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Clare Townlands 1823-1837
(as recorded in the Tithe Applotment Books)

arranged by parish

Parish Townland
Abbey Abbey East
Abbey Abbey West
Abbey Ayle Vee
Abbey Ballyhehan
Abbey Ballyvelahan
Abbey Cartron
Abbey Corker Hill
Abbey Currinrue
Abbey Dooneen
Abbey Drownroe
Abbey Lisovane
Abbey Moherkelleen
Abbey Moneen
Abbey Mortyclogh
Abbey Munna
Abbey Pain Rock
Abbey Rosrawley
Abbey Rossrawly
Abbey Shessy
Abbey Skaghacullen
Abbey Skeghbreeda
Abbey Turbehah
Bunratty Armstrongs Clonmoney
Bunratty Bunratty Studdert
Bunratty Clonmoney
Bunratty Corlack & Cloverhill
Bunratty Deerpark
Bunratty Pallisers Bunratty
Bunratty Saints Island
Bunratty Westrops Clonmony
Bunratty Wood Park
Carran Balliconree
Carran Ballydoora
Carran Ballyline
Carran Ballyroween
Carran Barbeg
Carran Barebeg
Carran Bolevan Mountain
Carran Bottom Fahy
Carran Cahircloghane
Carran Cahirgrillane
Carran Cahirmaconaole
Carran Cahirnakeena
Carran Cappa Kennedy Mountain
Carran Cappacleary
Carran Cappagh Kennedy
Carran Cappagha
Carran Carhaghada
Carran Castle Park
Carran Castlepark Craig
Carran Castletown
Carran Chapel Park
Carran Church Park
Carran Clabb
Carran Cloghane
Carran Clouncah
Carran Clouncuis
Carran Clounkingah
Carran Coolnatulla
Carran Coskeam
Carran Cotteen
Carran Cotteen Crag
Carran Cotteen Kelly
Carran Cotteen Kelly East
Carran Cotteenafonta
Carran Craganebrack
Carran Craig
Carran Craiganlogha
Carran Craigendaw
Carran Craigleskeha
Carran Craigroe
Carran Creevagh
Carran Cruffell
Carran Culleen
Carran Deerpark
Carran Doonmore
Carran Fahee
Carran Fahee beg
Carran Fahee Lackan
Carran Fahee Lacken
Carran Fanigalvin
Carran Faniu
Carran Fiddane Mountain
Carran Glan East
Carran Glanakella
Carran Glanbrack
Carran Glancolmkill
Carran Glaniportagh
Carran Glanmore
Carran Glanullagha
Carran Glisnanes
Carran Gortavabeg
Carran Gortfealfech
Carran House Moher
Carran Iskancullen
Carran Kealkella
Carran Kealouge
Carran Knockanes
Carran Knockanidroma
Carran Lackicarmody
Carran Lackinalea
Carran Lehanagh
Carran Lisnalonaghfina
Carran Migogh
Carran Mogohy
Carran Mogohy Newpark
Carran Mogowna
Carran Mogowny
Carran Morharuin
Carran North Burren
Carran North Carron
Carran Park Cotteen
Carran Parkgarru
Carran Parkinalaghta
Carran Parkincotteen
Carran Parkinnalla
Carran Parkkince
Carran Parknahallrina
Carran Parknashrushane
Carran Pollagha
Carran Pollaghadoraha
Carran Poulawack
Carran Poulcahirush
Carran Poulcolagta
Carran Poulenapooka
Carran Poulfaherty
Carran Poulincheen
Carran Poulnadeela
Carran Poulnamoher
Carran Ram Park
Carran Ranagha
Carran Rannagha
Carran Rannagha Mountain
Carran Rannagha Poulnough
Carran Rockview
Carran Shanawaila
Carran Shanawailla
Carran Shanawilla
Carran Shessavdon
Carran Slawdoo
Carran Sleveen
Carran South Burren
Carran South Carron
Carran Tarmon
Carran Turish
Carran West Craig
Carran Whites Park
Clareabbey Ballaghfadda
Clareabbey Ballybeg
Clareabbey Ballyvanavan & Jasper's Inn
Clareabbey Ballyvreskill & Ballymacregan
Clareabbey Buncraggy
Clareabbey Carhugar
Clareabbey Carnelly
Clareabbey Clareabbey
Clareabbey Island Macragh
Clareabbey Island O'Vana
Clareabbey Killow
Clareabbey Knocknagnimanagh
Clareabbey Manus-beg
Clareabbey Manus-more
Clareabbey Skehanagh & Derreen
Clondagad Angelpark
Clondagad Ballycloghessey
Clondagad Ballycorick
Clondagad Ballycunningham
Clondagad Breafa
Clondagad Cahirea East Lower
Clondagad Cahirea East Upper
Clondagad Cahirea West
Clondagad Cappanagera
Clondagad Cloncoleman
Clondagad Clondrina
Clondagad Clonmore
Clondagad Coney Island
Clondagad Cragbrien
Clondagad Cragekerevin
Clondagad Diacamede
Clondagad Dromquin
Clondagad Furrure
Clondagad Gortigehene
Clondagad Gortnaclasha
Clondagad Knockalehid
Clondagad Knockboy & Innishilane
Clondagad Lanna
Clondagad Lavalla North
Clondagad Lavalla South
Clondagad Lisduff
Clondagad Lisheen
Clondagad Lissicasey
Clondagad Pigsfield
Clonlea Backfield
Clonlea Ballyvorgil
Clonlea Belvoir
Clonlea Capanana-ghana
Clonlea Cappalaheen
Clonlea Clashduff
Clonlea Clonbrick
Clonlea Clonlea
Clonlea Clonloum
Clonlea Cloughola
Clonlea Culleen
Clonlea Derrena-reaugh
Clonlea Enagh O Flin
Clonlea Gurnaglera
Clonlea Gurtnacurra
Clonlea Kilenenagh
Clonlea Kilkishen
Clonlea Knockaclune
Clonlea Knocka-tureen
Clonlea Laughile
Clonlea Mount-holland
Clonlea Newpark
Clonlea Nocktonty
Clonlea Oatfield
Clonlea Scart
Clonloghan Ballymurtagh
Clonloghan Ballyvouskna
Clonloghan Cahirteague
Clonloghan Clonlohan
Clonloghan Drumguiley
Clonloghan Killulla
Clonloghan Knocknagun
Clonloghan Leamaneagh
Clonloghan Lisconners
Clonloghan Lisleagh
Clonloghan Lismaclane
Clonloghan Rieskavanaher
Clonloghan Tullyglass
Clonloghan Tullyvaraga
Clooney (Bunratty Upper) Derracallan West
Clooney (Bunratty Upper) Derracallan East
Clooney (Bunratty Upper) Derrabuye
Clooney (Bunratty Upper) Derravoha
Clooney (Bunratty Upper) Derrahuma
Clooney (Bunratty Upper) Derrahalla
Clooney (Bunratty Upper) Derreennagullen
Clooney (Bunratty Upper) Derrannalum
Clooney (Bunratty Upper) Derracrernane
Clooney (Bunratty Upper) Derranaska
Clooney (Bunratty Upper) Derracranagh
Clooney (Bunratty Upper) Allaclown
Clooney (Bunratty Upper) Maghera
Clooney (Bunratty Upper) Park Garran
Clooney (Bunratty Upper) Maghera
Clooney (Bunratty Upper) Feymore
Clooney (Bunratty Upper) Feybeg
Clooney (Bunratty Upper) Bannamona
Clooney (Bunratty Upper) Fair Hill
Clooney (Bunratty Upper) Carrahan
Clooney (Bunratty Upper) Coill Derra Crolan
Clooney (Bunratty Upper) Rylane Hill
Clooney (Bunratty Upper) Knockarawe
