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David Rumsey Maps of Clare

Carey, Mathew 1820 © Cartography Associates

Carey's school atlas by Mathew Carey (Philadelphia: M. Carey & Son, 1820)

Information on this publication from the David Rumsey Historical Map Collection website.

Short Title: Ireland.
Publisher: Phila: M. Carey & Son
Type: Covers
Obj Height cm: 25
Obj Width cm: 20
Scale 1:2,000,000
Note: Engraved map. Outline hand color. Relief shown pictorially.
Country: Ireland
Subject: School
Full Title: Ireland. Philad. Published by M. Carey & Son, 1820.
List No: 2682.005
Series No: 6
Publication Author: Carey, Mathew
Pub Date: 1820
Pub Title: Carey's school atlas; containing the following maps: ... Philadelphia: M. Carey & Son--Chestnut Street. 1820. Price one dollar plain, and 125 cents coloured.
Pub Reference: Hudson XIV-107; Library of Congress: G1019 .C253 1820.
Pub Note: See note field above.
Pub List No: 2682.000
Pub Type: School Atlas
Pub Maps: 14
Pub Height cm: 23
Pub Width cm: 15
Image No: 2682005
Institution: Rumsey Collection
Ownership Statement: Copyright 2005

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