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David Rumsey Maps of Clare

Faden, William 1798 © Cartography Associates

General atlas by William Faden (London: William Faden, 1798)

Information on this publication from the David Rumsey Historical Map Collection website.

Short Title: Ireland.
Publisher: London: William Faden
Type: Atlas Map
Obj Height cm: 71
Obj Width cm: 54
Scale 1:740,000
Note: Engraved map, hand col. Relief shown by hachures. "9" on verso.
Country: Ireland
Full Title: A map of Ireland divided into provinces and counties, shewing the great and cross roads with the distances of the principal towns from Dublin. By Willm. Faden, Geographer to His Majesty and to HRH the Prince of Wales. London, 1798. Pubd. by W. Faden, Charing Cross, Septr. 17, 1798.
List No: 2104.009
Page No: 9
Series No: 11
Publication Author: Faden, William
Pub Date: 1811
Pub Title: (General atlas. 1811)
Pub Reference: Cf Phillips 6010, 6013, 6047.
Pub Note: See note field above.
Pub List No: 2104.000
Pub Type: World Atlas
Pub Maps: 56
Pub Height cm: 60
Pub Width cm: 47
Image No: 2104009
Institution: Rumsey Collection
Ownership Statement: Copyright 2005

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