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Ennis (De Valera) Sinn Fein Club
Alphabetical List of members

Surname Forename Address Date Observations
Ahern Jeremiah   March 1918  
Ahern Jermiah Upper O'Connell St. 19/01/1919  
Ahern Jeremiah Upper O' Connell Street 01/01/1920  
Ahern Jeremiah      
Baker Michael   March 1918  
Baker Ml. J Mill Street Ennis 21/01/1919  
Baker M J Parnell Street 01/01/1920  
Barrett Frs Clare Hotel March 1918  
Barrett William   March 1918  
Barron Richard New Park Ennis March 1918  
Barron Richard   21/01/1919  
Barry Martin Brewery lane March 1918  
Barry Patrick   March 1918  
Barry John J   March 1918  
Blake Thomas   March 1918  
Blake Thomas Market Street 19/01/1919  
Brooks Thomas   March 1918  
Brooks Michael   March 1918  
Brooks Michael The Asylum 01/01/1920  
Brooks Michael, Jnr Loughnilly March 1918  
Brooks M. The Asylum 21/01/1919  
Browne Michael   March 1918  
Browne T   March 1918  
Browne Michael   21/01/1919  
Burns Michael   March 1918  
Butler Jas Mill Street 19/01/1919  
Butler Frank Mill Street Ennis 21/01/1919  
Butler James Parnell Street 01/01/1920  
Butler Frank Parnell Street 01/01/1920  
Butler James The Asylum March 1918  
Byrne Patrick J   March 1918  
Byrne P J O'Connell Street 19/01/1919  
Byrne P. J. O' Connell Street 01/01/1920  
Byrnes Patrick O' Connell Street 01/01/1920  
Cahir Patrick   March 1918  
Carmody Patrick Army March 1918  
Carnigg Joseph   March 1918  
Carroll Patrick   March 1918  
Carroll Patrick Erinagh 21/01/1919  
Carroll Patrick Erinagh 01/01/1920  
Casey Martin   March 1918  
Casey Thomas   March 1918  
Clancy A., Rev., PP     Member, Standing Committee Executive
Cleary Timothy   March 1918  
Cleary Timothy Asylum 21/01/1919  
Cleary Timothy The Asylum 01/01/1920  
Clohessy David   March 1918  
Clohessy James   March 1918  
Clohessy Thomas   March 1918  
Clohessy Thomas Fountain March 1918  
Clohessy Daniel Lifford 19/01/1919  
Clohessy James Lifford 19/01/1919  
Clohessy Sean The Mall Ennis 21/01/1919  
Clohessy David Lifford 01/01/1920  
Clohessy James Lifford 01/01/1920  
Clohessy Sean The Mall, Ennis 01/01/1920  
Clohessy James      
Coffey William Mill Street March 1918  
Coffey Patrick   March 1918  
Coffey Joseph Mill Street Ennis March 1918  
Coffey Joseph Parnell Street 21/01/1919  
Conlan John Store Road 21/01/1919  
Considine Patrick   March 1918  
Considine Turlough   March 1918  
Considine Herbert   March 1918  
Considine William   March 1918  
Considine Harry Chapel lane March 1918  
Considine Pat , Pat Turnpike 19/01/1919  
Considine Herbert Chapel lane 19/01/1919  
Considine Jerome Sandfield Ennis 21/01/1919  
Considine Turlough Turnpike 21/01/1919  
Considine Paul The Turnpike 01/01/1920  
Considine Jerome Sandfield 01/01/1920  
Considine Turlough Turnpike 01/01/1920  
Considine Rev Fr, CC Ennis 01/01/1920  
Considine Harry      
Coote Patrick Store Road 21/01/1919  
Coote Joseph Store Road 21/01/1919  
Coote Thomas, Snr Store Road 21/01/1919  
Coote Thomas, Jnr   21/01/1919  
Courtney Edward   March 1918  
Cronin Patrick   March 1918  
Cronin Jermiah   March 1918  
Cronin Jerry Turnpike 01/01/1920  
Cronin Gerald      
Cronin Jeremiah Turnpike    
Crotty Richard Mill Street March 1918  
Crowe M., Rev     Member, Standing Committee Executive
Crown Gerald Turnpike 21/01/1919  
Cullinane Michael Turnpike 19/01/1919  
Darcy John Upper Jail St. March 1918  
