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Houses and their occupiers in Ennistymon, County Clare
The Houses of Parliament Street, Ennistymon

By Tessie Hill and Nano Moylan

1. Byrnes
The home of the Byrnes Family. Thomas Brynes was a Social Welfare Officer. There were five girls and three boys in the family. May Brynes had a lending library and bookshop here. Her sisters, Biddy and Peggy now reside here.

2. McInerney
This had a drapery business in front and grocery and meal and flour at the rear of shop and gave great employment.

3. McInerney
Once the home of the Filan and Healy family. They had a bar and fancy goods store there. They had two sons, Peter and John. The family went back to America, and Peter married Betty Murphy, a niece of Pappy Lynch. It is now owned by John McInerney who has an electrical, hardware and furniture business here.

4. Kelly
This was the home of Murt Considine and his wife and two daughters, Maura and Nancy. Later owned by Peter McCabe, who had a printing and stationery business there. Now owned by Mrs. Kelly, sister of P.J. Shannon, Church Street.

5. Guthrie
This is the home of the Guthrie Family. The family name goes back for generations. Patrick and Mrs. Guthrie had a large family. Their daughter Peggy and her husband Mick McNamara now resides there.

6. Kavanagh
This was once the home of Maggie Connell who was a music teacher and took many parts in dramas and operas. After her came Frank (George) Stradling, a dentist, his wife and family of 3 girls and 2 boys. Later the home of the Kavanagh family who came back from America. Their daughter Rosemarie lives there now.

7. Lynch
Once the home of the Lynch family, who carried on a butcher business for many long years. Pappy Lynch and his wife had one daughter, Mary who now lives in America. The place is now for sale.

8. Ironside & McDonogh
This premises is now owned by Ironside & McDonogh, Veterinary Surgeons. It was the home of Martin Rouine and his wife and family, who later built his home on the Lahinch Road.

9. Ironside & McDonogh
This was once the home of Mrs. McDermott. Later the Garda Síochána had their barrack there after leaving Ennistymon House in the 1920s. Now the Veterinary Surgeons have their offices and Clinic there.

10. Mary Joes
Mr. and Mrs. O’Callaghan had a bar and grocery business here. They had 4 daughters. Dick O’Callaghan was an undertaker in the back premises. It is now owned by Mr. Foudy who runs a bar there, he is a native of Inagh.

11. Keane
Once the home of the Hogan family. Micky Hogan was the last member of his family there. The Brass Band members had their practices in a room in the house. Now the home of the Keane family. The late Sonny Keane and his wife had a drapery and bar business there. Gerry Keane and his mother now reside there.

12. Bank of Ireland
Originally the National Bank and now the Bank of Ireland, the bank has been there for over 100 years,

13. Nagle
This was once the Munster and Leinster Bank. Later owned by John Daly, Solicitor and his wife. Now Mrs. Daly’s nephew, Michael Nagle has an Accountancy Practice there.

14. Garrihy
This was once the home of Dr. Garrihy who had his clinic there. Later came Dan Garrihy and his wife. Dan was manager in Roughans Hardware Store, his wife was a teacher in Furglan School. They had 5 boys and 3 girls. Fr. Michael, their son, is a priest in America.

15. Fitzpatrick
This was once John Roughan’s furniture store and grocery and also coal and oil distrubutors. His son, Joe and his wife, Anna later ran the business. Their home was beside the store. Gerry and Breid Fitzpatrick now have a large supermarket, bakery and restaurant on the site.

16. Petty
This was once the home of John Whelan who a tailoring Business. It was burned down during the War of Independence and built again later. After John Whelan died, Supt. Keenan lived there for some years. Later Miss Eileen O’Brien had a hairdressing salon there. Now Michael Petty, Solicitor has his offices there.


17. Christian Brothers
Next comes the Monastery, standing on the hill over looking the town. The Christian Brothers came to Ennistymon in 1824. The Brothers have taught countless generations of boys from the town and from North and West Clare. One of the brothers, Br. Walsh has been over fifty years in the Monastery in Ennistymon.

18. Community Centre
The new Community Centre now stands where the old Town Hall was. There are many pleasant memories of the Hall, the famous Monastery concerts were held there yearly, also the first operas were held there. The dances were held regularly, and the best of bands played there, including Madigans and Hogans, plus bands from all over the country. It was also known as the Ballroom of Romance and boasted a maple floor. The late John Byrt also ran a cinema here.

19. Comber
This was once the R.I.C. Barracks. It was vacated in 1922, and on the day of departure, the Tans threw a bomb, as the boys were coming from school, and some youths were injured. It is now the home of Michael and Katyrn Comber and family. Michael operates the Social Welfare Office there.

20. Courthouse
The old stone-built Court House, where many a judge sat. The late Gordon Hurley was the last sitting judge there and the late Joe Connole was the Court Clerk for many years. It is being acquired by the Old Ennistymon Society who plan to turn into Museum and Local History Centre.

21. Crosse
Once the home of Paddy O’Neill, who had a sweet shop here, and it was convenient to the old Town Hall and schools. Paddy did a great business there and was a noted character. Ciderine was a popular drink served by Paddy. Jimmy Crosse and his wife and family now live here. Jimmy is Golden Vale Milk Distributor for the area.

22. Murphy
Once Daly’s Hotel and later owned by the late Willie Murphy T.D., his wife and family. There were 9 in family, 6 girls and 3 boys. Bridget and Kitty Murphy still carry on a bar business here.

23. Chambers
This was once the home of George Harding, Bank Manager, National Bank. The Hardings had 4 children, 2 boys and 2 girls. Later owned by Paddy Chambers, Solicitor and his wife Agnes who had 4 sons. One of the sons, Joseph, has his solicitors offices here now.

24. Conway
This was once the priests’ residence, and was known as St. Michael’s. It is now owned by Sean Conway, his wife Carmel and family.

25. O’Looney
This was a grocery and flour and meal business owned by the late Mrs. Vaughan, and she carried on a good business in her time. It is now owned by her grand nephew Odran O’Looney, Lahinch. Kieran Kelly operates a barber shop in the premises.

26. Hynes
Tommy Moroney, his wife and daughter Kathleen lived here and had a grocery and bar business. Mrs. Moroney was teaching in Lahinch school for many years. Now the home of Cyril Hynes and his wife and daughter Marie. Cyril has a bar business and some years ago had a hackney business.

27. Connole
This is the home of the late Joe Connole, Court Clerk, his wife and 2 daughters. His daughter, Nancy Connole still lives there.

28. Hynes
Thomas Shalloo and his wife and family here. Thomas was a Clare Co. Councillor also a butter and commercial traveller. Now the home of Marion, wife of the late Denis Hynes, and their family. Marion is a nurse in Ennistymon Hospital.

29. Hynes
The home of Patrick Hynes. He had a bar and grocery, flour and meal business. Later owned by his nephew, the late G. Hynes. His wife, Bridie, and family still run the business.

Gallerys on the corner of Church St. and Parliament St. was referred to in 1992 Parish Magazine and Stacks on the corner of Parliament St. and Main St. was mentioned in 1993 Magazine.

Ennistymon Parish Magazine 1995.


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