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I Have Seen Wonders

by Anthony Edwards

I have seen wonders:
a swan dancing
in a country pub;
a sparrow falling
from a tin roof
and dying softly at my feet.

I have heard wonders:
harmonies in my heart
as I lay awake in bed;
gulls crying for help
in voices that echoed
the drowning cries of fishermen.

I have felt wonders:
bones cracking in my skull;
the kiss of my grandmother
as I slept on a chair
the week after her death.

I have known wonders:
a crossroads in Kerry
where from each road
the whole world
came rushing to a stop.

I have learned wonders:
existence before essence;
aimless evolution;
the emptiness of the atom;
matter as energy in check.

I have seen wonders:
two suns in the same sky,
a cross between them
a swinging pendulum.

I have seen wonders:
white swan pirouetting
in the grime of a pub;
a small bird dying
in the sigh of the world.

I have seen wonders.
I have heard and felt
the slow pulse of
some quiet purpose.
In my children’s eyes
the light of it shines.


Taken from ‘Roughly Speaking’ (1991), pages 14-15.


Anthony Edwards

And in the West