Darcy Michael   March 1918  
Darcy Jack Upper Jail Street 01/01/1920  
Dilger Joseph   March 1918  
Dillon Peter Mill Street March 1918  
Dillon Patrick Parnell Street 21/01/1919  
Doube Michael   March 1918  
Doyle Denis   March 1918  
Doyle Christo   March 1918  
Doyle Christo Liffon 19/01/1919  
Doyle Christo Lifford 01/01/1920  
Doyle C      
Doyle Thomas Clonroad March 1918  
Duffy Fred   March 1918  
Duggan Thomas   March 1918  
Duggan Michael Sheils Terrace March 1918  
Duggan Thomas Verdant Hill Ennis 20/01/1919  
Duggan Michael   21/01/1919  
Duggan Ml Bank Place 21/01/1919  
Duggan Thomas Verdant Hill 01/01/1920  
Duggan Ml Bank Place 01/01/1920  
Duggan Daniel   March 1918  
Egan John Joe   March 1918  
Enright James Carmody Street March 1918  
Fahy Michael   March 1918  
Fahy Michael Turnpike    
Faller William O' Connell St. March 1918  
Flaherty Patrick   March 1918  
Flannery Frank Barrack Street March 1918  
Flynn Patrick Clare Road March 1918  
Flynn Michael   became a member 5/11/17  
Flynn Patrick Clare Road 20/01/1919  
Flynn Michael Clare Road 21/01/1919  
Flynn Lawrence O'Connel Street 21/01/1919  
Flynn Patrick Clare Road 01/01/1920  
Flynn Michael Clare Road 01/01/1920  
Flynn Lawrence O' Connell Street 01/01/1920  
Flynn D., Rev Kilbane   Member, Standing Committee Executive
Foley Michael Mill Street Ennis March 1918  
Foley Michael Parnell Street 21/01/1919  
Foley Michael Parnell Street 01/01/1920  
Foley Ml      
Foley Ml      
Foundation P J   March 1918  
Fox Frank   March 1918  
Frazer John   March 1918  
Frazer Christo   March 1918  
Frazer Christo   19/01/1919  
Frazer John   21/01/1919  
Galvin Patrick Cahercalla March 1918  
Garrahy Patrick   March 1918  
Garvey John   March 1918  
Garvey Michael   March 1918  
Gaynor Rev P   March 1918  
Gaynor P., Rev.     Member, Standing Committee Executive
Gleeson Rev W   March 1918  
Glynn Michael   March 1918  
Glynn Michael Cappahard 21/01/1919  
Glynn Michael Cappahard 01/01/1920  
Griffey Peter Market March 1918  
Griffey Stephen   March 1918  
Griffey James Mill Street Ennis    
Griffin William   March 1918  
Griffin William Church Street 19/01/1919  
Griffin Joe Parnell Street 19/01/1919  
Griffin William Church Street 01/01/1920  
Griffin Joe Parnell Street 01/01/1920  
Griffin Joe      
Guerin Patrick   March 1918  
Guerin Corney   March 1918  
Guinane Harry   March 1918  
Guinane Harry Kilrush Road 01/01/1920  
Hallinan Patrick   March 1918  
Hallinan Thomas   March 1918  
Hamilton Rev The college 21/01/1919  
Hamilton Rev Fr The College 01/01/1920  
Hanrahan Patrick Lifford    
Hardy John Mill View March 1918  
Harte Frank   March 1918  
Harte Frank O'Connel Street 21/01/1919  
Hastings John   March 1918  
Hastings Michael   March 1918  
Hegarty Ml Kilnamona   Member, Standing Committee Executive
Hehir Peter   March 1918  
Hehir Patrick   March 1918  
Henchy Michael   March 1918  
Henchy Martin   March 1918  
Henchy Michael O' Connell Street 21/01/1919  
Hewitt Joseph   March 1918  
Hewitt J      
Hewitt P., Rev     Member, Standing Committee Executive
Hickey Edward O' Connell St. c/o M O' Dea March 1918  
Hickey Edward O'Connel Street 21/01/1919  
Hogan Joseph Cahnealla March 1918  
Hogan John Mill Street March 1918  
Hogan Michael   March 1918  
Hogan Michael Cloughleigh 19/01/1919  
Hogan Joseph Carhcalla Ennis    
Honan Daniel   March 1918  
Honan Daniel Linnanes Terrace 21/01/1919  
