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The Cromwellian Settlement by Catherine O’ Donovan 

Transplanters Certificate

This is an example of a licence or a passport to cross the Shannon which every dispossessed landowner got from his local revenue commissioner before leaving his old home. The originals were hand-written on vellum (calf skin) and were stored in rolled bundles in the Public Record Office in the Four Courts in Dublin. The Four Courts were Burned in 1922 during the Civil War and many valuable documents were lost, including the rolls of Transplanters’ Certificate. Fortunately some had been copied before the fire.
This certificate for John and Matthew Hore of Dungarvan, Co. Waterford, lists 131 people including wives, children, tenants and servants.
Source: Prendergast, John P., The Cromwellian Settlement of Ireland
3rd Edition, Dublin 1922,
Appendix p. 363.

By the Commissioners within the Precincts of Clonmel


JOHN HORE of Ballymacmagg, and MATTHEW HORE, of Shandon, near Dungarran, County of Waterford.

We, the said Commissioners, do hereby certifye that John Hore, of Ballymacmaag, and Matthew Hore, of Shandon, in the county of Waterford. hath, upon the 23rd day of January, 1653, in pursuance of a Declaration of the Commissioners of the Parliament of England for the Affairs of Ireland, hearing date the 14th day of October, 1653, delivered unto us in writing a particular, containing therein the names of himself and such others persons as are to remove with him, with the quantities and qualities of their respective stocks and tillage, the contents whereof are as followeth:—viz — 1. John Hore, of Ballymacmaag, aged seventy, grey haired, tall stature; freeholder; ten cows, five garrans. 2 Edmund Hore, son to the said John, aged ten years, brown hair. 3. Owen Crumpon, of the same, aged thirty; black; middle stature; servant. 4. James Daton, of the same, aged sixteen; flaxen haire; servant. 5. Morish Caffon, of Ballidonnack, aged thirty-four, brown; low, servant. 6. Matthew Hore, of Shandon, aged thirty-one; browne; middle; freeholder; eight cows, two hundred sheepe, seventy-nine garrans, five cows; forty-two acres of wheat and bear, seven of pease. 7. Mary Hore, wife of the said Matthew, aged twenty-five; white; tall. 8. Mary Hore daughter of the said Mathew, aged nine; flaxen; three cows, two heifers. 9. Margaret Hore, daughter of the said Matthew, foure; flaxen; low; three cows, two bullocks. 10. Bridget Hore, daughter to the said Matthew, aged two; white; two cows, and two bullocks. 11. John Hore, son to the said Matthew, aged seaven; white; lowe; three cows, and two yearlings. 12. Patrick Hore, son to the said Matthew, aged five; white; lowe; five cows, and one yearling. 13. Martin Hore, aged three; flaxen; ten cows, and one yearling, and thirty-six sheep. 14. Murtagh Murroche, of Grage, aged thirty-sevene; browne; middle; tenant; two cows, and one yearling, fifteen sheepe, one garran. 15. Nicholas Power, of Shandon, sixtie; graye; middle; servant. 16. Edmund Kelly, of the same, thirty; black; middle; servant. 18. Thomas Kelly, of the same, thirty-nine; black; lowe; servant. 19. Thomas Fitzgerald, of the same, nineteen; white; tall; servant. 20. William Roch,of the same, servant. 21. Henry Tobin, of the same, thirtie; browne; lowe, servant. 22. Thomas Donnell, of the same, fourtie-foure, browne; lowe; servant. 23. Moris Offelahan, of the same, fiftie; graye; middle; servant. 25. John O’Morrissee, of the same, seventeen; brown; low; servant. 26. Morish O’Morrissee, of the same, fifteen; dark; low; servant. 27. William O’Tuscan, of Ikart, thirtie; dark; middle; servant; two cows, ten sheepe, one garran; five acres of wheate, [ ] beare. 28. Nicholas White, of the same, sixteene; white; low; servant. 29. James Murphy, of the same; thirtie-four; brown; low; tenant; seaven sheepe, one garran. 30. Michael Conry, of Ballinacourty, thirtie-seaven; middle; tenant; three cows, sixteen sheepe, nine garrans, six acres of wheate, and two of pease and beans. 31. John O’Kelly, of the same, twentie; white. low; tenant, low, servant. 32. Richard [ ], of Ballyduff, thirtie nine; black; middle; tenant; one cow, seaven sheepe, three garrans; two acres of wheate and beare, and two of pease and beans. 