Clooney (Bunratty Upper) Ballvroughan more
Clooney (Bunratty Upper) Rylane
Clooney (Bunratty Upper) Ballyvracyan
Clooney (Bunratty Upper) Ballyvracyan beg
Clooney (Bunratty Upper) Rylane
Clooney (Bunratty Upper) Knocksallagh beg
Clooney (Bunratty Upper) Knocksallagh more
Clooney (Bunratty Upper) Ailynacull
Clooney (Bunratty Upper) Lavinee
Clooney (Bunratty Upper) Rathclouney
Clooney (Bunratty Upper) Clounalogha
Clooney (Bunratty Upper) Leoughcarran
Clooney (Bunratty Upper) Ballyvirgin
Clooney (Bunratty Upper) Shanavalla
Clooney (Bunratty Upper) Ballyvirgin
Clooney (Bunratty Upper) Classogha
Clooney (Bunratty Upper) Fenagh
Clooney (Bunratty Upper) Knocknaculla
Clooney (Bunratty Upper) Craganeavire
Clooney (Bunratty Upper) Knockanora
Clooney (Bunratty Upper) Knocknafena
Clooney (Bunratty Upper) Lassana
Clooney (Bunratty Upper) Baularie
Clooney (Bunratty Upper) Cahirlohan
Clooney (Bunratty Upper) Toonagh
Clooney (Bunratty Upper) Cragnagirage
Clooney (Bunratty Upper) Toonagh Paddock
Clooney (Bunratty Upper) Spancelhill
Clooney (Bunratty Upper) Castletown
Clooney (Bunratty Upper) Aulane
Clooney (Bunratty Upper) Knockaughrim
Clooney (Bunratty Upper) Ballyhickey
Clooney (Bunratty Upper) Corballa
Clooney (Bunratty Upper) Shrahine
Clooney (Bunratty Upper) Lissheen
Clooney (Bunratty Upper) Pullinee
Clooney (Bunratty Upper) Rampark
Clooney (Bunratty Upper) Knockaeveeane
Clooney (Bunratty Upper) Cahirshaughnessy
Clooney (Bunratty Upper) Cranrahir & Curragh Mughane
Clooney (Bunratty Upper) Clounbegan
Clooney (Bunratty Upper) Rieskreigh
Clooney (Bunratty Upper) Clouney
Clooney (Bunratty Upper) Killgobbin
Clooney (Corcomroe) Knocknegrague
Clooney (Corcomroe) Tullyvrowe
Clooney (Corcomroe) Tullylohon
Clooney (Corcomroe) Gortkeal
Clooney (Corcomroe) Farnogue
Clooney (Corcomroe) Ballyculleeny
Clooney (Corcomroe) Ardrish
Clooney (Corcomroe) Cloney South
Clooney (Corcomroe) Cloney North
Clooney (Corcomroe) Gorteen MacNamara
Clooney (Corcomroe) Cahirsherkin
Clooney (Corcomroe) Ardmore
Clooney (Corcomroe) Tierlaheen
Clooney (Corcomroe) Russa
Clooney (Corcomroe) Knocknegough
Clooney (Corcomroe) Cullinagh
Clooney (Corcomroe) Killeenagh
Clooney (Corcomroe) Knockdromagh
Clooney (Corcomroe) Carrowclogh
Clooney (Corcomroe) Glann Killikelly
Clooney (Corcomroe) Glann
Clooney (Corcomroe) Ballyvranneen
Clooney (Corcomroe) Laghfarreen
Clooney (Corcomroe) Gurranes
Clooney (Corcomroe) Keilkille
Clooney (Corcomroe) Fegarreen
Clooney (Corcomroe) Monaninagh
Clooney (Corcomroe) Gorticlare
Clooney (Corcomroe) Knockroe
Clooney (Corcomroe) Moughna
Clooney (Corcomroe) Derrymore
Doora Ardsallas
Doora Knockslattery
Doora Castlefergus
Doora Derreen
Doora Drim
Doora Ballyglass
Doora Pullard
Doora Branner
Doora Moyrieske
Doora Reaskmore
Doora Finanagh
Doora Dooneen
Doora Ballyortla
Doora Gurteen
Doora Gurteen West
Doora Gureen West
Doora Kilawinna
Doora Cotteen
Doora Kilbricken
Doora Maryfield
Doora Cragane
Doora Kilfeylim
Doora Cragane West
Doora Clounmore
Doora Jasper's Pound
Doora Deer Park
Doora Ballyvanaven
Doora Corebeg
Doora Knockanane
Doora Knockanane West
Doora Knockanane South
Doora Dromdoolaghty
Doora Drumdoolaghty
Doora Clounanawil
Doora Knockaskibole
Doora Castletown
Doora Cragroe
Doora Kilbricken Wood
Doora Bog of Doory
Doora Bunanere
Doora Oughavale
Doora Knockagane
Doora Gortalagart
Doora Ballaghboy
Doora Castletown Glebe
Doora Ballaghboy West
Doora Gauris
Drumcliffe Clonroadmore
Drumcliffe Clonroadbeg
Drumcliffe Kielty
Drumcliffe Bally-beg
Drumcliffe Cahercalla
Drumcliffe Drumbiggle
Drumcliffe Cloughleigh
Drumcliffe Clounteen
Drumcliffe Clareen
Drumcliffe Loughvella
Drumcliffe Drumcliffe
Drumcliffe Drumcaurin
Drumcliffe Shantulla
Drumcliffe Kilnacally
Drumcliffe Knock
Drumcliffe Rathkerry
Drumcliffe Lissard
Drumcliffe Strawsborough
Drumcliffe Clonfeigh
Drumcliffe Lifford Lysaght
Drumcliffe Lifford
Drumcliffe Inchavellougue
Drumcliffe Coor
Drumcliffe Inch
Drumcliffe Ballylanheda
Drumcliffe Gurthmore
Drumcliffe Cragleigh
Drumcliffe Crohane
Drumcliffe Cragnagour
Drumcliffe Shanavough
Drumcliffe Bushy-Park
Drumcliffe Kilquane
Drumcliffe Tullagh or Gurthnaglough
Drumcliffe Tullassa
Drumcliffe Knockaninane
Drumcliffe Nuaffe
Drumcreehy Muckinish
Drumcreehy Ballinafad
Drumcreehy Touniron
Drumcreehy Ballinacraga
Drumcreehy Castlepark
Drumcreehy Island
Drumcreehy Cahirloghlin East
Drumcreehy Cahirloghlin West
Drumcreehy Park
Drumcreehy Enagbane
Drumcreehy Middle Enaghbane
Drumcreehy Bishops Quarter
Drumcreehy Clareville
Drumcreehy Killoghill
Drumcreehy Acres
Drumcreehy Loughrask
Drumcreehy Tounarassa
Drumcreehy Dangins
Drumcreehy Dungins
Drumcreehy Ballycahill
Drumcreehy Cahirawaraga
Drumcreehy Knockatian
Drumcreehy Lisaroo
Drumcreehy Newtown
Drumcreehy Feenahyona
Drumcreehy Balliconree
Drumcreehy Harbourhill
Drumcreehy Cappanwailla
Drumcreehy Lisanard
Drumcreehy Ballyvahane
Drumcreehy Drimnacurrin
Drumcreehy Knocknagro
Drumline Killulla
Drumline Muggelane
Drumline Firgrove
Drumline Crussa
Drumline Bally Casey Beg
Drumline Ballycasey M[ore]
Drumline Knockane
Drumline Smyths Town
Drumline Tullyvariga
Dysert Ahastla
Dysert Ballanagunoughter
Dysert Derrinasura
Dysert Knockreagh
Dysert Gurteenalascrane
Dysert Knockmore
Dysert Mounlafagin
Dysert Moughquillan
Dysert Driminchin
Dysert Raghferrine
Dysert Rusfadda
Dysert Knockanroe
Dysert Dromcurrine
Dysert Banagher
Dysert Gurtcurka
Dysert Rafarilla
Dysert Caherhue
Dysert Dysart
Dysert Ballycullinan
Dysert Molooneen
Dysert KillinaneBeg
Dysert KillinaneMore
Dysert Scalp
Dysert Killaculla
Dysert Clontohill
Dysert Knocknargill
Dysert Cragabeg
