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From Clare to Van Diemen’s Land: Some forgotten Mothers of Tasmania
by Michael MacMahon

Alphabetical list of 'Calcutta' passengers

Surname Forename Workhouse
? Judith Tulla
Bane Mary Tulla
Bennett Mary Killadysert
Brady Biddy Scarriff
Brennan Catherine Corofin
Brett Biddy Scarriff
Bridgeman Ann Corofin
Cabey Biddy Killadysert
Canny Mary Scarriff
Carthy Mary Tulla
Casey Margaret Killadysert
Casey Mary Killadysert
Casey Biddy Corofin
Cleary Biddy Tulla
Collins Biddy Scarriff
Connor Margaret Scarriff
Cooney Biddy Scarriff
Cooney Catherine Killadysert
Corbett Biddy Scarriff
Cullinan Mary Corofin
Cullinan Ann Corofin
Cunningham Margaret Killadysert
Cusack Ellen Killadysert
Cusack Mary Killadysert
Danaher Judith Tulla
Dillon Mary Killadysert
Doherty Margaret Scarriff
Donohue Honorah Corofin
Duffy Ellen Killadysert
Duffy Biddy Scarriff
Durack Catherine Scarriff
Fitzgerald Mary Scarriff
Fleming Ellen Tulla
Forde Catherine Corofin
Gilligan Margaret Tulla
Goonan Mary Scarriff
Guerin Mary Scarriff
Guerin Catherine Scarriff
Hackett Mary Scarriff
Halloran Biddy Tulla
Halloran Minnie Corofin
Healy Mary Killadysert
Healy Mary Tulla
Hill Mary Scarriff
Hoare Susan Killadysert
Hogan Mary Killadysert
Hogan Catherine Tulla
Houlihan Catherine Corofin
Houlihan Mary Corofin
Hourihan Ann Corofin
Hynes Minnie Tulla
Hynes Margaret Scarriff
Hynes Biddy Scarriff
Jones Biddy Tulla
Keane Honora Tulla
Keane Jane Killadysert
Kelly Judith Tulla
Kelly Mary Killadysert
Kelly Biddy Scarriff
Keogh Catherine Scarriff
King Mary Tulla
King Ellen Killadysert
Kinnane Ellen Killadysert
Landers Mary Killadysert
Larkin Biddy Scarriff
Liddy Joanna Killadysert
Linehan Ellen Scarriff
Linnane Mary Corofin
Lynch Sally Corofin
Madigan Catherine Killadysert
Madigan Biddy Tulla
McInerney Mary Scarriff
McMahon Mary Scarriff
McMahon Biddy Killadysert
McMahon Mary Tulla
McMahon Mary Scarriff
McNamara Mary Corofin
McNamara Biddy Scarriff
McNamara Ellen Scarriff
McNamara Mary Tulla
McNamara Margaret Scarriff
McNamara Ann Scarriff
Meaney Biddy Tulla
Meehan Fanny Tulla
Meere Biddy Corofin
Moloney Mary Tulla
Moloney Mary Tulla
Moloney Judith Scarriff
Moloney Margaret Scarriff
Moore Biddy Killadysert
Moore Margaret Killadysert
Moore Biddy Corofin
Nash Honora Scarriff
Nelson Kitty Scarriff
O’Connor Honora Killadysert
O’Keeffe Mary Corofin
Phillips Mary Killadysert
Phillips Biddy Killadysert
Phillips Catherine Killadysert
Rochford Ellen Scarriff
Rochford Margaret Scarriff
Rochford Ann Scarriff
Ryan Biddy Scarriff
Ryan Biddy Killadysert
Sexton Biddy Killadysert
Shaughnessey Mary Scarriff
Shea Mary Killadysert
Sheehan Catherine Tulla
Smith Mary Scarriff
Smyth Catherine Tulla
Stafford Ellen Tulla
Staunton Mary Scarriff
Staunton Biddy Tulla
Sullivan Mary Corofin
Tierney Mary Tulla
Toole Ellen Corofin
Torpey Honora Tulla
Vaughan Biddy Corofin

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