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The Tasmanian Journal of William Smith O’Brien
by William Nolan


Notes and References:

1. For O’Brien’s family background, see D. O’Brien, History of the O’Brien’s from Brian Boirmhe, A.D. 1000 to 1945 (London, 1949); Ivar O’Brien, O’Brien of Thomond (Chichester, 1986); R. Davis, William Smith O’Brien: Ireland – 1848 – Tasmania (Dublin, 1989); P. de Bhaldraithe, ‘William Smith O’Brien and his Second’ in The Other Clare, vol. 13 (1989), pp. 25-28.

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4. O’Brien’s period in exile is covered in B. Tuohill, William Smith O’Brien and his Irish Revolutionary Companions in Penal Exile (Missouri, 1981); R. Davis, op cit.; T. Kiernan, The Irish Exiles in Australia (Dublin, 1954); J. Cullen, Young Ireland in Exile (Dublin 1928).

5. The Tasmanian Journal is Ms. 449 in the O’Brien manuscript collection in the National Library of Ireland. The plans to publish the Journal were initiated by Dr. Richard Davis, History Department, University of Tasmania, Hobart, and the Tasmanian state government has agreed to publish this impressive volume, it is hoped, in the current year. The associate editors are Blanche Tuohill and William Nolan.
[The journal was published in 1995 as To Solitude Consigned: The Tasmanian Journal of William Smith O'Brien, RP Davis (ed.), Crossing Press, Sydney. ISBN 064622784X.]

The Tasmanian Journal of
William Smith O'Brien