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For My Sister

by Marg Wright

Strange and secret changeling child,
Confidence for swearing.
I observed you, unbeguiled,
And made plans for sharing.

Watched you run and wrote my rhymes,
To the storm clouds’ massing.
Never saw the changing times
Mark our season’s passing.

Always knowing, when we met,
Of the future pending.
Now my heart is lost in debt,
Not one hour for spending.

Standing dumbly by your bed,
Safe among the living,
Cheated of the time ahead,
I am unforgiving.

Should I give you leave to go,
Validate your going?
So much left of you to know,
Now beyond the knowing.

Through the caverns of my years,
Vainly I pursue you.
Anger has outlasted tears,
That I never knew you.


Taken from ‘This is Where We Came In’ (1992), page 17.


Marg Wright