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100 P.D.M.

by Michael O’Connor

Post Dei Mortem
I write
In the hundredth A of no D,
A century since Frazer and Freud
Circled the old guy so slowly
Pecking away the mortar
From his buttresses.
Does he stand there still,
A king in check
Watching the mummery
Of demented pawns?

Somewhere, for someone,
It’s the year dot:
A glorious beginning,
Sowing the furrows
And putting up the fences.
All that to wade through;
Theories, visions,
And other schisms,
The learning by rote amid
Bells and smells-

And all to avoid
Putting faith in ourselves.


Taken from ‘Roughly Speaking’ (1991), page 25.

Michael O'Connor

Figure with Window