33. Morish Ffallon, of Killdagan, fortie; graye, low; tenant; four cows, fifteen sheepe, eleven garrans, seaven acres of wheate and beare. 34. Patrick Ffallon, of the same, twentie; brown; middle; tenant. 35. Walter Power, of Ballinrode, twentie-five; browne; tall; tenant; five cows, fortie-three sheepe, eight garrans; ten acres of wheate and beare. 36. Darby Ffollowe, of Ballyhanninck, fortie-four; black; tall; tenant; two cows, four sheepe, six garrrans; five acres of wheate and beare. 37. Darby Powyse, of the same, thirtie-two; brown; tall; tenant; one cow, eleven sheepe, ten garrans, two acres of wheat and beare. 38. Mary Russell, the relict of Patrick Russell, of Dungarvan, burgess, fiftie-three; yellow; middle; three cows, fiftie sheepe, one garran. 39. John Fitzgerald, of the same, fortie; black; low; tenant; three cows, ten sheepe, one garran; one acte of wheate and beare. 40. Morish Roch, of the same, twenty-five; brown; middle; tenant; two cows, ten sheepe, two garrans; two acres of wheate, beare, and beans. 41. Morish Fitzgerald, of Grenane, twenty-five; white; middle; servant. 42. Patrick Ffollowe, of Ballyhormack, thirteen; brown; servant. 43. William Wray, of the same, fourteem; broxn; servant. 44. Morish Cowden, of Inchindrislye, thirtie-six; black; middle; tenant; one cow, ten sheepe, two garrans; one acre of wheate and beare. 45. Robert Pirquett, of the same, fiftie; brown; low; tenant; one cow, one garran, one acre of wheate and beare. 46. John Pirquett, of the same, twentie; brown; low; servant. 48. John Nagle, of Donnenainstragh, thirty-two; browne; tall; freeholder; two cows, ten sheepe, three garrans; three acres of wheate and beare, and one of pease. 49. James How fitz Thomas of Dungarvan, ten; blacke; low; burgess. 50. John Les, of Dungarvan, sixteen; tall; white; freeholder. 51. John Coppinger the older, of the same, fiftie-five; graye; tall; freeholder. 52. Philip Power, of Ballinrode, thirtie-five; brown; low tenant; one cow, ten sheepe, two garrans; two acres of wheate and beare. 53. John O’Morrissee, of Ballinkelly, twenty-six; brown; middle; tenant; eight cows, twentie sheepe; ten garrans; five acres of wheatee, two of pease. 54. Margaret, his wife, twenty-four; white; middle. 55. Philip Flyn, of the same, fifteen; brown; servant. 56. Donagh Corbane, of the same, thirtie; blacke; low; servant. 57. Thomas Power, of Kildagan, aged twenty-seven; blacke; low; three cows, twelve sheepe, three garrans; two acres of wheate and beare. 58. Connor Gambon, of Inchindrisley, thirtie-two; brown; middle; tenant; three cows, twelve sheepe, three garrans; ten acres of wheate and beare. 59. John McPhilip, of Kildangan, thirtie; browne; middle; tenant. 60. William Morrissee, of Inchindrisley, eighteen; white; middle; servant. 61. David McDonagh, of Knock-an-power, sixtie-three; graye; middle; freeholder; ten cows, twenty-seaven sheepe, fifteen garrans; thirteen acres of wheate and beare. 62. Giles Mulcahy, fifty-three; brown; low. 63. Margaret Mulcahy, his daughter, eighteen; brown; middle; spinster. 64. Ellen Mulcahy, his daughter, seventeen; brown; middle; spinster. 65. Ellinor Mulcahy, his daughter, ten; brown; spinster. 66. Thomas Shane, of the same, eighteen; brown; middle; servant. 67. John Offernan, of the same, sixteen; brown; servant. 68. Daniell Henery, of the same, thirtie; brown; middle; servant. 69. Richard Breenagh, of the same, twelve; brown; servant. 70. Thomas fitz John of Ballinlea, forty-three; brown; tall; tenant; three cows, twenty sheepe, eight garrans; eight acres of wheate and beare. 71. James Forde, of Ballyduffmore, fifty-three; brown; low; mortgagee; two cows, two garrans; two acres of wheate and beare. 72. John O’Kelly, of Knock-an-power, thirty; black, middle; tenant; two cows; two acres of wheate and beare. 73. James Ronayne, of the same, sixty; graye; middle; tenant; one cow. 74. Morish Ronayne, of the same, twenty; brown; middle. 75. John O’Glassine, of the same, twenty; black; middle; tenant; two cows, one garran. 76. Donagh Mulcahy, of the same, twenty-foure; black; servant. 77. Connor O’Keirnane, of the same, thirty-five; black; middle; servant. 78. Dermod O’Keirnane, of the same, twenty; black; middle; servant. 