Breaches of Workhouse Regulations and Punishments 


The Board of Guardians resolved that Joan O’Sullivan and children be discharged on Monday next the master having detected her with stolen potatoes.
"A practice seems to have gotten among the women who wash the potatoes, of stealing them, roasting and hiding them which the master for some days has suspected from finding the peelings of the roasted potatoes. He has detected one boiling and he is sure your board will think the punishment of discharge light. The women who principally was engaged at washing them were those having care of infants and consequently had the best opportunity of cooking them. The nursery always furnishes a fire for them and a close burrow for robbery."


Master Report: The following is a list of punishments awarded during the week:
On the 18th John O’Brien found guilty on his own confession of cutting his shoes - 24 hours solitary confinement.
John Queally for exchange his with some person outside and getting an old pair and money in lieu of them - 24 hours solitary confinement.


Masters report: Austin Quinn for an assault - 24 hours solitary confinement.


A pauper named John Healy left the workhouse without permission having a suit of clothes, the property of the workhouse on but was pardoned having returned the clothes.


Masters Report
The following is a list of punishments awarded during the week: Pat Doolin, John Walsh and Thomas Hayes having left the house without liberty, ordered that their milk be stopped at dinner for one day it being the first time they were charged with such an offence.
James O’Connor having left the house without liberty, ordered that he be confined 24 hours.
Margaret Murray - similar offence.
John O'Brien having left the house without liberty, ordered that information be shown against him before a magistrate.


The clerk having found a number of boys playing at cards on Tuesday the 20th inst. and having succeeded in taking the cards from Thomas Considine and (Micheal O’Loughlin) brought him before the vice-guardians when it was resolved that he be deprived of his milk for 2 days and that he be caused to break stones for one hour more each day than the ordinary time for labour. Also Micheal Tarsnane for smoking and disorderly conduct was ordered the mitigated (it being his first offence) of deprivation of milk for 1 day and to work an extra hour.

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