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David Rumsey Maps of Clare

Arrowsmith, John 1844 © Cartography Associates

The London atlas of universal geography
by John Arrowsmith (London: John Arrowsmith, 1844)

Information on this publication from the David Rumsey Historical Map Collection website.

Short Title: Ireland
Type: Atlas Map
Obj Height cm: 61
Obj Width cm: 48
Scale 1:760,320
Note: In outline color.
Reference: None found - see Streeter Texas 1373A, Wheat 451, Martin & Martin 32 for the Texas map.
Country: Ireland
Full Title: Ireland, By J. Arrowsmith. (Map) 7. London, Pubd. 15 Feby. 1842, by J. Arrowsmith, 10 Soho Square.
List No: 4613.007
Series No: 10
Publication Author: Arrowsmith, John
Pub Date: 1844
Pub Title: The London Atlas of Universal Geography, Exhibiting the Physical & Political Divisions of the Various Countries of the World, Constructed from Original Materials. Is most respectfully dedicated to his venerable Friend John Middleton Esqr. As a testimony of Gratitude and Esteem, By his much Obliged & Humble Servant, John Arrowsmith, F.R.G.S & R.A.S. 40 Soho Square, London. London, Pubd. by J. Arrowsmith, 10 Soho Square 1842.
Pub Reference: None found - see Streeter Texas 1373A, Wheat 451, Martin & Martin 32 for the Texas map.
Pub Note: This atlas is remarkable for its understated elegance and clarity. It is one of the first truly "modern" atlases of the nineteenth century. This is the fifty sheet 1842 edition, with fifteen maps added including the second state of the rare Map of Texas (1843) and several maps dated 1844. This edition of this atlas is unrecorded in Verner, Phillips, National Maritime Museum, and the British Museum World. The fourteen other additional maps include interesting maps of Africa, Asia, Australia, and the Caribbean. Bound with half-leather brown boards with "The London Atlas, by J. Arrowsmith." embossed on the cover.
Pub List No: 4613.000
Pub Type: World Atlas
Pub Maps: 65
Pub Height cm: 56
Pub Width cm: 38
Image No: 4613007
Institution: Rumsey Collection
Ownership Statement: Copyright 2000

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