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The Cry of a Dog

by John Doorty

Dan Daley: What is that noise we hear?
His Father: It is the cry of a dog dying in the distance this night.
Dan Daley: Does it die alone and away from home?
His Father: The dog left its home to die, and dies alone on the hill.
Dan Daley: And can it hear now the barking of its fellows in the nearby farm?
His Father: It cocks its ear at that and faintly wags where it lies on the wet-grass hill.
Dan Daley: Then it dreams and works its paws and moves its mouth a bit.
His Father: Then it sleeps and cries in its sleep.
Dan Daley: When it sleeps it dies?
His Father: When it sleeps it dies!
Dan Daley: Finally
His Father: Finally and…..
Dan Daley: And?
His Father: Silently.
Dan Daley: And the children?
His Father: They will find it in the morning on the dew-grass hill.
They will cry over it.
Dan Daley: And will they bury it, like we did?
His Father: Where the marsh marigolds grow in the valley and where the earth is soft, like we did.
Dan Daley: And will they mark the spot?
His Father: With a little timber cross or a stone from the wall.
Dan Daley: But even so, they will forget where the marsh marigolds grow and where the earth is soft.
His Father: Where the lark rises in the rushes.
Dan Daley: And where it goes to earth.


Taken from ‘This is Where We Came In’ (1992), page 115.

© Copyright John Doorty

John Doorty

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