Dysert Moygowna
Dysert Capanakilla
Dysert Poulscart
Dysert Killcross
Dysert Carhue
Dysert Erinaghmore
Dysert Erinaghbeg
Dysert Cragnaseigh
Dysert Ballyleridane East
Dysert Ballyleridane West
Dysert Clounteen
Dysert Toonagh
Dysert Ballybroden
Dysert Dromona
Dysert Dromeer
Dysert Teeronaun
Dysert Payfield
Dysert Clouny
Dysert Ballygriffy North
Dysert Ballygriffy South
Dysert Tierna
Dysert Attitirela
Dysert Aughrim Tuohey
Dysert Aughrim Kelly
Dysert Aughrim Ross
Feakle Ranahan
Feakle Barroe
Feakle Monaguillan
Feakle Lower Maherabane
Feakle Gurthadine
Feakle Upper Cahir
Feakle Lower Cahir
Feakle Gurthadrinane
Feakle Curacloonarthur
Feakle Curacloonbutler
Feakle Feakle
Feakle Lackaroongary
Feakle Killanena
Feakle Faha
Feakle Leaughart
Feakle Knockbeha
Feakle Lackarunoe
Feakle Anna
Feakle Kilbarron
Feenagh Phienagh Molony
Feenagh Phienagh Wilson
Feenagh Springfield
Feenagh Carouligane
Feenagh Deerpark
Feenagh Ardkile
Feenagh Cloughlea
Feenagh Rossmanaher
Feenagh Rathmore
Feenagh Rathbeg
Gleninagh Murrugh Tohy
Gleninagh Rock
Gleninagh Parknaniletragh
Gleninagh Shorecraig
Gleninagh Blackhead
Gleninagh Blackhead
Gleninagh Old Town
Gleninagh Poulroe
Gleninagh Murruigh kelly
Gleninagh Aughiglinny
Gleninagh Gleninagh
Gleninagh Cloughmore
Gleninagh Bunawaum
Gleninagh Loughane
Inagh Derryblane
Inagh Ballinamiskane
Inagh Bouladuff
Inagh Boulinruddy
Inagh Knockatelemeda
Inagh Knockatour
Inagh Lettermoylan Glaumageer
Inagh Monearbawn
Inagh Newtown
Inagh Lettermoylan West
Inagh Knockalassa
Inagh Knockallassa
Inagh Maherebawn
Inagh Feanaminga
Inagh Been
Inagh Gurtalougha
Inagh Guralougha
Inagh Derryharriff
Inagh Quilleagh
Inagh Feerouske
Inagh Shantraud
Inagh Knock
Inagh Knocknakilla
Inagh Gurteenshira
Inagh Cloonskina
Inagh Cloonmaccon
Inagh Laughra
Inagh Garrynacillogue
Inagh Bauntleave
Inagh Knockagunnell
Inagh Carrig
Inagh Letterkelly West
Inagh Letterkelly East
Inagh Clouninaha West
Inagh Lettersura
Inagh Clounanaha East
Inagh Clountismara
Inagh Skeagh
Inagh Mucknish
Inagh Annagh
Inagh Clounkerkane
Inagh Rouskeagh
Inagh Gortclare
Inagh Ardnaskeagh
Inagh Ballyduff West
Inagh Ballyduff East
Inagh Derryculleen
Inagh Boulevin
Inagh Rough Island
Inagh Maghera
Inagh Salaghrim
Inagh Derreen
Inagh Garryfoughill
Inagh Drimnagagh
Inagh Shandromin
Inagh Silshane
Inagh Dromcullane
Inagh Ballyea West
Inagh Ballyea East
Inagh Ballyea Middle division
Inagh Ballyea North
Inagh Gortbofarna
Inagh Knockacaslane
Inagh Derragh
Inagh Drimanure
Inagh Dromadure
Inagh Island
Inagh Dromcorna
Inagh Ardromin
Inagh Goolshigane
Inagh Gavaleen
Inagh Curoghadea West
Inagh Curoghadea East
Inchicronan Cahirafooka
Inchicronan Clounagown
Inchicronan Carrahill
Inchicronan Crusheen More
Inchicronan part of Dromaneen
Inchicronan Islands
Inchicronan Glenwilliam
Inchicronan Inchicronan Island
Inchicronan Clonmonee
Inchicronan Stonepark
Inchicronan Ballygissane
Inchicronan Knockmeal beg west
Inchicronan Knockmeal East etc.
Inchicronan Iskidagh
Inchicronan Ballynagrana
Inchicronan Brodagh
Inchicronan Scalpaagoon
Inchicronan Cllinagh East
Inchicronan Cllinagh West
Inchicronan Ballinruan
Inchicronan Knocknecorra
Inchicronan Cahers & Ahish
Inchicronan Gurtnamericane
Inchicronan Cappamore
Inchicronan Gurtenisky
Inchicronan Mogher
Inchicronan Dromumna
Inchicronan Derrygarriff part of Shangalloon
Inchicronan Bunahow
Inchicronan Dromcore
Inchicronan Doon
Inchicronan Abbeyview
Inchicronan Boskobell
Inchicronan Dromloughra
Inchicronan Contronery
Inchicronan Sunnagh North
Inchicronan Derreenneclara
Inchicronan Knockavera
Inchicronan Clounderaown
Inchicronan Knockaloghane
Inchicronan Ballyduff
Inchicronan Drummeen part of Drombaniff
Inchicronan Drombaniff
Inchicronan Knockatinakin
Inchicronan Ballyscanlon
Inchicronan Cappafian
Inchicronan Bonlard
Inchicronan O'Brienscastle
Inchicronan Slaveen
Inchicronan Knockadromharsna
Inchicronan Parkalogha
Inchicronan Clounamoneen
Inchicronan Clounrea
Inchicronan Lessnegarha
Inchicronan Reneen
Inchicronan Clounavullen
Inchicronan Durra & Carhaneen
Inchicronan Kilvordan
Inchicronan Cappananeasta
Inchicronan Tarnane
Inchicronan Kilvoydan part called Dividan
Inchicronan Kilvoyrdan
Inchicronan Knocknasalogh
Inchicronan Knockatignus
Inchicronan Derryaugh
Inchicronan Shanaclown
Inchicronan Clouneen
Inchicronan Gurtlurkane
Inchicronan Clonkerane
Inchicronan Shranagalloon
Inchicronan Dromacknea
Inchicronan Cahernacloghy
Inchicronan Killoolaght
Inchicronan Carruekealmore
Inchicronan Carroughkealbeg
Inchicronan Dromsalough
Inchicronan Laharden
Inchicronan Gurtafika
Inchicronan Knockamucky
Inchicronan Ballyvaney
Inchicronan Derramore
Inchicronan Knockroe
Inchicronan Loughaneabraan
Kilballyowen Killcloher
Kilballyowen Killbaha
Kilballyowen Trossclive
Kilballyowen Tullig
Kilballyowen Cross
Kilballyowen Killballyowen
Kilballyowen Rehy East
Kilballyowen Rehy West
Kilballyowen Oughterard
Kilballyowen Quilty
Kilballyowen Fierd
Kilballyowen Clohanebeg
Kilballyowen Killtrellig
Kilballyowen Clohanesavane
Kilballyowen Lissaloughy
Kilballyowen Moneen
Kilballyowen Ross
Kilballyowen Fodry
Kilballyowen Phain & Doondallen
Kilchreest Innisdea
Kilchreest Fortfergus
Kilchreest Mullegruman
Kilchreest Dangan
Kilchreest Poulefooca
Kilchreest Knopogue
Kilchreest Mount
Kilchreest Moneenroo
Kilchreest Deer-Island
Kilchreest Lack
Kilchreest Lower-Burren
Kilchreest Burren-Bawn
Kilchreest Lavalla
Kilchreest Brefa
Kilchreest Lemnelehy
Kilchreest Carhukilla
Kilchreest Knockasogarth & Mill-park
Kilchreest Clonakilla
Kilchreest Ballinacally, east and west
Kilchreest Watle-hill
