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Ordnance Survey Letters by John O'Donovan and Eugene Curry, 1839

Parish of Kilmanaheen (b)

There are no other remains of antiquity in this Parish excepting some earthen forts which are not sufficiently remarkable to merit particular description. Their correct names I have set down in the Field Name Books of the Parish.

I shall here translate the Irish Deed mentioned above on page . . . which was never published:-

Be it known unto all who shall read or hear read this writing, that we all who exist of the race of Melaghlin O’Loughlin of Ballyvaughan, viz., Ireal the son of Ross, Donogh the son of Brian, and Lewis the son of Mahon Ballach, acknowledge that the Covenant made between Conor, the son of Torlogh O’Brien, the grandfather of the present Earl, and our ancestors, holds good between us and thee O! Donogh O’Brien, and in witness thereof, we hereunto put our hands in the presence of others who will also put their hands on this writing. The following is the Covenant:-

That the Sliocht Melaghlin, and (of?) Ballyvaughan and Benroe, and their clans and dependants and their heirs after them, shall be bound to Conor O’Brien and to his heirs after him; that they shall not have the power to mortgage (or otherwise sell) any lands or Castles but by the consent of the said Conor or his heirs, and that Conor or his heir is the heir of the Sliocht Melaghlin; and the Sliocht Melaghlin and their adherents are bound to do the will of Conor O’Brien and his heirs after him. Moreover, I, the Earl of Thomond, acknowledge upon my honor that whatever lands or Castles belonging to this people should suffer from the inroads of marauders I, the Earl, shall give them the award of Boethius and Shane O’Tierney and Hugh O’Daly, in the restitution they are to receive. We do not include in this Covenant the lands which are in the possession of Boethius Maglanchy.

At Knockfin, this day, the ninth of June, one thousand five hundred, ninety and one, we have given our consent to this above Covenant, and we have put our hands to this in imitation of the old Covenant; and the heirs of this people are bound to each other for ever.

I am Gillernewe Oge O’Davoran, who made this Copy.
Donogh O’Loughlin.

Donoghe Thomonde.
Irial O’Loughlin.

Copia vera exarat, per Bat. Clanchy. This deade was written, reade and published. Shane Reagh O’Tierny.

Owen O’Daly testis.

This is a coppie of the Irish writting which the Slought of Mulloughlin O’Loghlyn past to Conchor O’Bryen, the original remaining with Boetius Oge Clancy of Knockfyn, the 16th of October 1604. For those lands in Burren and Corcomroe.

We shall mover to Killadysert on Thursday morning.

                                                                                                 Your obedient servant,
                                                                                                              John O’Donovan