79. Ellen Prendergast, of the same. thirty-five; brown; tall; widdowe; two cows, two garrans. 80. Onora Flanagan, of the same, forty; black; middle; widdowe; three cows, twelve sheepe, three garrans; two acres of wheate and beare. 81. Thomas Kernane, of the same, twenty; black; servant. 82. Thomas Prendergast, of the same; twelve; white; servant. 83. Donagh O’Hutterie, of Ballymartie, thirtie; black; middle; tenant; four cows; ten sheepe; three garrans; four acres of wheate and beare. 84. Morish Mulrery, of the same, twenty; dark; middle; servant. 85. Derby O’Brien, of Inchindrialy, thirty; brown; low; four cows, thirty sheepe, seaven garrans; seaven acres of wheate and beare. 86. William Brennagh, of the same, twenty; white; low; servant. 87. John Kennedy, twenty; brown; servant. 88. William Kenny, of Kilknockane, fifty-foure; graye; low; burgess; six cows, twenty sheepe, nine garrans; fifteen acres of wheate, beare and pease. 89. Anne Kennedy, wife of the said William, sixtie; brown; low. 91. James Meregagh, of the same, thirtie; black; middle; servant. 92. Donagh O’Brien, of the same, thirty; dark; low; tenant; three cows, five garrans; twelve acres of wheate and beare. 94. Richard Butler, of Garrinlowe, thirty; flaxen; tall; tenant; six cows, twenty sheepe; twelve garrans; three acres of wheate and beare. 95. Giles Butler, his wife, twenty-foure; brown; low. 96. Meaghlin Hogan, of the same, twenty; dark; middle; servant. 97. Morish Dower, of the same, twenty; yellow; middle; servant. 98. Daniel O’Phelane, of the same, eighteen; black; low; servant. 99. Donogh O’Kerwick, of the same, sixteene; dark; low; servant. 100. Ellen Magner, of Donnemainstragh, fifty-seaven; black; middle; three cows, twentye-six sheepe, two garrans; four acres of wheate, beare and pease. 101. Thomas Butler, of Knockneagcarah, twenty-eight; yellow; middle; tenant; thirty-one cows, one hundred sheepe, twenty-four garrans, six oxen; twenty-eight acres of wheate and beare, and four of pease. 102. Katherine, his wife, twenty-five; black; tall. 103. Piers Butler, of the same, fiftie; graye; middle; servant. 104. Edmund Butler, of the same, eighteen; black; low; servant. 105. Walter Fanning, of the same, twenty-three; black; low; servant. 106. Daniel Mourye, of the same, fifteen; yellow; low; servant. 107. William Hodnett, of Grange thirty-two; black; middle; tenant; three cows, five sheepe, three garrans; seventeene acres of wheate and beare. 108. James Power, of Inchindrialy, twenty-three; dark; middle; tenant; three cows, five sheepe, three garrans; seventeene acres of wheate and beare. 109. Thomas Gough, of Dungarvan, forty; black; tall; burgess; one cow, ten sheepe, two garrans. 110. James Fitzmorresh-Gerald, of Crushea, forty; flaxen brown; middle tenant; five cows, twenty-five sheepe, eight garrrans; ten acres of wheate and beare. 111. John Coppinger, of Dungarvan, the younger, thirty-seaven; brown; middle burgess. 112. Michael Hore, of the same; thirty; black; low; burgess. 113. John McCreagh, of Inchindrisly, twenty; brown; middle; servant. 114. John Butler, son to Thomas, of Knockneagoarah, above-mentioned; flaxen. 115. Margaret Hodnett, wife to William Hodnett, above-mentioned, thirty; flaxen; tall. 116. Garrett Hodnett, his son, four, flaxen. 117. Teige O’Moane, thirty-six; black; middle; servant. 117. Bryan Moane, his son, four; browne. 117. Murtagh O’Boghan, forty-three; black; tall; servant. 118. John O’Boghan, fourteen; flaxen; servant. 118. Concor Carty, twenty; black; low; servant. 119. Morish [ ]; black; low; servant. 120. Walter Grange, twenty; black; tall. 121. Connor O’Farrelly, forty; brown; servant. 123. Morish fitz John, twenty-five; brown; servant. 124. John Power, fifteen; brown; servant. 125. Murtagh Kenagh, forty; brown; middle; servant. 129. Thomas Gorman, thirtie; black; middle; servant. 130. David Roch, of Dungarvan, twenty-two; brown; low; servant. 131. Thomas Wyse, of Ballinavarie, forty; brown; middle; freeholder.

The substance wherof we believe to be true. In witness wherof we have hereunto sett our hands and seals, the 26th day of January, 1653-4.

Clare County Library wishes to thank Clare Local Studies Project for preparation of text for this publication.

Cromwellian Settlement