Kilchreest Coulsipeen
Kilchreest Knockmorice
Kilchreest Claunprihane
Kilchreest Tonelegee
Kilchreest Clonfurish
Kilchreest Ross-Cliffe
Kilchreest Paradise
Kilconry McNaughten Island
Kilconry Finish Island
Kilconry Rinanna
Kilconry Knockardanna
Kilconry Derenish Island
Kilconry Ballycalla
Kilconry Ballycalla Beg
Kilconry Ballyhennessy
Kilconry Craggane
Kilconry Carrigerry
Kilconry Garrynamona
Kilconry Stonehall
Kilconry New Corcass
Kilcorney Poulbane
Kilcorney Eantee
Kilcorney Poulgorrom
Kilcorney Glanslead
Kilcorney Enaghbeg
Kilcorney Faherlagh
Kilcorney Poulnabrone
Kilcorney Barr
Kilcorney Poulanine
Kilcorney Caheranee
Kilcorney Caherconel
Kilcorney Gorterorna
Kilcorney Caherconnell
Kilcorney Lisnadrom
Kilcorney Kilcorney
Kilcorney Poulnagalleeny
Kilcorney Pouligarane
Kilcorney Poulnaskagh
Kilcorney Ballymihill
Kildysert Kildysart and Gurtnecurrin
Kildysert Cahircon and Lisconlan
Kildysert Inish Corker
Kildysert Inish Tubrid
Kildysert Low Island
Kildysert Horse Island
Kildysert Inishirk
Kildysert Cooga East
Kildysert Cooga West
Kildysert Crouvrahan and Ballybegg
Kildysert Rabbit Island
Kildysert Lackinashanagh
Kildysert Ballynecraggy East
Kildysert Ballynecraggy West
Kildysert Inishmurray
Kildysert Liscormick
Kildysert Ballyvohan
Kildysert Ballyvoroha
Kildysert Argireen
Kildysert Cappenevarnogue
Kildysert Knocknareefa
Kildysert Boultidoolan Rusheen
Kildysert Dromonduff
Kildysert Blean
Kildysert Shannacoole
Kildysert Ross Hill
Kildysert Gurtnehaha
Kildysert Coolteenegown
Kildysert Gurtnecurra
Kildysert Ballylean
Kildysert Coolfiene
Kildysert Ballylean
Kildysert Derryleigh
Kildysert Glancunnane - Brady
Kildysert Glancunnane - McMahon
Kildysert Gurtgloss
Kildysert Coolacusane
Kildysert Clounulla and Knockclough
Kildysert Clonkett
Kildysert Crossderra
Kildysert Clonsnaghta
Kildysert Lisavereheen
Kildysert Gurtnephane
Kildysert Craghera
Kildysert Tonny Iron
Kildysert Sheshive
Kildysert Lisnefaha
Kildysert Cannon Island
Kilfarboy Dough
Kilfarboy Poulavollen
Kilfarboy Carhukeal
Kilfarboy Kilcorcoran
Kilfarboy Moymore
Kilfarboy Lackamore
Kilfarboy Kilfarboy
Kilfarboy Kildimo
Kilfarboy Clohanemore
Kilfarboy Clohanebeg
Kilfarboy Glandyne
Kilfarboy Freighfallin
Kilfarboy Liegard
Kilfarboy Fintramore
Kilfarboy Illane
Kilfarboy Ballyvaskin
Kilfarboy Braiffa
Kilfarboy Fintrabeg
Kilfarboy Freigh-Castle
Kilfearagh Kilnagallach
Kilfearagh Leaheen
Kilfearagh Tarmon East & Rahona Parcel
Kilfearagh Tarmon West
Kilfearagh Kilfera
Kilfearagh Ballyonan
Kilfearagh Kilkee
Kilfearagh Lislanihen
Kilfearagh Lisdeen
Kilfearagh Banmore
Kilfearagh Gurrane
Kilfearagh Moyasta
Kilfearagh Dough
Kilfearagh Corbally
Kilfearagh Kildimo
Kilfearagh Farrighe
Kilfenora Cohy
Kilfenora Ballyhumalta
Kilfenora Ballykinvarrga
Kilfenora Rathhown
Kilfenora Lisket & Ballyroughan
Kilfenora Ballybane
Kilfenora Ballyclonacahill
Kilfenora Clouneen East & West & Moherbalanagh
Kilfenora Clogher
Kilfenora Tullagha
Kilfenora Ballagh
Kilfenora Clonomra
Kilfenora Lickeen
Kilfenora Kilfenora Top
Kilfenora Knockacutteen
Kilfenora Lacarhoo
Kilfenora Hollywell
Kilfenora Doctorhill
Kilfenora Kilfenora Town
Kilfenora Kilfenora Town 
Kilfenora Kilcarragh
Kilfenora Ballybreen & Ballycohy
Kilfenora Coolpecane
Kilfenora Clorhane & Carhoonabaghilla
Kilfenora Lisdoony
Kilfenora Knockdoonane also Fanta
Kilfenora Slievenagry
Kilfenora Laraghakea
Kilfenora Ballygownan
Kilfenora Ballykeal
Kilfenora Cragane & Lysaghts Plot
Kilfenora Ballynahown
Kilfenora Drimone also Parcel of Common
Kilfenora Gortdrisligh
Kilfenora Ballyshanny
Kilfenora Ballykerin
Kilfenora Cahirminane
Kilfidane Cragg
Kilfidane Boulohera
Kilfidane Birrin
Kilfidane Birrin
Kilfidane Carrareagh
Kilfidane Knocknomorer
Kilfidane Derrenafeagh
Kilfidane Gortnagoon
Kilfidane Moyroe
Kilfidane Moighe
Kilfidane Drisshane
Kilfidane Derrynalickey
Kilfidane Derrygihy
Kilfidane Clondrinagh
Kilfidane Daugnive
Kilfidane Coolmeenbeg
Kilfidane Rockmount
Kilfidane Derreen
Kilfidane Newbridge
Kilfidane Cooline
Kilfidane Moyfaddee
Kilfidane Errible
Kilfidane Ayleroe
Kilfidane Shannaheas
Kilfidane Effernons
Kilfidane Derrynedane
Kilfinaghta Ballysheenmore
Kilfinaghta Cappa South
Kilfinaghta Cappa North
Kilfinaghta Ballyarrila and Lisnavinana
Kilfinaghta Corleigh
Kilfinaghta Cappanalaght & Bounabina
Kilfinaghta Ballymacashill
Kilfinaghta Clounanass
Kilfinaghta Mugalla
Kilfinaghta Ballysheen beg and Ardmaclanchy
Kilfinaghta Carrunikilla
Kilfinaghta Ballynevin beg and Ballycullen
Kilfinaghta Castle Crin
Kilfintinan Ballymooris
Kilfintinan Moyhill
Kilfintinan Lougheil
Kilfintinan Portdrine
Kilfintinan Brickhill
Kilfintinan Laught
Kilfintinan Brickhill Mountain
Kilfintinan Ballinfonte
Kilfintinan Brickhill Mountain
Kilfintinan Caloora
Kilfintinan Carrumore
Kilfintinan Castle quarter
Kilfintinan Ballintlea
Kilfintinan Fort William
Kilfintinan Ballilidane East
Kilfintinan Gurtnancool
Kilfintinan Ballybroughen
Kilfintinan The Island of Ballybroughen
Kilfintinan Gallows Hill
Kilfintinan Heath Mount
Kilfintinan Knockroe
Kilfintinan Ballilidane West
Kilfintinan Mount Ievers
Kilfintinan Oil Mill
Kilfintinan Ballysheha
Kilfintinan Cratloe
Kilkeedy Poulatangle
Kilkeedy Clounseherna
Kilkeedy Ballybourna
Kilkeedy Woodpark
Kilkeedy Tullagh
Kilkeedy Knockansheen
Kilkeedy Derreenbloughtane
Kilkeedy Poulinacona
Kilkeedy Boulevin
Kilkeedy Killeenacook
Kilkeedy Killeenacook West
Kilkeedy Knockroe
Kilkeedy Cushacurra
Kilkeedy Tullamore West
Kilkeedy Kiltackymore
Kilkeedy Kiltacky Beg
Kilkeedy Dromadine
Kilkeedy Curhunagoul
Kilkeedy Leitrim
Kilkeedy Killakreen
Kilkeedy Maharra beg
