Extract from the Meeting of 21st of July, 1843

The matron requested the board would investigate the accounts of bread and groceries as well as the milk account as she stated that she was often obliged to buy bread at her own expense to give to those to whom bread was allowed by the board, but that the master did not allow the contractor to send the due quantity, that she reported this before to the board but that they passed it by cooly.

That the master’s reports against her would be attended to, but her reports against the master would not.

The matron reported that she was obliged to buy bread for her breakfast on last Sunday week as the master refused to give her, her bread on that day.

The matron reported that the master had not given her a store for the clothing, but that he offered her a store that is not adapted for a laundry store, being at too great a distance from the laundry as the clothes aired and dried in the laundry would often get wet in removing.

The matron reported that the master refused to take into his store some clothes which she sent him although he promised the board and the assistant commissioner that he would.

The matron reported that the master only give her 14lb. to the stone of unwashed potatoes instead of 16lb. and that the porter and school mistress were similarly treated.

The matron reported that the porter complained to her that the master did not give him his dinner milk on Friday and Saturday the 14th & 15th inst. that he demanded it from her but she could not give it, the master having taken the distribution of the diets into his own hands by virtue of his own authority.

The matron requested that the board would reconsider the decision made with regard to the loss in the clothing etc. If the master had not the same power in the commencement of locking and securing everything as he has now done we would submit that the decision was right, but if he had the same power then that he has now, she ought not be made pay one penny.

The matron reported that the master give every facility for robbing the house, that she found the door open in winter last at a late hour at night, the key in the master’s possession and he gone to Ennistymon where he after remained until 1 or 2 o’clock. This is no invention of the matron, the porter and the messenger know it.

The matron reported that one of the paupers left the house one night with the union clothes. That the master had not time to look after him, he was so busy playing cards with her own brother, her servant man, and one of the paupers, that he ought to recollect it. That the master and her brother had a great boxing match and that that is the way the master was saving the union property, burning fire and light until morning.

The master got an epileptic fit.

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