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Ordnance Survey Letters by John O'Donovan and Eugene Curry, 1839

Parish of Kilnaboy (m)

Since penning the foregoing account of O’Quin, the following very curious pedigree of the family from Duald Mac Firbis, has come to my hands :-

son of Donnell
son of Corc who was the preceptor of Mortogh O’Brien.
son of Donnell son of Feidhleachair
son of Thomas son of Neill, the rear guardsman of
son of Donnell Morogh O’Brien at the Battle
son of Donogh of Clontarf, where they both fell.
son of Giolla Seanaigh son of Conn a quo O’Cuinn (Quin)
son of Donogh son of Donogh
son of Morogh son of Sioda
son of Coindleagan son of Gemdealach
son of Faolchadh son of Colman
son of Ifearnan, a quo O’Heffernan son of Connell
son of Corc son of Angus Cinnaitin or Cinnathrach
son of Abartach son of Cas
son of Uilin son of Connall Eachluaith

The following is the pedigree of the Baron of Inchiquin, as collected by Mac Firbis :-

The genealogy of Earl of Inchiquin, commonly called Baron of Inchiquin:-
Morogh, Earl of Inchiquin, and Christopher
sons of Dermod, Baron of Inchiquin
son of Morogh-na-Hearne, Baron of Inchiquin
son of Morogh-na- Cloiche Emear, Baron of Inchiquin
son of Dermot, Baron of Inchiqin
son of Morogh, first Earl of Thomond
son of Torlogh
son of Teige
son of Torlogh, etc.