Kilkeedy Ballybane
Kilkeedy Rockvale
Kilkeedy Tiermana
Kilkeedy Killeneane
Kilkeedy Aughrim Boylan
Kilkeedy Riencahy
Kilkeedy Rinroe
Kilkeedy Bealighter
Kilkeedy Belanahaglish
Kilkeedy Culleen
Kilkeedy Poulmahorig
Kilkeedy Carhunacrusha
Kilkeedy Kilkeedy
Kilkeedy Ballinlisheen
Kilkeedy Castle Quarter
Kilkeedy Poulroe
Kilkeedy Templebana
Kilkeedy Attyslany North
Kilkeedy Attyslany South
Kilkeedy Derryowen
Kilkeedy Carhucraheen
Kilkeedy Lyen
Kilkeedy Quakers Town
Kilkeedy Gurteentenure
Kilkeedy Derrylumane
Kilkeedy Mungreagh
Kilkeedy Ballyanahane
Kilkeedy Ballynabodagh
Kilkeedy Loughwood
Kilkeedy Shanbally
Kilkeedy Blakemount
Kilkeedy Cregacahill
Kilkeedy Coolbane
Kilkeedy Adragoole
Kilkeedy Knockavulleen
Kilkeedy Knockavulleen
Kilkeedy Windmill Hill
Kilkeedy Castlequarter
Kilkeedy Drimneen
Kilkeedy Turkena
Kilkeedy Garryincahala
Kilkeedy Kells
Killaloe Ballycar-Crome
Killaloe Ballycar Lough
Killaloe Coolnaleira
Killaloe Glanlun
Killaloe Trough
Killaloe Rough
Killaloe Knockdonagh
Killaloe Clohera
Killaloe Ardatagill
Killaloe Cappakea
Killaloe Aherina
Killaloe Ballida
Killaloe Ballida Sheahan
Killaloe Earl-Hill
Killaloe Bally-Bouchier
Killaloe Fahie-Beg and Roe
Killaloe Fahiebeg
Killaloe Ballyneavin
Killaloe Kilrohill
Killaloe Lackareagh
Killaloe Lackareaghbeg
Killaloe Knockadereen
Killaloe Bridgetown
Killaloe Ardcloney
Killaloe Ballygirreen East
Killaloe Kilcredane
Killaloe Clonfadda
Killaloe Ballycorney
Killaloe Lackanabane
Killaloe Garonboy
Killaloe Killestry
Killaloe Aislemore
Killaloe Glashrugh
Killaloe Carrownagona
Killaloe Maugheragh
Killaloe Balleygirreen West
Killaloe Balleykilladea
Killaloe Gurtmagee
Killaloe Finlea
Killaloe Craglea
Killaloe Cragbeg
Killaloe Ballyvaley
Killaloe Nockaclovane
Killaloe Carhoubawn
Killaloe Glenymullone
Killaloe Lackabrana
Killaloe Shantrade
Killaloe Balleycugerin
Killaloe Crieverough
Killard Carrowblough
Killard Carrublough
Killard Tulliher
Killard Carhowmore
Killard Carrublough parcel
Killard Clounamora
Killard Dunbeg
Killard Cloungarrane
Killard Lismuse & Lisgarrine
Killard Enough
Killard Ballard
Killard Glasscloone
Killard Killard
Killard Dunmore
Killaspuglonane Tullamore
Killaspuglonane Caheraderry
Killaspuglonane Carruduff
Killaspuglonane Moymore & Ballyfadine
Killaspuglonane Killispuglinane
Killaspuglonane Ballyellery
Killaspuglonane Knocknerahey
Killaspuglonane East Rannagh
Killeany Ballygastle
Killeany Ballyconnoo South
Killeany Cahermekerrala
Killeany Cahirlohan
Killeany Ballyconnoo North
Killeany Coleamore
Killeany Lislarree
Killeany Cahermane
Killeany Coulteebrack
Killeany Gurteen
Killeany Killeany
Killeely Clondrina
Killeely Coonagh Arthur
Killeely Coonagh Hickey
Killeely Coonagh Sexton
Killeely Coonagh Calcut
Killeely Ballynanty More
Killeely Ballynanty Beg
Killeely Monabraher
Killeely Meelick
Killeely Meelick Beg
Killeely Cratlo O'Brien
Killeely Cratlo Keal
Killeely Cratlo Neil
Killeely Griotts Farm
Killeely Stone Park
Killeely Meelick Villa
Killeely Murranes
Killeely Kennevane & Nix
Killeely Pass
Killeely Punch Bowl
Killeely Sand Mount
Killeely Meelick Wood
Killeely Cratlo Moyl Wood
Killeely Cratlo Keal Wood
Killeely Cratlo Consedine
Killeely Knock Brack
Killeely Cratlo More
Killeely Burtin Hill
Killeely Bulls Farm
Killeely Woodcock Hill
Killeely Knockrowe
Killeely Knockneskehe
Killeely Derry More
Killeely Derry Beg
Killeely Mill Park
Killeely Boulinicausk
Killeely Fean
Killeely Boulihouhilan
Killeely Moneenaclogen
Killeely Derry More Recl'd Ground
Killeely Derry More Wood Division
Killeely Fean Mountain
Killeely Half Wood
Killeely Boston
Killilagh Tiergunneen
Killilagh Knockaprihane
Killilagh Killilagh
Killilagh Ballyvoe
Killilagh Glasshybegg
Killilagh Laght & Knocknaraha
Killilagh Doonmacfilim
Killilagh Doolen
Killilagh Ballycahane Parcel
Killilagh Loughe
Killilagh Stoulera
Killilagh Carnanes
Killilagh Boherbee
Killilagh Aughivanna
Killilagh Drimhasna
Killilagh Gortaclob
Killilagh Ballyvarra
Killilagh Cronagurt
Killilagh Oughdarra
Killilagh Carhunacleragh
Killilagh Gurtnamuckey
Killilagh Glashybegg
Killilagh Cahirmaclanchy
Killilagh Ballymaclanchy
Killilagh Knockahearn
Killilagh Cahircrusheen
Killilagh Ballyreen
Killilagh Carrugar
Killilagh Aughisheybeg
Killilagh Laughtmaredy
Killilagh Cragbrack
Killilagh Cahircinnally North
Killilagh Knockagulla East
Killilagh Middle Knockagulla
Killilagh Knockagulla West
Killilagh Knocknaranhee West
Killilagh Knocknaranhee East
Killilagh Knocknaranhee North
Killilagh Tournahaun
Killilagh Lurraga
Killilagh Glasshymore
Killilagh Ballysallagh
Killilagh Doughivona
Killilagh Ballycullane
Killilagh Ballynalacken
Killilagh Craggicurden
Killilagh Mr Calcut's Craggicurden
Killilagh Ballynahoan
Killilagh Poulnagon
Killilagh South Poulnagon
Killilagh Tillard
Killilagh Ardimus
Killimer Lower Burrane
Killimer Upper Burrane
Killimer Thonavoher
Killimer Tarmon
Killimer Knocknouhane
Killimer Breafa
Killimer Doneal
Killimer Tiervarna
Killimer Knockafonta
Killimer Donagrogue
Killimer Carrondota
Killimer Ballymacrennan
Killimer Clounaglissane
Killimer Moneen
Killimer Dysart
Killinaboy Knockardaming
Killinaboy Caherblonig
Killinaboy Cahermacun
Killinaboy Carhunahone
Killinaboy Drommoher
Killinaboy Crossard
Killinaboy Woodvil & Vigo
Killinaboy Nooane
Killinaboy Ballycasheen
Killinaboy Cahirfadda
Killinaboy Elenvale
Killinaboy Baunkeil
Killinaboy Backland
Killinaboy Inchiquin Castle Division
Killinaboy Cloonimulvidane
Killinaboy Cood
Killinaboy Ballymacugh
Killinaboy Inchiquin
Killinaboy Anville
Killinaboy Leameaneagh
Killinaboy Roughan
Killinaboy Leana
