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Ordnance Survey Letters by John O'Donovan and Eugene Curry, 1839

Parish of Noughaval. Footnotes.

1. It is also placed in the Parish of Noughaval in the Down Survey, and I see no reason why it should be placed in a different Parish in the Ordnance Survey without some very strong reasons.

2. Lismacteige, now called Lismatigue or Cahermatigue, and placed in the Parish of Rathbornia by the Boundary Surveyor. This should be looked to.

3. Does not exist now in the Parish of Drumcreehy.

4. Does not appear in the Name Book of the Parish of Drumcreehy.

5. Kilcolmanvara is not now the name of a Townland in the Parish of Kilcoarney, but St. Colman Vara is well remembered in the Parish, and a caher situated in the Townland of Poulnaskagh is called Liscolman-Vara, after him. His church of Kilcolman-Vara, after which this Townland was named, is not mentioned in the Name Book of Kilcoarney. Is this Saint mentioned by Colgan?

6. The name of this stream is not set down in the Name Books.

7. This name is not set down in any of the Name Books.

8. This name is not set down in any of the Name Books.

9. This large caher is now called Caher Vic Naghteen. It is situated in a Townland to which it gives name, and west of the road leading from Ballyvaughan to Kilfenora.



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