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Ordnance Survey Letters by John O'Donovan and Eugene Curry, 1839

Parish of Rathborney

  1. Situation & Name; Old Church; Was built within the ring of an earthen fort parts of which are still traceable; Described; Burial place attached; Well dedicated to St. John in Poulnagapple; Gragan Castle mentioned in List of O’Loughlin Burren’s Castles in MS. Lib. Trin. Col. Dub.; Was the chief residence of O’Loughlin, Chief of Burren in reign of Q. Elizabeth; The Territory of Burren called from it the Barony of Gragans; Lissylisheen Castle called in College list Lysiglysin, which is an anglicising of Lios Ui Ghlisin, i.e., Fort of O’Ghlisheen; Cahermacnaghten Townland placed by the Boundary Surveyor in this Parish but belongs to Noughaval Ph. according to the Down Survey, and an Irish Covenant made in 1675 between Hugh & Cosnave O’Davoran; set down in College list as the name of one of O’Loughlin Burren’s Castles; Site of the Castle; Caher in same Townland; Faunaroosk Townland placed by the Boundary Surveyor in this Ph.; Round Castle in do. not mentioned in College list.

  2. List of Cahers & Lisses in the Ph.; The Cahirs not all erected by the Firbolgs, but supposed to have been inhabited by the race of Modhruadh down to the beginning of 14th century, when they began to build Castles; Lismacteige now called Lismatigue, and sometimes Caher-macteige from the Caher contained therein.

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