Killinaboy Garfeloone
Killinaboy Bunnaanagat
Killinaboy Carhunamodra
Killinaboy Moneenaleen
Killinaboy Auglish
Killinaboy Ballard
Killinaboy Cahermackateer
Killinaboy Boulladuff
Killinaboy Booltaghadine
Killinaboy Reenamona
Killinaboy Knockaunrood
Killinaboy Parkroe
Killinaboy Mollough
Killinaboy Ballanfuntha
Killinaboy Gortlecka
Killinaboy Creehaun
Killinaboy Coolurta
Killinaboy Tullycommon
Killinaboy Teeska
Killinaboy Slievnaglisha
Killinaboy Glanquin
Killinaboy Kelleen
Killinaboy Knockballytreala
Killinaboy Lackenreigh
Killinaboy Garrynafinchoage
Killinaboy Kilvoidane
Killinaboy Islandmore
Killinaboy Laghtagoona
Killinaboy Inchiquin Pound Division
Killinaboy Lissduff
Killinaboy Dabrian
Killinaboy Ballyportry
Killinaboy Cahirbolane
Killinaboy Commonage South
Killinaboy Commonage North
Killofin Knockacutteen
Killofin Killofin
Killofin Cullina
Killofin Knocknacrusha
Killofin Killanna
Killofin Ballina
Killofin Millpark
Killofin Lackanabehy
Killofin New Park
Killofin Killkerin
Killofin North Lackile
Killofin Ballyogan
Killofin Ballyogan
Killofin Knockroe Park
Killofin Knockroe
Killofin Mount Shannon
Killofin Colemanstown
Killofin South Lackile
Killofin Ballyartney
Killofin Ballygeery
Killofin Cloneross
Killofin Boheodane
Killofin Slievedooley
Killofin West Clonkerry
Killofin East Clonkerry
Killokennedy Cooldera
Killokennedy Toureen
Killokennedy Toureen FitzGerald
Killokennedy Aharinabeg
Killokennedy Kilmore
Killokennedy Capenaslish
Killokennedy Kilglass
Killokennedy Mt. Boy
Killokennedy Springmount
Killokennedy Blackhill
Killokennedy Comethen
Killokennedy Ballyquin beg
Killokennedy Cloonconry beg
Killokennedy Newtown
Killokennedy Ballymolony
Killokennedy Clonconry More
Killokennedy Fermoyle
Killokennedy Fermoyle Massy
Killokennedy Crean
Killokennedy Barbane
Killokennedy Cloungaheen
Killokennedy Kilokenedy
Killokennedy Kilbane
Killokennedy Lisroue
Killokennedy Lowpark
Killokennedy Shananock
Killokennedy Kilegy Stritch
Killokennedy Kilegy Goonan
Killokennedy Kilegy Sampson
Killokennedy Ballyquin
Killokennedy Woodpark
Killokennedy Letrim
Killonaghan Derreen, Crimlin & Killonohan
Killonaghan Fanore Beg
Killonaghan Lisconera & Derreen
Killonaghan Craggah
Killonaghan Faunrusk
Killonaghan Fanore & Lissnahou
Killonaghan Blakes Mountain
Killonaghan Coolmeen
Killonaghan Ballela
Killonaghan Cahirdrumore
Killonaghan Caheruclor
Killonaghan Cahiriclur
Killonaghan Formoyle
Killonaghan Letterconner
Killonaghan Caherbanough
Killone Kilmorrane
Killone Cappagirrane
Killone Dremmeen Fitzgerald
Killone Dremmeen Westby
Killone Cragane & Dromadrehed
Killone Darra & Aughclounane
Killone Colonel Burton's Darra
Killone Mr Thomas Lucases Darra
Killone Rathmeehan
Killone Lackanascagh
Killone Kilerk East
Killone Knockaquielty
Killone Knockacrohera
Killone Shanaughal
Killone Freaghfa
Killone Knockanira
Killone Kilglassy
Killone Bansha
Killone Lissmealbreeda
Killone Cragbrien
Killone Killmore
Killone Ballyvoligan
Killone Ballyea
Killuran Silvergrove
Killuran Coolnahella
Killuran Kilderagh
Killuran Bally McDonnell West or Minor
Killuran Bally McDonnell East or Major
Killuran Rossnealon
Killuran Elm Hill
Killuran Monagena
Killuran Cappalea
Killuran Doon
Killuran Drominagun
Killuran Iragh
Killuran Kilavi
Killuran Douras
Killuran Tierovanan
Killuran Balinabrone
Killuran Loughborough
Killuran Island
Killuran Fox and Geese
Killuran Dromin
Killuran Clouncoole
Killuran Killurane
Killuran Killurane Mountains
Killuran Toureen
Killuran Gurtnalassa
Kilmacduane Creeghbeg & Creegh
Kilmacduane Clohanemore
Kilmacduane Clohanebeg
Kilmacduane Clonwhite
Kilmacduane Cloneena
Kilmacduane Cahiracullen
Kilmacduane Ballynagun
Kilmacduane Clonreddan
Kilmacduane Kilmacduane
Kilmacduane Kilmacduane (Mr.Morony)
Kilmacduane Coor-Clare
Kilmacduane Cloncullin
Kilmacduane Tiernaglihane
Kilmacduane Carhue
Kilmacduane Brislow
Kilmacduane Garrane-Tuohy
Kilmacduane Tullybrack
Kilmacduane Gower
Kilmacduane Aughagarna
Kilmacduane Dangannanelly
Kilmacduane Dromelihy (Mr. Westby's)
Kilmacduane Dromelihy (Mr. Westby's)
Kilmacduane Dromelihy (Lord Conyngham's)
Kilmacduane Dromelihy (Mr. McDonnells)
Kilmacduane Dromelihy (Mr. Westropp's)
Kilmacduane Acres
Kilmacduane Cahirfinny
Kilmacrehy Ballyellery
Kilmacrehy Laghtvalla
Kilmacrehy Rannagh west
Kilmacrehy Laghcloun
Kilmacrehy Ballyvorda
Kilmacrehy Ballyea & Ballyhean
Kilmacrehy Ballycottine
Kilmacrehy Caherbannagh
Kilmacrehy Cahenbarnagh
Kilmacrehy Ballyvrislane
Kilmacrehy Ballyvrislane
Kilmacrehy Lislarkin
Kilmacrehy Ballysteen Ardacra
Kilmacrehy Ballysteen Derreen
Kilmacrehy Behhy
Kilmacrehy Tieragh beg
Kilmacrehy Ballymaclinane
Kilmacrehy Clohanodyne
Kilmacrehy Liscannor
Kilmacrehy Kinnielty
Kilmacrehy Shigganagh
Kilmacrehy Ballinalackan
Kilmacrehy Kilconnell
Kilmacrehy Ballylane
Kilmacrehy Ballyheragh
Kilmacrehy Dough O'Connor
Kilmaleery Cahirabane
Kilmaleery Urlin
Kilmaleery Carroo
Kilmaleery Ardbrahane part of Ballinouska
Kilmaleery Clenagh
Kilmaleery Killmaleery & Ballymacknavin
Kilmaleery Treinahow
Kilmaleery Corcachanurlaar
Kilmaleery Breckinish
Kilmaleery West Ing
Kilmaley Ballymacooda
Kilmaley Killclogher
Kilmaley Cahermore
Kilmaley Rathcrony
Kilmaley Shesshegar
Kilmaley Kilmaly
Kilmaley Ballycooney
Kilmaley Lispickane
Kilmaley Reighnacurra
Kilmaley Knockmoy
Kilmaley Lisbiggeen
Kilmaley Clonlahine
Kilmaley Lacaroe
Kilmaley Knockatunna
Kilmaley Keilatunna
Kilmaley Boulabreen
Kilmaley Cullinagh
Kilmaley Balleen
Kilmaley Knockmore
Kilmaley Shean & Requirk
Kilmaley Magouna
Kilmaley Ballyvow
Kilmaley Ballymacaulla
Kilmaley Cappaleigh etc.
