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Houses and their occupiers in Ennistymon, County Clare
The Houses on the Western Side
of Main Street, Ennistymon

By Tessie Hill and Nano Moylan

A description of some houses in Main Street (Newtown Street and Oldtown Street), Ennistymon, beginning at Considine’s and moving up to Doherty’s.

1. Considine’s
The home of James Considine’s grandfather who came from Gortnaboul, Kilshanny. His son Martin and brother Dan carried a saddlery business here, Martin had two sons and one daughter. His son, James carried on the business for a number of years and still resides there.

Western Side of Main Street, Ennistymon, No. 1
Western Side of Main Street, Ennistymon, No. 1

2. Leyden’s
Once the home of the Cooney family of Kilshanny. Nora and Alice ran a fancy goods and grocery business here. Later taken over by their sister Gretta and later by her daughter, Mrs. Marie Leyden, who now resides there.

3. Hayes’
Home of the Hayes family. Peter Hayes and his brother Tadhg carried on a footwear business here for many years, and now by Peter’s wife, Kathleen and son, Colm.

4. Ennistymon Printing
Formerly a Medical Hall and the home of the O’Dwyer family. Paddy O’ Dwyer was the last resident there. Now Colm Hayes has his printing and stationery business there. Colm is married and has two children. A beauty salon, Body Treats, owned by Deirdre Body from Miltown Malbay is also in the building.

5. Cooley’s House
Once the home of the Vaughan family who came from Kilshanny and ran a bar and grocery business there and later by their daughters, Lilly and Maggie. After Lilly’s death it was sold to Con O’Gorman and Louise Carey, who run a bar here.

6. McCaw’s
Once the home of Ned Anderson. Later owned by Mai Vaughan who had a dressmaking business there. Later by Jimmy and Maisie Henchy who had a grocery and confectionery business. Now the home of Joe and Eileen Mc Caw and family.

7. Nagle’s
Once the home of William and Mrs. Greene who came from Ballycotton, who had a bakery business there. Later owned by Katherine Kinnane who was a niece of Mrs. Greene, and ran a bar here. She married Davy Nagle and they had three sons. Later bought by Caomhín Haran and now run by Eugene McNamara from Ennis.

8. O h-Eaghráin
Once the home of James King who had a tailoring business there. Now the home of the Haran family. Johnnie Haran and his wife ran a bar and grocery there. They had 7 children. Their son Tadhg and his wife Mary took over the business and they had 7 children. Mary still runs the business there.

9. Carrolls
Once the home of the Carrigg family. Lilly married Harry Mills. It was also a rate collecting office for Micko Connole of Kilfenora. It is now owned by John Carroll who runs and Electrical and Video rental business here.

10. Curtin’s
Once the home of Jack and Catherine McGuane who ran a bar there. It was operated later by Andy Curtin and his wife and then by his son, Dan and his wife Ciss. They had two children.

11. Hill’s
The home of Tessie Hill. Once the post office run by her great grand mother, Bridget McDonagh. Also a coaching Inn by her grandparents. Still called the Change and the Coach House. Tessie and Jim Hill had three children. Tessie still resides there.

12. AIB Bank
Once the home of the White family who had a thriving drapery business there. The family emigrated to America. It was later bought by the Munster and Leinster Bank. About 1954 the house was knocked and re-built. It is now the AIB Bank.

13. McGrotty’s
The home of the McGrotty family. John McGrotty had a Chemist shop there and was married to Theresa Stack from Deerpark. They had two sons and four daughters. Their daughter Kitty married Pat Smyth who continued the business there and is now run by their son, John.

14. Curran’s
The home of the Curran Family which was owned by George and his wife Hanah. They had two sons and three daughters. Their son Tom was a doctor and had his practice there. Their daughter Jo, who now resides there, was married to John Curran who was a chemist in Church Street. They had seven children.

15. Roughan’s
Hardware store owned by the late John Roughan, who ran a flourishing hardware business for many years, later taken over by his son Joe and his wife Anna who continued for many years until he retired sometime ago.


Western Side of Main Street, Ennistymon, No. 15
Western Side of Main Street,
Ennistymon, No. 15

16. Doherty’s
Once the home of the Daly family who had a Bakery business there run by Pat and his sister Lilly. It was one of the finest bakehouses in the town and still can be seen there. It was later run by Jim Doherty and his wife Delia and they had 3 children. Their daughter, Brenda and her husband, Tom Ahern now resides here.

17. Walsh’s
Once the home of Andy Walsh, and his wife Margaret Moloney of Church Street. Andy ran a shoe shop and also a repair shop in the back premises. Mrs. Walsh nephew, Henry Maloney now lives here.

18. O’Loughlins
Once the home of Barney and Mrs. Kerin, who had a drapery and millinery business there. They had 5 daughters and 1 son. It was later operated as a bicycle shop by Terence Haran. It is now owned by Michael O’Loughlin.

19. The Archway Bar
Once known as Kerins Hotel, it also housed the post office. It was run by the Kerin Family. It has changed hands a number of times and now run by the O’Dwyer family.

20. O’Loughlin’s
Once the home of Michael O’Donohue and his wife who ran a bar business there and had 8 children. Michael O’Donohue came from Lickeen. One of the boys was Fr. Jimmy, he ministered in Kilshanny for some time. It was later bought by Michael O’Loughlin and his wife Mollie who continued the bar business until his retirement. They had 3 children. His son, Michael and his wife, Rose now resides there with him.

21. Franco’s Fast Foods
Once the home of the Hynes family who ran a drapery and millinery business. One of the family was Archdeacon Denis Hynes and another. Mai married Willie McCarthy of Church Street. It is now owned by Franco, who runs a fast food business here.

22. Designs
The home of Michael Comber’s grandfather, Frank Comber, later his son, Edward was Welfare Officer in the same house for many years until he moved to Parliament Street. It is now a boutique owned by Michael and Catherine Comber. The building also contains a Hairdressing Salon owned by Teresa O’Regan from Clouna.

23. O’Briens
Once the home of Tom Carrigg and his wife (nee) Marrinan. They had a pork business there. Later taken over by Pappy O’Loughlin and his wife Nellie, who had a carpentry business there. Now the home of Connie O’Brien and his late wife Nellie, they had three children. Connie carries on a butchers business here.

24. Lenihan’s
Once the home of Mary and Bridget Fitzpatrick formerly from Kilshanny. They had a sweet shop there, ideal for school children of that time. Now the home of Elizabeth Lenihan originally from Kilfenora.

25. Kilshanny Leather
Once the home of Austin Kerin and his wife, May (nee) Harty from Tipperary. They had ladies and gents drapery also millinery. Now the home of Jackie Hersey, who has a leather business and also Health Foods shop.

Western Side of Main Street, Ennistymon, No. 25
Western Side of Main Street,
Ennistymon, No. 25

26. Doherty’s Corner Store
Nicholas Griffey and his wife and family lived here and had a bar business. Later taken over by their daughter, Mai and her husband, Jim Donnelly. They had 4 children. It is now owned by Kitty O’Doherty and her daughter, Patricia Foley. It is joined to the house next door, the home of Ned Doherty and his wife, Nora. They had two children, Mary and Paddy who married Kitty. The two premises are now a grocery store.

27. At the rear of Ned Doherty’s was the home of the Devitt family who had a tailoring business there. It was also a Toll House in olden times. This house is now demolished.

Ennistymon Parish Magazine 1994.


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