Honan T. V. The Square 01/01/1920  
Honan Thomas      
Honan T. V.     Member, Standing Committee Executive
Horan Thomas   March 1918  
Hourigan William   March 1918  
Hunt H J Corofin   Member, Standing Committee Executive
Hurley William   March 1918  
Hurley Pat   became a member 5/11/17  
Kane James Market Street 01/01/1920  
Keane Michael Market Street March 1918  
Keane John   March 1918  
Keane Frank Market Street March 1918  
Keane James   March 1918  
Keane Patrick   March 1918  
Keane James Mill Street 19/01/1919  
Keane Patrick   21/01/1919  
Keane Michael   21/01/1919  
Keane Michael Market Street 01/01/1920  
Keane Thomas Mkt Street    
Keane F      
Keane Patrick The Asylum 01/01/1920  
Kelly Martin Mill Street March 1918  
Kelly John Asylum March 1918  
Kelly Jas Clare Road March 1918  
Kelly John asylum Church Street 19/01/1919  
Kelly John Market Street 21/01/1919  
Kelly John The Turnpike 01/01/1920  
Kelly John Market Street 01/01/1920  
Kelly George   March 1918  
Kennedy John   March 1918  
Kennedy Patrick Roslevin March 1918  
Kennedy Michael Market Street March 1918  
Kennedy Michael Causeway March 1918  
Kennedy Joseph   March 1918  
Kennedy W., Rev The College 19/01/1919  
Kennedy John   21/01/1919  
Kennedy Jim Parnell Street 01/01/1920  
Kennedy John      
Kennedy Martin      
Kenny Arthur   March 1918  
Kerin John   March 1918  
Kierce William   March 1918  
Lalor Jas     Member, Standing Committee Executive
Langford Robt Market Street 21/01/1919  
Lillis Richard   March 1918  
Lillis Richard   21/01/1919  
Lillis Richard O'Connell Street 01/01/1920  
Loftus Michael   March 1918  
Looney Thomas   March 1918  
Lucid Edward Clonroad More 21/01/1919  
Lynch Denis Mill Street March 1918  
Lyons Frank   March 1918  
Lyons Frank Parnell Street 21/01/1919  
Lyons Thomas Parnell Street 21/01/1919  
Lyons Frank Parnell Street 01/01/1920  
Lyons Thomas Parnell Street 01/01/1920  
MacClancy J B, Doctor Ennis 21/01/1919  
Madigan Patrick Mill Street March 1918  
Madigan Michael Barrack Street March 1918  
Madigan Michael Bk Street 19/01/1919  
Maher Patrick   March 1918  
Mann James Turnpike 01/01/1920  
Markham James   March 1918  
Markham Matthew   March 1918  
Markham M      
McCarthy Michael Mill Street March 1918  
McCarthy William   21/01/1919  
McClancy J B, Dr. Ennis 01/01/1920  
McGann Patrick   March 1918  
McGann James Market Street Ennis March 1918  
McGann James Market Street 20/01/1919  
McGann James Market Street 01/01/1920  
McGann Jas      
McGann J      
McGrath Michael   March 1918  
McGuire S.   21/01/1919  
McGuire Sarsfield Clare Champion 01/01/1920  
McInerney Patrick Clare Road March 1918  
McInerney Patrick Clare Road 21/01/1919  
McMahon Bryan Fountain March 1918  
McMahon Patrick Fountain March 1918  
McMahon Nicholas Asylum 21/01/1919  
McMahon Bryan fountain 21/01/1919  
McMahon Ml      
McMahon Nicholas The Asylum 01/01/1920  
McNamara Patrick Lifford March 1918  
McNamara Thomas   March 1918  
McNamara Stephen   March 1918  
McNamara Patrick Lifford 21/01/1919  
McNamara William O'Connel Street 21/01/1919  
McNamara J      
McParland Daniel H   March 1918  
McParland D H Parnell Street 19/01/1919  
McParland D H Parnell Street 01/01/1920  
McParland D H      
Meehan William Mill Street March 1918  
Meehan William Parnell Street 19/01/1919  
Meehan William Parnell Street 01/01/1920  
Mescall B C     Member, Standing Committee Executive