Kilmaley Gurtaganniff
Kilmaley Faryhill
Kilmaley Clonkea
Kilmaley Knockadangan
Kilmaley Garrynagry
Kilmaley Leaghaknock
Kilmaley Lough Burke
Kilmaley Drumatehy
Kilmaley Drimanara & Drimanure
Kilmaley Drumline
Kilmaley Drinagh
Kilmaley Derracarragh
Kilmaley Rathmore
Kilmaley Ballyelan
Kilmaley Bealcraggy
Kilmaley Glaunblonnega & Letteragh
Kilmaley Glaunletternafinna
Kilmaley Derranacarragh, Gortadoug & Clountebanniff
Kilmaley Tulloughboy
Kilmaley Kanturk
Kilmaley Reighnakisnagh
Kilmaley Kilcullum
Kilmaley Boulinagleragh
Kilmaley Ferroor
Kilmaley Boulineascagh
Kilmaley Boultha
Kilmaley Corrancreagh
Kilmaley Poulacknew
Kilmaley Gurtalougha
Kilmaley Derrygorriffe
Kilmaley Aldevore
Kilmaley Keilmore
Kilmaley Clounbouley
Kilmaley Slieveloughane
Kilmaley Feighrue
Kilmaley Lisroe
Kilmaley Reacullane
Kilmaley Boulinabinna
Kilmaley Boulinegleragh
Kilmaley Reighphortagh
Kilmanaheen Fahanlanaght More & Beg
Kilmanaheen Tullygarvan Muigbee
Kilmanaheen Tullygarvan Ballinicarrigga
Kilmanaheen Knock Patrick East & West
Kilmanaheen Fory Glann
Kilmanaheen Fory Glann Shanavalla
Kilmanaheen Calluragh Flanigan
Kilmanaheen Clouneybreen
Kilmanaheen Baarbane
Kilmanaheen Clouneybreen Rinneen
Kilmanaheen Carhoogare
Kilmanaheen Maghery
Kilmanaheen Maghery Atticristora
Kilmanaheen Cregg
Kilmanaheen Carhoontedane
Kilmanaheen Lahensy
Kilmanaheen Lahensy Old Deerpark
Kilmanaheen Lahensy Clounavige
Kilmanaheen Ardnakella Woodmount
Kilmanaheen Ardnakella Clounadaly
Kilmanaheen Ardnakella Derryrour
Kilmanaheen Kilcornan House Division
Kilmanaheen Kilcornan Mountain
Kilmanaheen Clouncoul East
Kilmanaheen Ennistymon old Deer park called Wood park
Kilmanaheen Middle Deerpark
Kilmanaheen Ennistymon upper Deer Park
Kilmanaheen Shruhil
Kilmanaheen Ennistymon House Division
Kilmanaheen Ennistymon Clouncoul West als Knockancullin called Calluragh Cross
Kilmanaheen Ennistymon Calluragh McInereny
Kilmanaheen Ennistymon Knockbrack
Kilmanaheen New Town
Kilmanaheen Lisatunna
Kilmanaheen Ballingaddy East alias Luiga
Kilmanaheen Ballingaddy West & Caunnologh
Kilmihil Ballydeneen
Kilmihil Cahercanavan
Kilmihil Cahermurphy
Kilmihil Cahermurphy
Kilmihil Derrycrossane
Kilmihil Derrycrossane
Kilmihil Greygrove & Knockalough
Kilmihil Kiltumper
Kilmihil Lack
Kilmihil Leitrim
Kilmihil Shyan
Kilmihil Tarmin Roe
Kilmoon Lisdoonvarna
Kilmoon Ballyincheenmore
Kilmoon Derreenavaha
Kilmoon Cahirbolig
Kilmoon Ballytigue
Kilmoon Ballyneylan
Kilmoon Ballydonohue
Kilmoon Ballyhinagh
Kilmoon Kilmoon
Kilmoon Cooleabeg
Kilmoon Craggreigh
Kilmoon Cahircligane
Kilmoon Cahirbarnagh
Kilmoon Knockerskeheen
Kilmoon Ballyinsheenbeg
Kilmurry Shandangan
Kilmurry Kilmurry
Kilmurry Durra
Kilmurry Drumullen
Kilmurry Cloonbligh
Kilmurry Kilcornan
Kilmurry Kilkishen
Kilmurry Cloonmanagh
Kilmurry Rossroe
Kilmurry Knockmanagh
Kilmurry Clonderlaw Crossbeg
Kilmurry Clonderlaw Kinlea
Kilmurry Clonderlaw Derrybrick
Kilmurry Clonderlaw Cross-more
Kilmurry Clonderlaw Benvoran
Kilmurry Clonderlaw Drumdigus
Kilmurry Clonderlaw Carhunisky
Kilmurry Clonderlaw Lisheenagun
Kilmurry Clonderlaw Knocknowhane
Kilmurry Clonderlaw Tullycrine
Kilmurry Clonderlaw Breaffa
Kilmurry Clonderlaw Bleanemore
Kilmurry Clonderlaw Ballycurrane
Kilmurry Clonderlaw Ballycurrune
Kilmurry Clonderlaw Knock
Kilmurry Clonderlaw Kilmore
Kilmurry Clonderlaw Carhubane
Kilmurry Clonderlaw Clonderlaw & Brew’spark
Kilmurry Clonderlaw Prospect
Kilmurry Clonderlaw Kilmurry
Kilmurry Clonderlaw Derrynalickey
Kilmurry Ibrickan Knockaliskerane
Kilmurry Ibrickan Carruduff
Kilmurry Ibrickan Shandrum and Kilmurry
Kilmurry Ibrickan Ballymackeymore
Kilmurry Ibrickan Ballymackey beg
Kilmurry Ibrickan Clehaneathinna
Kilmurry Ibrickan Moylaska
Kilmurry Ibrickan Cragaknock
Kilmurry Ibrickan Knocknahilla
Kilmurry Ibrickan Cahernagriegh
Kilmurry Ibrickan Moyglassbeg
Kilmurry Ibrickan Scrapple
Kilmurry Ibrickan Caherrush
Kilmurry Ibrickan Emly
Kilmurry Ibrickan Doonsallagh
Kilmurry Ibrickan Killarnon
Kilmurry Ibrickan Shannovea
Kilmurry Ibrickan Coore
Kilmurry Ibrickan Clounlaheen
Kilmurry Ibrickan Doonogan
Kilmurry Ibrickan Mount Scot/Knockanalabin
Kilmurry Ibrickan Moyglassmore
Kilmurry Ibrickan Quilty
Kilnamona Ballyneylon
Kilnamona Cuigacuid
Kilnamona Moherane
Kilnamona Cahirbannagh
Kilnamona Magowna
Kilnamona Inchacoolaghty
Kilnamona Lougheen
Kilnamona Derroolagh
Kilnamona Knocknarein
Kilnamona Ballyashea
Kilnamona Knockinnanamagh
Kilnamona Toureen
Kilnamona Ballymingane
Kilnamona Crohane
Kilnamona Shallee
Kilnamona Meilagarane
Kilnamona Ballynuck
Kilnamona Killnamona
Kilnamona Knockataumpul
Kilnamona Illanegar
Kilnamona Gurteennaloughnane
Kilnamona Gurteennaloughane
Kilnamona Clugga
Kilnamona Gurteennabeheig
Kilnamona Drumbawn
Kilnamona Rushane
Kilnamona Raheen
Kilnamona Raheen 
Kilnamona Maheryvernane
Kilnamona Maheryvernane 
Kilnamona Rossconnell
Kilnamona Rossconnell 
Kilnamona Ballinakilla
Kilnamona Ballinakilla 
Kilnamona Clouncaura
Kilnamona Clouncaura 
Kilnamona Knockaherin
Kilnamona Knockaherin 
Kilnamona Sallaghrim
Kilnasoolagh Rathfoland More
Kilnasoolagh Rahfoland More
Kilnasoolagh Rathfoland beg or Laknock
Kilnasoolagh Rathfoland beg or Lacknok
Kilnasoolagh Kilkerin
Kilnasoolagh Ballinacraggy
Kilnasoolagh Dromoland
Kilnasoolagh Lattoon & Reinigreanane
