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Raids and Ambushes - Attack on Ennistymon RIC Barracks

I believe it was after this brigade council meeting that the Vice O/C of our brigade led a party of about twenty riflemen, drawn from 5th and 6th battalions, into Ennistymon on a Sunday morning to fire at a party of police returning to their barracks after half-past nine o'clock Mass. The party got into the town before dawn and took up positions in the monastery grounds which commanded the entrances to the two R.I.C. posts, the courthouse and the police barracks, across the road in Parliament Street. Myself and Thomas Gallagher were detailed to go on to the fair green, with orders to open fire on the top windows at the back of the police barracks as soon as we heard shooting from the monastery. However, on getting to the fair green, we found that, owing to the intrusion of other buildings, we had no view of the barracks windows, but, before we could make contact again with the main party, firing at the police had started. Each man only fired a couple of rounds when the shooting stopped. Knowing that the cessation of the firing meant that the main party was withdrawing, Gallagher and myself left the fair green and joined the others at the Pound road and, from there, the detachment went across country towards Tullaha, Kilfenora.

There was instant enemy activity after the attack. A lorry of military, which came along the Ballagh road to Cahersherkin, came within four or five hundred yards of us, and whether they had seen us going through the fields or not, the soldiers made no attempt to make contact with us. Subsequently, we learned that several enemy lorries, full of troops, had gone off in the early hours of the morning to raid the Doolin district and they had not come back by the time the attack had occurred.

One policeman was wounded in this operation and all the others ran for safety into the barracks. We had no casualties.

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