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Houses and their Occupiers in some townlands around Ennistymon, County Clare

Houses in Knockpatrick, Past and Present

The townland of Knockpatrick is situated 3 miles south east of Lahinch and 3 miles south west of Ennistymon and one mile from Furglan school. It consists of 218 acres and is 400 feet above sea level. It is a beautiful place in summer, there is a great view of the sea and surrounding countryside. You can see 9 churches and 5 counties from the highest point in Knockpatrick.

Starting from Furglan Cross you go west off the Furglan-Beenvane Road up the hill which is known as “Aille na Preacáin”. The first house on the right is where Dan O’Looney, his mother and family live. Before that Dan’s parents, Michael and Bridie O’Looney reared a large family here, and before that Dan’s grandparents Daniel and Bid (Dowd) O’Looney. Before that again Dan’s great grandparents John and Mary O’Looney lived here.

Back down the main Knockpatrick road was a family called Austin Woods, his wife and son Austin. This house is no longer there only a Whitethorn Bush now occupies the site. No one lived here since 1900.

Continue west along the road, the next cross to the right brings you to Batt Joe Devitt’s house. His father William and mother Ellie lived here and raised 6 children, Batt Joe, Michael, Nora, Mary, William and Patrick. A sister of William Snr. Was a Missionary Nun in Texas. Batt Joe’s grandparents, Bartholomew and Bridget Devitt lived there before that.

On the east side of Devitt’s, there was a house which is now completely gone. The Howard Family and their granddaughter Honora lived there, and a family called Slattery lived in the house before that. There is still a well called “Slattery’s Well” and a garden called “Howard’s Garden”.

In another house in the vicinity of Devitt’s lived a man called William Kildea. The house is long gone.

There was another house east of Howard’s of which there is now no sign. A man called Peter Reynolds lived here. Before that his father, Mathias, wife and family lived there.

South of Reynold’s house is Michael Devitt’s new house where he lives with his family. In the same area lived Maura, Nora, Frank and Joe Devitt. Their parents, Michael and Margaret lived there before that, and before that again Michael’s uncles, James and Patrick Devitt and his aunt Mary lived there.

Further in the road there was a house where Donal Sammon lived.
No sign of the house now. He was the landowner of the area prior to the O’Looney’s.

Back to the main road again and going west you come to the house of Peter and Maura Conway and son Brian. Nearby is the old house of his parents and family, Danny and Mai Conway, Mary, Pat, Peter and Ann. Before that Danny’s parents, Patrick and Bridget Conway lived here.

On to the main road again there was a house where Patrick Brennan and his brother Jim lived. A gable of this house is all that is left.

Just behind this lived Denis Carrucane. There is no trace of this house today.

On to the main road again and the old home of John and Margaret Frawley and family, John and Mary. John Snr’s brother Paddy lived with them. Before that his parents, John and Honora Frawley lived here.

In the new house to the west of the old house, John and Susan Frawley and family live, together with John’s mother, Margaret.

Next door to Frawley’s lived a Patrick Leyden but there is no sign of this house.

Turn left at Peter Conway’s house to Tullygarvan East, there is an area adjoining Knockpatrick which was known as “Muing Bhuí”. In the first house on the right lived Jamsie Garrihy and his son Michael Joe and wife Nellie. They were the last to live here in the 1960s.

Further down the avenue on the left was the home of Jimmy and Bridie McNulty. His father Michael, wife Susan and family lived here before that.

A little further up the road on the right lived Martin and Nora Hogan and before that his parents John and Mary Hogan and brothers, Michael and Matt and sister, Nora lived there.

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