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Traditional Music Sessions from the BR Taylor Collection
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Session in Gleeson’s Bar, Coore
Musicians: Michael Downes, Martin ‘Junior’ Crehan, Barry Taylor, fiddles; Stephen Harrison, Patrick Crehan, flutes; Josie Hayes, Margaret Crehan, whistles; Tony Crehan, accordion; Pat Kelly, bodhran; unidentified, spoons

Recorded in Gleeson’s Bar, Coore, 2nd July 1978
Recorded by Barry Taylor (noisy session; level variable; Tape: Maxell UDXL II)
BR Taylor Collection Tape 040-1 (continuation of Tape 39-2)

Michael Downes
Martin Junior Crehan
Barry Taylor
Josie hayes
Tony Crehan
Stephen Harrison

1. Reels (2): Boys of Ballysodare/Hare’s Paw (.01 – 2.16)
2. Hornpipe: Bonaparte Crossing the Rhine (2.17 – 2.49)
3. Reel: Farrell O’Gara (Michael Downes) (2.50 – 3.41)
4. Waltzes (3): Tramps and Hawkers/Rock of Bawn/Gan ainm(3.42 – 7.36)
5. Reels (2): Road to Rio/Maude Millar's (7.40 – 10.13)
6. Reels (2): Crosses of Annagh/Maid of Mount Kisco (13.07 – 16.39)
7. Reels (2):Hunter's Purse/Humours of Lisadell (16.42 – 18.24)
8. Reels (3): Humours of Lissadell/Over the Moor to Maggie/Hunter's Purse(18.27 – 19.58)
9. Reels (2): Sporting Paddy/Woman of the House (dancing) (20.02 – 22.26)
10. Reels (2): Mountain Top/Music in the Glen (dancing) (22.28 – 28.01)
11. Hornpipe: Rights of Man (dancing) (28.02 – 28.37)
12. Reels (2): Green Groves of Erin/Abbey (28.38 – 30.56)

Continued from Tape 40 - 2

13. Jig: Whelan's (31.06 – 32.13)
14. Anthem: Announcement by 'Junior' Crehan, then Soldier’s Song (32.48 – 33.38)

Barry Taylor, Michael Downes & Martin 'Junior' Crehan in Gleeson's, Coore c.1978. Photo Pat Mackenzie

Barry Taylor, Michael Downes & Martin 'Junior' Crehan
in Gleeson's, Coore, c.1978.

Photo © Pat Mackenzie

Tony Crehan

Tony Crehan

Junior Crehan, Tommy McCarthy, Michael Downes, Conor Keane. Gleeson’s, 1990s. Photo: Pat Mackenzie

Junior Crehan, Tommy McCarthy, Michael Downes, Conor Keane.
Gleeson’s, 1990s. Photo © Pat Mackenzie

"Sunday night at Gleeson’s of Coore became famous in the world of Irish music and the pub received visitors from many countries, particularly during the week of the Willie Clancy Summer School. For a wonderful twenty years, Junior [Crehan] was reunited with his old pals, including Michael Downes and Paddy Galvin on fiddles, with occasional assistance from John Joe Healy. His lifelong friend, flute player Josie Hayes was another regular, although, following illness, he generally played the tin whistle, while Pat Kelly’s exploits on the bodhrán and in song were legendary. Over the years, countless musicians sat in with ‘Dad’s Army’, as the residents were affectionately called, and everyone was made welcome."

Extract from Music in a Breeze of Wind: Traditional Dance Music in west Clare 1870-1970 by Barry Taylor. Danganella Press, 2013, p 155.


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