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Best Friend

by Marg Wright

Wear your rubbers. Zip your coat.
Listen to your mother.
Wrap a muffler round your throat,
Little boys don’t smother.

Birds are nesting, have you heard?
Let’s go find a dove’s nest.
Then we’ll ask the mother bird
Just which chick she loves best.

Mustn’t run and hurt yourself!
Mother’s here to guide you.
How much nicer on a shelf,
With her right beside you.

Let me see behind your eyes.
Don’t stare at the ceiling!
Mother needs to analyze
Every single feeling.

Secrets are for us to share.
Would you like to try it?
How can mother know you care
If you’re always quiet?

Into bed, although the sun
Beckons through the skylight.
Never mind it, little one.
Mother says its twilight.

Who’s your friend outside the gate?
Aren’t you going to greet her?
Have her come inside to wait.
Mother wants to meet her.

Aren’t we lucky, you and I,
That we have each other?
What a dear and binding tie,
Little boy and mother.

Eat your porridge while you’re young
Later it congeals.
Bitter, say you, to the tongue?
Nonsense! Aloe heals.


Taken from ‘Roughly Speaking’ (1991), page 73.


Marg Wright

For My Sister