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Ordnance Survey Letters by John O'Donovan and Eugene Curry, 1839

Parish of Kilrush (d)

BE IT KNOWN to every one who will read or hear this writing that I, Torlogh, the son of Teigh Mac Mahon, alias Torlogh Roe of Cloonderalaw [1] in the Barony of Cloonderalaw in the Co. of Clare, gentleman, openly acknowledge that I have given and do give from myself, my heir and my assignee, the half of Moylagh in the Parish of Kilrush in the Barony of Clonderalaw and Co. of Clare, to John, son of Teige O’Gilla-Sheanain of Kill-Tilang [2] in the same Barony and County, gentleman, his heir, assignee and lawful executors, for the term of twenty-one years from the All-Hallowtide of the year of our Lord, 1611; and at the expiration of that period it may be redeemed for the sum of ten pounds of crown money of England, of good metal and pure silver.

This is the manner in which I, the said Torlogh (Mac Mahon) have given and do give the western half of Moylogh from myself, and my heir, my executor and assignee to the said John, his heirs, executors and assignees, viz., both grass, i.e., meadow and arable, clay and wood, marsh, bog and milleach, mill and orchard, cottages and houses, together with every other advantage (profit) that does or can belong to the said land until the expiration of the one and twenty-years aforesaid, and afterwards until it be redeemed by payment of the ten pounds aforesaid. But when, after the expiration of the one and twenty years aforesaid, the said Torlogh, his heir, assignee or attorney, shall have paid unto the said John O’Gilla Sheanain [3] his heirs or assignees, the aforesaid ten pounds in redemption of the said land, viz., the half of Moylagh, that it shall then be permitted and lawful for the said Torlogh Mac Mahon to enter into possession of, keep and have, the said half of Moylagh perpetually, and for ever, as fully and amply as ever before. The following are the meres and bounds of the said half of Moylogh, viz., Bally Mac-Droighnen [4] on the west, the other half of Moylagh on the east, Killcarroll [5] on the north side and Dun-na-gCorróg [6] on the south.

And I, the said Torlogh Mac Mahon, do appoint Criffan Mac Curtin as Bailiff of Possession, to give peaceable possession of the said half quarter of land called the western half of Moylagh. Moreover, I, Torlogh Mac Mahon, acknowledge that it is incumbent on myself, my heir, and my assignee, to defend and maintain the said land against every person and persons on the conditions aforesaid for the said John, his heir and assignee, and that I am bound to go and put this writing into the form of the Law of the King of England, as the Law Counsellor of the aforesaid John shall order. And in confirmation of each and every of the said conditions being valid (binding) and to attest that I, the said John O’Gilla-Sheanain, am bound to give up to the said Torlogh, the peaceable possession of the said Moylagh after the expiration of the said term of years, and after the price of its redemption shall have been paid, I have put (affixed) my hand and seal to this writing and this Indenture which belongs to Torlogh Mac Mahon, and which shall remain in his hands.

At Cloonderalaw, the 19th day of July, anno 1611.
                                         Endorsed.                                          John Gillinain.

These are they who were present at the reading and reciting of this writing, etc.
                                         Bryne Mac Mahon.                           Christopr. Curtyn.

The Torlogh Roe Mac Mahon of this Deed is still vividly remembered by tradition as a cruel and barbarous tyrant. See more concerning him in the letter about the Parish of Kilmurry and his Castle of Clonderalaw.