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Beat the Bean

by Jean Reinhardt

Six of each, measure the cups,
Soya beans and water.
Into the blender, beaten and crushed
Lambs to the slaughter.
Drain the liquid into a pan.
Boil it and cool it
Again and again.
Add the juice of a lemon,
Curds will then form.
Feed the waste to the chickens,
It’s cheaper than corn.
Can I have a biscuit?
Keep away from the cooker,
They’re up on the shelf.
Cool it and drain it
Through a piece of fine cloth.
Wrap it and press it,
Place a weight on the top.
Leave in the fridge
For an hour to set,
Now face the kitchen
And clean up the mess.
The time is soon up
And the family gathered
To see what’s been made
From the beans that you battered.
There in the fridge,
In a sorry state,
Lie ten ounces of Tofu,
Stuck to a plate.


Taken from ‘Sticks and Stones’ (1989), page 37.

Jean Reinhardt

Knute Skinner