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Houses and their occupiers in Lahinch, County Clare

The Houses on Main Street, Lahinch

By Tomsie O’Sullivan

A brief account of some houses starting at Reynolds Corner, along the East Side and down the West Side of Main Street, to corner locally called Bottom of Street.

Cosey Cottage. A private one storey house at corner of Main St off Ennistymon road, and now property of Mr. O’Dwyer of Ennis. This was once the home of Mrs. Sharry and her daughter Zeta who sold it to Mr. & Mrs. John Reynolds. John was a carpenter and lived here all his married life and was also joined by his wife’s sister Nurse Cullinan. The property passed on to their nephew Christy Cullinan and his wife and family. Christy was a teacher at Rineen National School and left on promotion after a number of years to Limerick. Mrs. Nellie Garrahy (Susan O’Sullivan’s sister) purchased the house and retired here from USA in late 50s. Mrs. Garrahy passed the house to her nephew, Paddy O’Sullivan who recently sold it to present owner.

Mr. & Mrs. Rock. Mr. & Mrs. Rock and family live here for many years now. Previously house was owned by the Downey family of Ennis, who sold it to Pat and Nora Fox (nee Dundon); they had 2 sons Jack and Pap and 1 daughter Nora. Pap lived here all his life and was related to Mrs. Rock.

Liddy’s Bar. A public bar and grocery business was run here by Mary Flanagan (nee Reidy of Liscannor and Barrtra) and her family who came from their home in Barrtra. From a large family Tom, Bridget, Susan ran the business. Tom married Bridget McMahon, Moymore, and they had 3 daughters Mary, Teresa, Betty. All the girls married and Mary who married Paddy Liddy continued to run the business until her untimely death recently. Paddy continues to run the bar nowadays.

O’Hanlon’s Food Store. Once the home of Tommy and Susan O’Sullivan who ran a grocery and guest house. One of their family of 4, Tomsie took over the business in 1960 and continued to run the business there with his wife and family of 4 up to the end of 1980, when it was sold to present owner, Tom O’Hanlon of Lahinch.

Walsh. This is the private residence of Miss Mary Walsh since her retirement from business at “The 19th” and is a new house built on site of the Casey home.

Hartigan. A private house which was at one time the home of the late Miss Maggie O’Dwyer (aunt of Miss Walsh). It is now owned by Gerry Hartigan and family.

The 19th. This was the bar and grocery and news agency business of Mrs. Mary O’Dwyer and family, who was from Moy, Lahinch. It was later sold to Mr. Gordon Wood of Limerick who ran a bar trade only. Later it was purchased by the Mulcahy Family of Tipperary and Lahinch who sold to O’Dwyer Family and recently was purchased by the Cagney Family.

Rossville. This was the property of Martin and Mary Ross of Lahinch. In later years it was transferred to their niece, Mrs. Mahony and family and remains in the hands of the Mahony Family.

Mahony’s. This property which also belongs to the Mahony Family was purchased by Martin and Mary Ross from Dora Coffey who was post mistress and at one time the post office was in this building.

Atlantic Hotel. This was the home of Ann Vaughan and family and became Vaughans Hotel. It also had the Post Office at one time and Michael Vaughan was Post Master. In late 60s the O’Looney Family purchased the property and continued to run it as a hotel. In mid 1995 the Logue Family purchased the hotel and run it all year round.

The Shamrock Inn. The present owner, Mr. O’Connell purchased this bar, restaurant, and guest house in 1994 from another group who purchased from Tim Murphy, Lahinch and Kilfenora. Tim had a bar business here for many years. Tim Murphy had bought the property from Mr. & Mrs. Morris-O’Beirne who ran a bar and grocery trade here. The O’Beirne’s purchased from Mrs. O’Shaughnessy who ran a bar, grocery and post office of which she was Post Mistress. Before this the house was empty for many years, and was owned by Micko Howard who also ran a bar trade here. Before that it was known as “The Bee Hive” owned by Mrs. Thynne (nee Slattery).

Stackpool. This house was once the home of the “Bat Family”. John Noonan purchased it and reared a family here and had farm property. His daughter, May married Martin Stackpool who continued to run farm and rear family of four boys and one girl. William or Willy stayed to manage the farm while the rest of the family emigrated. He, his wife, and family now run the business.