Meyers Patrick   March 1918  
Miller John   March 1918  
Miller George   March 1918  
Miller Joseph   March 1918  
Miller George Cicular Row 19/01/1919  
Miller George Circular Road 01/01/1920  
Miller George Circular Road    
Miller Jnr John   March 1918  
Minihan John Tiermaclane 21/01/1919  
Minihan John Tiermaclane 01/01/1920  
Miscall B C Clarecastle 01/01/1920  
Moloney Michael   March 1918  
Moloney Michael   March 1918  
Moloney J., Rev.   March 1918  
Moloney Martin   March 1918  
Moloney Harry Cloughleigh March 1918  
Moloney J W, Rev CC Parochial House 19/01/1919  
Moloney Thos Drumbiggle 21/01/1919  
Moloney R J Newmarket   Member, Standing Committee Executive
Moloney J D     Member, Standing Committee Executive
Moroney Patrick   March 1918  
Moroney Michael   March 1918  
Moroney Pat Linnanes Terrace March 1918  
Moroney Michael Gort Road 21/01/1919  
Moroney Patrick Linnanes Tce 21/01/1919  
Moroney Michael Gort Road 01/01/1920  
Moroney Patrick Linnanes Terrace 01/01/1920  
Moungovan Con Parnell Street 01/01/1920  
Mulqueen Thomas Mill Street March 1918  
Mulvihill John Mill Street March 1918  
Mungovan Cornelius   March 1918  
Mungovan Con Parnell Street 21/01/1919  
Mungovan Cornelius      
Murphy Patrick Wm Keanes March 1918  
Murphy William Asylum 21/01/1919  
Murphy William The Asylum 01/01/1920  
Murray M     Member, Standing Committee Executive
Neylon Rev. Fr. Crusheen   Member, Standing Committee Executive
Nolan Sean Market Street 01/01/1920  
O' Donnell Thomas Old Mill Street Ennis 19/01/1919  
O' Grady Denis Turnpike March 1918  
O' Keeffe David   March 1918  
O' Loughlin Michael Thomas Army March 1918  
O'Connor John   March 1918  
O'Connor Frank Ashline March 1918  
O'Connor Jack   March 1918  
O'Connor William   March 1918  
O'Connor John Causeway 21/01/1919  
O'Connor Christopher   March 1918  
O'Connor John Causeway    
O'Donnell Thomas   March 1918  
O'Donoghue Michael Sheils Terrace March 1918  
O'Donohue Michael Causeway March 1918  
O'Donohue Thomas Mill Street March 1918  
O'Donohue Con   March 1918  
O'Donohue Michael Causeway 19/01/1919  
O'Donohue Michael The Causeway 01/01/1920  
O'Donohue Michael      
O'Grady Patrick Abbey Street March 1918  
O'Grady Patrick Turn March 1918  
O'Grady Patrick Church Street Ennis 19/01/1919  
O'Grady Patrick Asylum 21/01/1919  
O'Grady Patrick Church Street 01/01/1920  
O'Grady Patrick The Asylum 01/01/1920  
O'Halloran Patrick   March 1918  
O'Honan Thomas   March 1918  
O'Honan T The Square 19/01/1919  
O'K W., Rev.     Member, Standing Committee Executive
O'Keefe David New Road 01/01/1920  
O'Keeffe David, Jnr   March 1918  
O'Keeffe David, Jnr New Road 21/01/1919  
O'Keeffe David, Snr New Road 21/01/1919  
O'Kelly John      
O'Kennedy W., Rev.   March 1918  
O'Kennedy W., Rev. St. Flannans College 01/01/1920  
O'Kennedy W., Rev. The College 01/01/1920  
O'Leary Timothy   March 1918  
O'Loughlin Peter   March 1918  
O'Loughlin Gerald   March 1918  
O'Loughlin Peter   March 1918  
O'Loughlin Patrick Cloghleigh March 1918  
O'Loughlin Patrick   March 1918  
O'Loughlin James   March 1918  
O'Loughlin Con   March 1918 (old member)
O'Loughlin Thomas   March 1918  
O'Loughlin Peter Barrack Street 19/01/1919  
O'Loughlin Patrick Mill Street 20/01/1919  
O'Loughlin Patrick Cloughleigh 21/01/1919  
O'Loughlin Peter Barrack Street 01/01/1920  
O'Loughlin Patrick Parnell Street 01/01/1920  
O'Loughlin Patrick Cloghleigh 01/01/1920  
