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Ordnance Survey Letters by John O'Donovan and Eugene Curry, 1839

Parish of Rathborney (b)

The other remains of the olden times in this Parish are the ruins of Cahers and Lisses of which there are several:-

  1. Cahermore in the Townland of Ballyallaban.
  2. Doon, a large fort which is planted in the same Townland.
  3. Cahermacnaghten in a Townland of the same name. See Covenant made in 1675 between Hugh and Cosny O’Davoran in which special mention is made of the door and inside of the caher, from which it would appear that it was inhabited at the time.
  4. Caher-Feeny in the Townland of Feeny.
  5. Caher-Berneen in the Townland of Berneen.
  6. A caher in the Townland of Garve-cloon.
  7. A caher in the Townland of Gleninsheen and called after it.
  8. A caher in the Townland of Lismacteige, from which that Townland is sometimes called Cahermacteige.
  9. A caher in the Townland of Cloonmartin.
  10. A dun in the Townland of Croagh north, called Dun-Torpy.
  11. A dun in the Townland of Dooybardan, from which that Townland takes its name.
  12. Lis-Mic-Sheedy in a Townland of the name, and
  13. A caher in the Townland of Lislarheen.

It is difficult to believe that all these cahers were raised by the Firbolgs. It is my opinion that they were inhabited by the race of Modhruadh down to the beginning of the 14th century, when they began to build Castles.