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A Tried Occasion

by John Doorty

Dan Daley: The bells
His Father: we have listened so often to,
Dan Daley: we have listened out for them
His Father: and then the timbre sways faintly in the air.
Dan Daley: Is there a beat we can make into the beat of our own hearts?
His Father: Varying a little in register and tone, one short, one long.
Dan Daley: Irrefragible proof of the bellringer,
His Father: the keeper of our times.
Dan Daley: And then in the sudden floods of autumn
His Father: that brings the salmon upriver,
Dan Daley: the bells, summoning reluctantly the fishermen to their Sunday Mass.
His Father: It strikes an equipoise.
Dan Daley: God, the ones we have missed now.
His Father: God, now is the time to make good their escape.


Taken from ‘Footprints on the Limestone’ (1993), page 27.

© Copyright John Doorty

John Doorty

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