O'Loughlin Peter      
O'Loughlin Patrick      
O'Loughlin Patrick Mill Street    
O'Loughlin John    
O'Loughlin Peter Market Street Ennis    
O'Loughlin John      
O'Loughlin (Terence) Patrick Mill Street Ennis March 1918  
O'Neill James A   March 1918  
O'Rourke Michael   March 1918  
O'Rourke William   21/01/1919  
O'Shaughnessy Daniel Lysaghts Lane March 1918  
O'Shaughnessy D      
O'Shea Joseph Turnpike March 1918  
O'Sullivan James   March 1918  
Parkinson Richard   March 1918  
Parkinson Richard Turnpike 19/01/1919  
Parkinson Henry   21/01/1919  
Pharland D H Parnell Street 01/01/1920  
Pigott Michael   March 1918  
Purcell John Aherns Terrace March 1918  
Purcell Patrick, Jnr New Road March 1918  
Quin James Military Road March 1918  
Quin Michael Mill Street March 1918  
Quin James Barrack Street 21/01/1919  
Quin John Parnell Street 21/01/1919  
Quin James Barrack Street 01/01/1920  
Quin Michael      
Reel James   March 1918  
Reel James Linnanes Tce 21/01/1919  
Reel James Linnanes Terrace 01/01/1920  
Reidy Patrick Orchard lane March 1918  
Reidy Patrick   March 1918  
Reidy Michael   March 1918  
Reidy Thomas   21/01/1919  
Reidy Patrick   21/01/1919  
Reidy Michael      
Reilly Michael   March 1918  
Rochford John   March 1918  
Ross James Army March 1918  
Roughan Patrick   March 1918  
Roughan Gerald   March 1918  
Roughan Patrick Church Street 19/01/1919  
Roughan Patrick Abbey Street 01/01/1920  
Rudy John Mkt Street 21/01/1919  
Ryan William Mill Street March 1918  
Ryan William Parnell Street 21/01/1919  
Ryan Christo Vinegar lane March 1918  
Sexton Patrick   March 1918  
Sexton Patrick   21/01/1919  
Sexton Patrick The Asylum 01/01/1920  
Shanahan John   March 1918  
Shank Michael   21/01/1919  
Shank Michael The Causeway 01/01/1920  
Sheils Patrick   March 1918  
Sheils Thomas Causeway 21/01/1919  
Sheils Patrick Causeway 21/01/1919  
Sheils Thomas Mill Road 01/01/1920  
Shinners Richard   March 1918  
Shinners F   March 1918  
Shinners Frank Market Street 19/01/1919  
Shinners Richard   21/01/1919  
Shinners Patrick   March 1918  
Slattery Leo O'Connel Street 21/01/1919  
Slattery Ned O'Connell Street 01/01/1920  
Slattery E      
Spellisy James Upper O'Connell St. 21/01/1919  
Spellisy John Upper O'Connell St. 21/01/1919  
Spellisy James O' Connell Street 01/01/1920  
Spellisy John O' Connell Street 01/01/1920  
Spellisy James      
Spellisy Jame O' Connell Street    
Spellisy Jack O' Connell Street    
Spellisy (sham) James   March 1918  
Stack Liam Turnpike 21/01/1919  
Stack W J O' Connell Street 01/01/1920  
Stack Wm      
Stickey Edward O' Connell Street 01/01/1920  
Sullivan James Barrack Street 19/01/1919  
Sullivan John Barrack Street 21/01/1919  
Sullivan James Barrack Street 01/01/1920  
Sullivan Jas      
Sullivan John Barrack Street    
Sullivan J      
Sullivan James Quin March 1918  
Tierney Joe   21/01/1919  
Tierney Joseph Abbey Street 01/01/1920  
Tuohy John Mill Road March 1918  
Tuohy Alfred   March 1918  
Tuttle Patrick   March 1918  
Whelan Thomas   21/01/1919  
White Peter Patrick Cloughleigh March 1918  
White John J   March 1918  
White Patrick   21/01/1919  
White Patrick Cloghleigh 01/01/1920  
  Chrysostom, Rev Fr. OFM 21/01/1919 Honorary Member
  Edmond, Rev Fr. OFM 21/01/1919 Honorary Member
  Leophoed?, Rev Fr. OFM 21/01/1919 Honorary Member

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