Phone for help on technology

The Clare Champion, Friday, January 9th, 1998

Consumers who are having difficulty in adjusting to the working of the new “voice mail” service that has been installed in over 5,000 telephones in Ennis and its environs have been urged to avail of Telecom Éireann’s freephone helpline which caters specially for queries on the service.

The electronic voice mail box is a “call answering” service which works like an answering machine but is located in the telephone exchange. The service has been given free of charge to customers as part of Ennis’ new found status as Ireland’s first “Information Age Town”. When the new service was installed in every phone Telecom Éireann officials wrote to all householders to explain how to open and use the facility. Now, Telecom Eireann officials have revealed that about 1,000 people have called the helpline seeking information about how the service works.

Telecom’s John Culligan pointed out that “the new voice mail service has been embraced and the take up of it has been three or four times higher than the national average”. However, he admitted that it might take time for some people to get used to the service. He said the best way people can do this is by ringing the freephone number which is 1800 337799. He made his comment in response to one Telecom Customer who contacted the ‘Champion’ this week to complain that voice mail would increase people’s phone bill, Mr. Culligan said that the facility was been provided free of charge and that if people didn’t want to avail of it they didn’t have to.

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