Kenny Woollen Mills. Kenny’s Shop was the home of the McNamara Family, John, Willie, Kate, who were associated with Lahinch Golf Club in 1990s. There is a possibility that during earlier times “Avondale House” as it was known then, may have been used as a Temporary Work House. Later Jack McNamara who was from Limerick married Mary Kate and both of them and Willie lived here to their deaths in the 1950s. In recent years the Kenny Family of Lahinch have built and established a General Drapery and Craft Business here.

Aberdeen Arms Hotel. The present extension to the Aberdeen Arms Hotel at Main Street was at on time known as the Town Market Square, and to recent times had a village pump and public scales. Up to about 1940 there was a garage used by the Claremont Hotel, a butcher stall used by Pappy Lynch of Ennistymon and also there was the residence of Joe Reidy and wife and his parents. In this area was the large Market Square to the front onto Main St. Later in 1960 a block or annex to the Claremont Hotel was built here and later converted into apartments. In the late 1980s Aberdeen Arms Hotel Co. purchased all property and re-built an extension of the Aberdeen Arms Hotel.

Madden’s Apartments. This property was at one time owned by Dan Vaughan of Moy. Later a Mr. Halpin took over the premises. It was later purchased by Frank Madden and his wife who reared a family here of 2 boys and 1 girl. Frank’s son, Raymond Madden converted this big house into apartments and still owns it.

Coughlans Food Store. This family run general food store now owned by Coughlan Family was many years ago the private 2 storey residence of Jacko Vaughan (son of Dan) a local post man. After Jacko’s death the property was purchased by Mr. & Mrs. Morris-O’Beirne in late 1950s following sale of Mrs. Morris’ Main St. business. She built a new family grocery shop here and managed it up to her death. Johnny Barrett and family returned from USA, purchased the Morris business and continued to run it as general store. The Coughlan Family are present owners of the business.

West Side of Main St. from Church Corner

Claremont Hotel. This property was at one time a 2 storey business house of John Camel and his wife Mary (nee Howard of Rineen). Later it was owned by Michael Howard and his wife. It was later purchased by Joe Linnane of Ennistymon (Saw Mills/Undertaker) who married Monnie Curtin, Callura, Lahinch. Over many years various extensions were built to the property and it was named Commercial Hotel, and later Claremont Hotel, and run by the Linnane Family. In the 1960s Joe’s son, Michael took over the business and married and reared a family here. In the 1970s the Hotel was sold to a family from USA. After a few years it was for sale again and purchased by Mr.& Mrs. Dan McCarthy, the present owners.

Kenny’s Bar. This two storey house was at one time owned by Mr. & Mrs. Pat Lynch, Liscannor. It was purchased by Mr. & Mrs. Patrick Kenny when Mr. Kenny was Principal N.T. at Rineen National School. They had a family of 5 boys and 2 girls and ran the bar and grocery business here. Donal, the youngest of the family took over the business in the late 50s and he and his wife, Carmel and family now continue running it.

Inné Antique Shop. This new antique shop is still known locally as “Logans”. It was home of the Logan Family but was first the home of Mr. & Mrs. Tommy Fitzpatrick, Liscannor. Tommy Fitzpatrick at one time was clerk to Lahinch Church. Daughter, Bridget married Logan, and they had 3 daughters, Mary, Nora, Bridie and 2 sons, Jimmy and Paddy. They ran a sweet shop and guest house. Jimmy’s son, Jim still lives here and continues to develop it.

Donagh O’Loghlin. This modern 2 storey drapery is owned by Donagh O’Loghlin, Lahinch. It was originally the home of Paddy and Mary Broderick (nee Blood) and was most popular for its sweet shop and periwinkles sales. At that time it was a compact one storey shop and private residence. The property transferred to their niece, Angela Broderick of Ennis who lived here and ran the sweet shop, until her marriage. The property was purchased by Miss Margaret Barry from outside Inagh and after some reconstruction she set up a most successful drapery and knitwear business. She died in mid 60s and Mr. & Mrs. D.F. O’Loghlin purchased the property and for many years was known as “Sue’s”. Their son, Donogh O’Loghlin has expanded the business to a large Drapery and Craft Shop.

Talty’s Post Office and Shop. The present post office, drapery and news agency is operated by Mr. & Mrs. Francis Talty and family. It is a famous land mark in Lahinch and in the last century was Sharry’s Hotel. At that time it was the only hotel on Main Street. Lahinch Golf Club was founded here in 1891 and on its front wall a commemorative plaque to 100 years of Golf in Lahinch was unveiled in 1991. The McKenna Family took over the premises and it closed down in later years. In the 1050s Miss Aggie Marrinan purchased it and set up her own Drapery trade. In the 1960s she was appointed Post Mistress. Her nephew Francis Talty came to work with her and on her retirement took over the business and is present Postmaster.

