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Ordnance Survey Letters by John O'Donovan and Eugene Curry, 1839

Parish of Kilnaboy (c)

The butt of a round tower thirteen feet high and fifty two feet five inches in circumference at bottom, stands fifty two feet north of the middle of the north wall of the Church. It is built very roughly of square logs of stone laid in irregular courses. It has no appearance of door or window, and the south side looks as if it had been battered with cannon, as I have no doubt is was, by Ireton.

There is a Holy Well a little to the east of the Church, called after the Patron Saint, at which a Patron and Stations were formerly held on the Patron day, 29th December, and which is still resorted to for the cure of sore eyes, and for delicate children. There is a modern little stone cross over it. (There is another Holy Well nearly opposite the Church, to the east of the little stream, called Tobar Baighdean, which is also visited for the same purposes as the other).

There is another Holy Well bearing the Patron Saint’s name about a mile east of the Church, at which Stations continue to be performed occasionally. The patron day is still observed as a Holy Day by several persons in this Parish, tho’ not enjoined by the Church.