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Ordnance Survey Letters by John O'Donovan and Eugene Curry, 1839

Parish of Tulla

  1. Situation; Name; Ancient Church of Tulla supposed to have been dedicated to the Twelve Apostles; No written account of its ancient patron, nor holy nor patron day remembered in the Parish; Irish rhyme in which the names of the patrons of this Parish and of those of Quin, Clooney and Feakle are preserved; Several wells in this, as also in some of the neighbouring Parishes, dedicated to St. Mochuille; A St. Mochuille venerated, according to Irish Calendar, in Dreasnata in Fotharta Fea (now Barony of Forth in Co. of Carlow) on 12th June; Old Church (present modern ruin) dedicated to the Virgin Mary, and burial ground; Liskenny, burial ground for strangers and children, in Ballyblood, and remains of fort from which it is named and within which it is said to have formerly stood; Kill-Chuille, burial place for children (better known as Cill Bhaile Ui-Oir) in Craig; Tubber-Mochuille burial ground for children, so called from being situated near that well in Leathardan; Tobar Mochuille, well in Knockdrumleagh at which Stations are performed; Well dedicated to St. Mochuille in Fertanbeg at which also Stations are performed; Foamairle burial place for children; Tobar-Mhic-Seain (Well of the Son of John) at which Stations are performed; Tubber-Cleibhin (Well of the Little Basket) said by some to have been a holy well in Gleanndrith; St. Bridget’s Well at which Stations are performed in Kiltannon.

  2. Old castles in the Parish; List of those mentioned in the College list with the names of their proprietors as given therein; List of places in the Parish mentioned in No. 15 of Hardiman’s Irish Deeds which recites the Rental of Mac Namara; Baile-Ui-Mhaolin (now Milltown) mentioned in Hardiman’s Irish Deeds; Giants’ grave in do.; Baile-Ui-Shlatra (Newgrove) mentioned in Deed No. 18 (as also in 15) which is a Deed of agreement between the Mac Namaras and the Slatterys regarding the said lands and bearing date anno. 1493; Reference to Tulla from Archdall’s Monasticon; Caherucottine granted by Macknymarrowe, formerly of Dangine, to the Church of Tulloenynaspill (Tulla) to support the Priest to say Mass, etc.


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