No. 14. are situated in this Parish, viz:-

  1. Baile-Cinn-Marga.
  2. Baile-Ui-Ghamhnain, now Ballygonen.
  3. Baile-Ui-Rheabhachain.
  4. Baile-Ui-Sheanuigh.

                                                                                     I remain, Sir,
                                                                                                 Your obedient servant,
                                                                                                              Eugene O’Curry.

I have an old Irish Deed on parchment somewhere among my papers at home, and which has reference to certain lands situated in the neighbourhood of Kilrush, and I wish that John O’Sullivan would look for it and have it sent to Kilrush for us. It belongs to the collection of Messrs. Hodges and Smith, and might be found in my O’Reilly’s Dictionary or in my portfolio, or no matter where. I want also that he should send me Halliday’s Grammar, which he shall find among my books.

                                                                                                              Eugene O’Curry.