The Corner Stone. This one storey bar was once the home of the McNamaras, stone masons. The late Annie, was sister to Kate who lives across where Kenny’s is now. Another sister, May lived at Hession’s Corner. The North side of the House near Glynn’s was for many years a rented butcher shop to Pappy Lynch. They also ran a bar and, as was said, “kept boarders”. Annie left the business to her nephew, Sean Hogan. After a few years he sold to Mr.& Mrs. Burke and they later sold to Mr. O’Sullivan, Ennis who subsequently sold to Tom O’Hanlon and who sold in late 1980s to Ray Conroy and his wife who now own it.

Glynn’s. This large house is home of 3 generations of the Glynn family. Jim Glynn and his wife set up a Bakery and Shop here and reared a family. John Glynn took over the trade and married and reared his family here. The bakery, grocery trade like many family trades finished in the 1960s, and the guest house continued for some years. Brendan Glynn now runs his electrical business here.

Celtic Design. This neat shop has changed hands many times. It was the home of Maguires, a postman for many years, Murphys then lived here. Then Miss Aggie Marrinan purchased it and set up a knitwear business. When she moved up to Sharry’s, she sold to Paddy Kelly of Galway. Later Micko McNamara and wife and family ran a grocery shop here. Later they sold out to a Miss Russell, Cork. After a few years it was sold to Enzo D’Auria who after some alterations sold it to Design Ireland, Doolin. It is now under new management, Oonagh Daly.

Mrs. Rita McGuinness. This was at one time a small sweet and fancy food shop owned by a Miss Keane and known by all as “Lovies”. Later it was the property of Andersons who were from Laois. When it was later sold in the 1960s, Jimmy Griffin, Ennistymon purchased and he and wife and family lived here for many years. The present owner, Rita McGuinness (nee Griffin) retired here from USA.

The Music Shop. This attractive little shop was for two generations the lock up butcher shop of the O’Loughlins, Ennistymon and many photos show the late Mick with his smiling face. It recently changed hands to Tom O’Sullivan for his Music Shop.

Clancy’s Garage. This corner garage was at one time a drapery shop, Glenville House, owned by Mary O’Dwyer of the “The 19th”. In 1920 with other properties it was set on fire by the Black and Tans. It never was restored to a drapery but in time a garage business was set up with fuel pump etc. It was sold in the 1960s to Jimmy Clancy who now operates it.

Mrs. O’Briens Kitchen. A long standing one storey property which was also owned by Martin Ross and his sister Mary (as was Rossville and Coffey’s). Martin was a farmer and also carter at Lahinch Railway Station. His sister ran the bar and house letting and also the small shop. After their deaths the property was leased for a time and then purchased later by Bill Hartigan, wife and family who lived there. Its present owners run a restaurant called Mrs. O’Brien’s Kitchen.

P.J. Crotty’s Take Away. This 2 storey business house was for many years in early 1900s the property of John and Bridget Linnane. John was a carpenter and Bridget ran a guest house. It was a one storey building with a shop window on the North Side but no business was operated by them. After John’s death in mid 1950, Bridget’s niece, Mrs. Noonan came from Tipperary to live with her. In the 1960s Mrs. Noonan opened a drapery shop on the old shop side, and also a guest house. In mid 1970s Mrs. Noonan sold the property to Enzo D’Auria of Ennis who established a Take Away Food business there. Later he added second storey and new shop development. He later sold property to Mr. & Mrs. P.J. Crotty who now run the business here.

McCavery Golf Shop. This was the home of the Reidy Family who were natives of Liscannor. This is a long one storey house with a shop at south side. At one time there was a butcher shop here. Later William McCavery married B. Reidy. He was a long serving successful professional club marker and greenkeeper to Lahinch Golf Club. Miss Barry also rented the shop for drapery. Robert McCavery, his wife and family now run the shop and also a shop at Lahinch Golf Club where Robert is Golf Professional.

Hession’s Corner. This one storey house was the home of the Hession Family who had two sons, Pat and Christy and daughter, Vera. Miss Marrinan rented a small shop here.

I would like to acknowledge the assistance of Mrs. Lizzie Burke, in compiling this list.

Ennistymon Parish Magazine 1996


Houses and their Occupiers in Lahinch


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