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Houses and their occupiers in Ennistymon, County Clare
The Houses on New Road
and the Bridge, Ennistymon

By Tessie Hill and Nano Moylan

1. Carrigg’s
This was an old established pub. There were five children in the Carrigg family, Michael, Aughty, Joe, Lilly and Ita. It is now for sale.
[Jennifer Warren of New Jersey, USA writes:
'I am a descendent of Michael and Catherine Carrigg of Ennsitymon. My great great grandfather, Michael Carrigg, owned Carrigg's Pub. Your website lists 5 children from Michael Carrigg's second marriage, but none from the first marriage to Catherine Griffin. These children were John, Mary, Ellen, Brigid, Catherine, Susie, Patrick and Anne Josephine. These children all came to the US around the early 1900's, while the second set of children stayed in Clare.']

2. O’Dwyer’s
Medical Hall. This was once a shoe shop, and also a bar owned by the Madigans who had six children. It was once the bus stop. It has been a chemist shop for many years run by Willie O’Dwyer.

3. O’Briens
This was a bakery and grocery shop owned by Martin and Mrs. O’Brien (nee Madigan). They had two children Cora R.I.P and Paddy who now runs the business with his wife and family.

4. O’Briens
This was once the home of Mr. and Mrs. McMahon who had a bicycle and fancy store here. It is now owned by Paddy O’Brien.

5. Healy’s
This was once the home of the Healy family who ran a grocery business here, afterwards purchased by Gerry Fitzpatrick to enlarge his shop

6. Fitzpatrick’s
The home of the Fitzpatrick family who ran a grocery shop. The house next door was owned by Mrs. Leyden and bought by Gerry Fitzpatrick to enlarge into a supermarket. The business has now moved to Parliament Street.

7. Kennedy’s
Once the home of Kate Corbett who ran a general grocery business and later the home of Micko Kennedy and his wife. Micho had a Hackney business and was later a driver at Ennistymon Creamery. His wife carried on a dressmaking business there.

8. O’Briens
This is the home of the late Stephen O’Brien and his wife Eileen and family. Stephen was on the management staff of the Aberdeen Arms Hotel in Lahinch until he retired. Eileen still lives here.

9. Walshe’s
This was once the home of Francie Walshe and his wife Susan and family. Francie in his younger years, was a driver for the oil company run by Roughan & Son and afterwards a driver at the Creamery. His son Patrick and wife now reside here.

10. Petty’s
The home of the late Joe Petty and his wife. They had a large family. Joe was a postman in Ennistymon for many years. Mrs Petty died recently. Their son Dermot now lives here.

11. Byrt’s
This was once the home of Mary McKeon and her parents. Her father Michael carried on a saddlery business here, also grocery and sweets. Mary married Dan Fitzpatrick. Later purchased by George Byrt and his wife baby R.I.P. George still lives here.

12. Charisma
Once the home of Simon O’Loughlin and his family. Now Maureen O’Brien (Hayes) has her Carisma Childrens Fashions Business here.

13. Healy’s
Once the home of Toddy Skerritt and his wife and large family who later moved to Church Street. Now the home of the Joe Healy, his wife and family.

14. Doyle’s
The home of John Doyle, his wife and large family. John carried on a boot and shoe business. His son Seán now resides there.


15. Hayes’
Once the home of Paddy Bran and his wife. Paddy was a butter buyer at Ennistymon Market later the home Jim and Bridget Hayes and their family.

16. Carroll’s
Once the home of Jack O’Brien, Jack worked for the Clare Co. Council for many years. Now owned by Pat Carroll.

17. O’Grady’s
Once the home of Minnie Howe, who resided there for many years, and a friend to all who knew her. Now the home of the O’Grady family.

18. Dr. Wheeler’s Surgery
Once the home of the Moloney family who carried on a Farrier business across the bridge. Patrick is still at the business. Now the house is owned by Dr. Wheeler who has his surgery here.

19. O’Grady’s
Once the home of Jimmy Woods, his wife and family. They had three children, Kitty, Dilly and Paddy. Jimmy was a butcher at O’Loughlins, Main Street until he died, he was loved by all. Afterwards purchased by John O’Grady Jnr.

20. Benn’s
The home of Willie Benn and his wife and family. Willie was a noted plasterer, his work was outstanding and can by seen in many places today. His son, Michael, also a noted plasterer, and his wife and family later lived here. The Benn family still live here.

21. Kenny’s
The home of the Kenny family. There were three in the family, Mary R.I.P., Rita and P.J. Their father, Harry Kenny worked at the Railway Station until he retired. His son, P.J. also works for C.I.E. in Limerick. Rita still lives in the family home.

22. Murphy’s
Mick Murphy, lived here, he worked in his younger days at Ennistymon House and in later years for Willie McCarthy until his retirement. His niece now owns the home.

23. O’Loughlin’s
Pappy O’Loughlin and his wife and family lived here, later moved to Main Street. Pappy worked at the creamery until he started his business in Main Street. Later Pappy built a House next to his own in New Road and sold it to Katie Mee.

24. Unglert’s
This was the home of Paddy Curtin and his wife Dilly and Daughter Mary. Paddy was a baker and carried on the business there. Now the home of Stefan Unglert and his wife and family who have a bakery, confectionery and coffee Shop.

Nan Ahearne's Bar
Nan Aherne's Bar.
Photo: A. Browne & A. Edwards, 1988.

25. Ahern’s
Once the home of the Healy Family, and later Jack Ahern, his wife and family. They had three children Nell R.I.P., Nan and Tom. They had a bar and grocery and milk distribution. Nan now resides here and still runs her bar business.

26. Blake’s
Once the home of the Quinn family who ran a bakery, bar and grocery business here. Later run by Peter Blake and his wife, they had five children, John, Paddy, Mary, Bridie (Sr. Joseph, Convent of Mercy), and Kathleen who now resides here.

27. Linnane’s
Once the home of Michael Linnane, wife and family, Michael Linnane was a contractor and timber merchant. Later run by Gus and his wife and family. They carried on a hardware and grocery and meal business there and funeral undertaking. The house is still in the family.

Ennistymon Parish Magazine 1996.


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