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Ordnance Survey Letters by John O'Donovan and Eugene Curry, 1839

Parish of Moyarta

  1. Situation & Name; Burial ground in Moyarta; Site of old Church (the placed so called) on S. side of burial ground, said by the old inhabitants to be the site of a cowhouse formerly belonging to the Mac Donnels; Mac Donnells and O’Kanes buried at the spot; Teampall Shearlais, old Church & deserted burial ground in Kilcradaun so called from Charles Mac Donnell Esq., having been buried therein; Teampall-an-Aird (Church of the Height) old Church in same Townland.

  2. St. Cradann’s Well (of fresh water) one of the most popular Wells in Ireland for the cure of all diseases; Is sunk in the solid rock, and overflown by the salt sea at every full tide, but upon the receding of which it instantly becomes fresh and pure again; Recess in the cliff behind the well in which people spend whole nights in prayer in fulfilment of vows made in times of danger from sickness, drowning etc.; Heap of stones on the bank above deposited there by the votaries while performing the Turras; St. Cradann probably a corruption of St. Caritann who is mentioned in Life of St. Seanan as having been somewhere in this neighbourhood; St. Caritan stated in Irish Calendar to have been remembered at Dromlara on 7th March; Carrigaholt old Castle (situation of); Is now in good repair and the occasional residence of Mr. Burton, in whose family it has remained since the confiscation of the property of Lord Clare (Donell O’Brien of Carrigaholt Castle) about 1690; Inscription on a chimney piece in the upper floor; Notice of the Castle from Annals of IV. Masters; Cnoc-Doire; Leim-Chonchulainn (Loop-Head).

  3. Kill-Croine old Church; Burial ground attached; Saint Croine’s Well in do. at which Stations are performed; Four Virgins named Croine noticed in Irish Calendar; Teampall Meadhach or Meade’s Church a popular burial place so called in Querin, but not believed to be the site of a Church or consecrated ground; Traditional acount of its origin.

  4. Killcasheen Townland & burial ground in Moveen (a tract of land so called); Anecdote in connection with the burial ground; Furroor burial place for children; Caislean-duin-Lice old Castle in Moveen W. & Carrigaholt Old Castle; Set down in College list of gentlemen’s residences as belonging to Tirlagh Mac Mahon; Moyarta Castle of which there is now no vestige, also mentioned in the list as belonging to Tirlagh Mac Mahon; List of places in the Ph. mentioned in Hardiman’s Irish Deeds; Killinny burial place for children; St. Martin’s Well at which Stations are performed in Clarefield.

  5. Lists of Forts, i.e. raths, duns, lioses &c., along the Shannon.


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