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Houses and their occupiers in Ennistymon, County Clare
The Houses on the Eastern Side
of Church Street, Ennistymon

Tessie Hill, Main Street and P.J. Mullins, Monastery View share some of their personal recollections of the town in which they grew up.

A description of some houses in Church Street, Ennistymon beginning at Cullinan’s Funeral Parlour and moving down to Gallery’s on the corner at Parliament Street.

1. Carthy’s Corner
Here lived Michael McCarthy a native of Fermoyle, Murrough. He had three sons, Willie, George and Joseph, and two daughters Katy and May. George inherited the family business. He and his wife (Ciss Harty from Nenagh) lived there until they died, when it was purchased by the Cullinan family, who established the present funeral parlour.

2. Mrs Kate Kennedy had a bakery here
She had two sons, Jim and Mick. Mick went to America and Jim carried on the bakery. He had four daughters, Delia, Minnie, Aggie and Jo. Minnie married Tom Healy who lived in Old Town Street. Delia and Aggie stayed on in the homestead. Jo married John Jo Neylon (Tosser) who had a business in Inchovea. Gus Healy their nephew inherited it and lives there.

3. In the next house lived Katy Nagle, an only daughter, who married Bill Murphy who later became T.D. They had three sons Paddy, Tom and Willie. The girls were Bridget, Mary, Nan, Kitty, Claire and Ita. Paddy became a Christian Brother and is deceased. Tom is living on the family farm in Ballingaddy. Willie emigrated to America. Bridget and Kitty now manage the family business in Parliament Street. Mary became a nurse and is now retired. Nan married Matty Slattery from Lahinch. Claire married Tom Scales from Carnane, Doolin. Ita married Kevin Roberts from Ennis. May McCarthy bought the homestead from the Murphys and continued a hardware and fancy goods business for many years. After her came Michael Honan, who carried on a butcher’ business there.

4. Here lived Mrs Connole, whose husband carried on a cooperage business. They had a large family. One of their boys, Tom was shot by the Black and Tans. Another son Joe, was court clerk in Ennistymon and lived in Parliament Street. He is survived by his two daughters, Nancy and Maureen (Mrs Metcalfe). The property in Church Street was bought by Hector Browne. He and his wife Annie O’Brien had two sons Alex and Danny. Alex and his wife, Maureen Lahiff from Kilfernora, still reside there.

5. Mick Morgan, next door, had a public house and was married to Miss Walshe from Lisheen, Liscannor. He was also a town postman. They had two daughters, Anna and Mary, who emigrated on marriage to England. Alex Browne bought their house and extended his business over two properties.


6. Jim Nagle operated a large hardware business here
He never married and after his death it was purchased by Joseph McCarthy M.P.S.I. He married Lilly O’Donoghue of Upper Main Street. They had two daughters and a son. After Mrs. McCarthy’s death, the home was purchased by Vaughan Auctioneers.

7. Home of Patrick Hynes, publican and grocer
He was married to Miss Clancy and they had one daughter, Mary Frances, who married Pat Cassidy from Moughna. They had twins, Padraig and Breda. Padraig and his mother still reside there. Breda married John Shannon from Kilfarboy. Breda is a Public Health Nurse.

8. Jim Nagle has another business next door
Anthony Murphy an employee inherited the property. His daughter, Mary Ann Sheehan, sold it to Joseph McCarthy, who in turn sold it to Willie Healy. Willie Healy’s wife sold it to the Credit Union.

9. Jim Kirwan, who was parish clerk, and his wife and family lived here. His wife had a confectionery business. They had two sons and a daughter. Patrick (Paps) was a teacher in Dublin and also a noted singer. Joe was a Vocational School Headmaster. Baby, the daughter, was a music teacher and a noted singer. Gerald Conway and his wife Dillie Hogan from Cohey, Kilfernora, carried on a successful grocery and fancy goods business here. Sean Conway, Gerald’s nephew, inherited the business. Sean is now carrying on a thriving business here and is an agent for the National Lottery. He is married to Carmel Beery from Tipperary. They have two sons, Martin and Brian.

10. Here lived Patrick Crowe and his wife Anne Hayes from Callura, with a saddlery business. He carried on the business until early Second World War years, when his nephew, Paddy Crowe took over. Paddy is married to Kathleen Curtain from Cullinagh. They have three sons, J.J., a National School Teacher, Martin, a Nurse and Padraig, a Garda.

11. Pat McMahons’s house, called McMahon’s Corner where Church Street meets Parliament Street. Pat carried on a bar and grocery business. Later leased to E.S.B. Pat McMahon’s nephew, Tom Gallery and his wife, Eileen Mahony and their family lived here. Tom had eight children. His wife Eileen and her son, Tom and his family reside there still.

Ennistymon Parish Magazine 1992.


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