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David Rumsey Maps of Clare

Carey, Mathew 1796 © Cartography Associates

Carey’s general atlas
by Mathew Carey (Philadelphia: Mathew Carey, 1796)

Information on this publication from the David Rumsey Historical Map Collection website.

Short Title: Map of Ireland.
Publisher: Phila: Mathew Carey
Type: Atlas Map
Obj Height cm: 38
Obj Width cm: 34
Scale 1:1,425,600
Note: Uncolored with counties numbered and a reference list included.
Reference: P683-8.
Country: Ireland
Full Title: A Map Of Ireland According to the best Authorities. J.T. Scott, sculp. Engraved for Carey's American Edition of Guthrie's Geography improved.
List No: 2862.008
Series No: 10
Engraver or Printer: Scott, Joseph T.
Publication Author: Carey, Mathew
Pub Date: 1796
Pub Title: Carey's General Atlas ... Philadelphia: Published By Mathew Carey. May 1, 1796.
Pub Reference: P683.
Pub Note: This was the first General Atlas published in the United States. It has the same maps as Carey's Guthrie Atlas, and adds a large map of the United States by Samuel Lewis, which is an imposing and important map, lacking in most copies. The Lewis map of the United States appears here for the first time. Even though the contents page of Carey's Guthrie Atlas calls for a map of the United States, it is not found in any copies that we know of. Karpinski (CXIV) incorrectly says this map appeared in the American Atlas of 1795. These maps are not folded horizontally, as are the 1795 Guthrie maps, and the Map of France has a 1798 engraving credit that does not appear on the Guthrie 1795 issue. This copy also contains a map not belonging to this atlas, glued inside the back cover, entitled "Chart of the Atlantic Ocean" published by Edmund M. Blunt, Newburyport in 1802. Atlas is bound in quarter leather, brown and black patterned paper covered boards.
Pub List No: 2862.000
Pub Type: World Atlas
Pub Maps: 45
Pub Height cm: 43
Pub Width cm: 28
Image No: 2862008
Institution: Rumsey Collection
Ownership Statement: Copyright 2005

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