Kilnasoolagh Ballygreene
Kilnasoolagh Ballyconnella or deerpark
Kilnasoolagh East Ing
Kilnasoolagh Knockmurriho
Kilnasoolagh West Ing
Kilnasoolagh Corcachnaknockane
Kilnasoolagh Treinahow
Kilnasoolagh Ballysallagh East
Kilnasoolagh Ballysallagh West
Kilnasoolagh Carrogoran
Kilnasoolagh Umurkagh
Kilnasoolagh Knocksagartnabanchy
Kilnasoolagh Lisduff
Kilnasoolagh Killanasulagh
Kilnoe Nockbrack
Kilnoe Drumond
Kilnoe Ballydunahen
Kilnoe Lisbareen
Kilnoe Coolreaghmore
Kilnoe Clonmoher
Kilnoe Ananeale
Kilnoe Coolreaghbeg
Kilnoe Coolreagh East
Kilnoe Derreen
Kilnoe Kilgorey
Kilnoe Tieraglass
Kilnoe Derrymore
Kilnoe Ballinahinch
Kilnoe Kilnoe
Kilnoe Coolredagh
Kilnoe Caherhurley
Kilnoe Caherhurley Park
Kilnoe Gurtnalassa
Kilnoe Inchlahogue
Kilraghtis Ballyline or Clounskineen
Kilraghtis Cullinagh
Kilraghtis Berenafinchin
Kilraghtis Ballymacon
Kilraghtis Carraokeal alias Corrodery
Kilraghtis Clountimorrohoo
Kilraghtis Ballyogan
Kilraghtis Ashgrove
Kilraghtis Droomgloor
Kilraghtis Clounkerry
Kilraghtis Muhallo West
Kilraghtis Sheep Park
Kilraghtis Muhallo East or Cragauoher
Kilraghtis Bunaknock
Kilraghtis Doorlas
Kilraghtis Tullyvoghan
Kilraghtis Lehanagh alias Tuoreen
Kilraghtis Lehanagh North
Kilraghtis Cappagh
Kilraghtis Ballymacahill
Kilraghtis Rosslevan
Kilraghtis Dromgrannagh
Kilraghtis Bally Gaffy West or Clooncasheen
Kilraghtis Dromquin
Kilraghtis Bally Gaffy West
Kilraghtis Bally Gaffy East
Kilraghtis Coolbane
Kilraghtis Caherina
Kilrush Knockkerry west
Kilrush Knockkerry east
Kilrush Moyadamore
Kilrush Moyadabegg
Kilrush Mologha
Kilrush Kilcarroll
Kilrush Tullagower
Kilrush Gowerhass
Kilrush Balleykett
Kilrush Tullabrack
Kilrush Monmore
Kilrush Carnacalla
Kilrush Leadmore
Kilrush Kilrush
Kilrush Cappagh
Kilrush Ballynte
Kilrush Inishbeg Island
Kilseily Woodfield
Kilseily Kiladerry
Kilseily Woodfield & Kiladerry
Kilseily Drominakela
Kilseily Drominakela East
Kilseily Cragg
Kilseily Cragg
Kilseily Snata Wilson
Kilseily Ahaclare
Kilseily Upper Cragg
Kilseily Snata Massy
Kilseily Snata Cooper
Kilseily Ballykelly
Kilseily Kilseily
Kilseily Hurlstown
Kilseily Gurtnahullin
Kilseily Gurtnaglugh
Kilseily Derra
Kilseily Keile
Kilseily Ardskeagh
Kilseily Doon
Kilseily Gurtnaginella
Kilseily Violet Hill
Kilseily Sheas-acres
Kilseily Dromin
Kilseily Sallybank Parker
Kilseily Lower Sallybank Merritt
Kilseily Uper Sallybank Merritt
Kilseily Mountrice
Kilseily Consulrea
Kilseily Clountra Massy
Kilseily Nockshanavoe
Kilseily Clountra Shea
Kilseily Clountra West
Kilseily Derry Vinane
Kilseily Menagh
Kilseily Kilemakulla
Kilshanny Knockerska
Kilshanny Carhomanagh
Kilshanny Carhuonahuan
Kilshanny Drummin
Kilshanny Derrene
Kilshanny Carhoeragh
Kilshanny Ballyalla
Kilshanny Carhookeal
Kilshanny Cahirkinalla
Kilshanny Ballytarsna
Kilshanny Pursunes
Kilshanny Cahireamore
Kilshanny Cloungarive
Kilshanny Ballydeely
Kilshanny Drominagraun
Kilshanny Gortnaboule
Kilshanny Gurteen
Kilshanny Smithstown
Kilshanny Knockaneden
Kilshanny Garivlacka
Kilshanny Toureen
Kilshanny Crosscornane
Kilshanny Carhoonahuan West
Kilshanny Ballymacravan
Kilshanny Cahiricosane
Kilshanny Cahirloskane
Kiltenanlea Clooncarhee
Kiltenanlea Gillouge
Kiltenanlea Knockanroe
Kiltenanlea Derrafadda
Kiltenanlea Derilan
Kiltenanlea Gurrane
Kiltenanlea Mt. Donnell
Kiltenanlea Fravoukee
Kiltenanlea Cappavilla
Kiltenanlea Mt. Catherine
Kiltenanlea Newtown
Kiltenanlea Cloonlara
Kiltenanlea Springfield
Kiltenanlea Rine Rough
Kiltenanlea Cottage
Kiltenanlea Laught, Field
Kiltenanlea Isleland
Kiltenanlea Anglers Lodge
Kiltenanlea Landscape
Kiltenanlea Doonass
Kiltenanlea Deer Parkes
Kiltenanlea Summer Hill
Kiltenanlea Lisduff
Kiltenanlea Bleach
Kiltenanlea Erina
Kiltenanlea Coolastike
Kiltenanlea Dromeen
Kiltenanlea Kildurass
Kiltenanlea Ahaboy
Kiltenanlea Monaskeha
Kiltenanlea Upper Knockbrack
Kiltenanlea Prospect Hill
Kiltenanlea Lower Knockbrack
Kiltenanlea Parke Bawn
Kiltenanlea Dromin Tobin
Kiltenanlea Barthleys Town
Kiltenanlea Oakfield
Kiltenanlea Gurtnaglee
Kiltenanlea Rounard
Moyarta Gortaclare alias Clarefield
Moyarta Gortaclare alias Cummoge
Moyarta Ballyraght alias Newtown East
Moyarta Newtown West
Moyarta Ballyraght alias Shinanach
Moyarta Curragh-Querin and Cloncarran
Moyarta Tulla and Farrenvullen alias Tullaroe
Moyarta Rahinisky
Moyarta Dunaha East
Moyarta Dunaha West
Moyarta Liscen Furruir
Moyarta Liscroney
Moyarta Furruir
Moyarta Moveen East & Kilcashine
Moyarta Moveen West
Moyarta Carhumullen alias Carhunaylane
Moyarta Carhumanach alias Knocknagaroon
Moyarta Trosliav
Moyarta Bellagh
Moyarta Killiney
Moyarta Moyarta East
Moyarta Moyarta West
Moyarta Rahona East and West
Moyarta Rathmacaderig
Moyarta Kilcredane
Moyarta Cluaincunneen
Moynoe Moynoe
Moynoe Gonanecraggy
Moynoe Knucknisceah
Moynoe Rodeens
Moynoe Gorroolee
Moynoe Urlin
Moynoe Monerue
Moynoe Carhumore
Moynoe Barnagruss
Moynoe Kileregane
Moynoe Callaghans Land
Moynoe Meenrus
Moynoe Killycormick
Moynoe Ballyboy
Moynoe Tubbernagath
Moynoe Prospect
Moynoe Ballyglass
Moynoe Knuckbrody
Moynoe Deerpark
Moynoe Western Shean
Moynoe Middle Shean
Moynoe Eastern Shean
Moynoe Cappybane Park
Moynoe Cappybane Mountain Farm
Moynoe Central Division of Mountain
Moynoe Turkenagh Mountain
Noughaval Deerpark
Noughaval Caherpillane
Noughaval Fahyfarre
Noughaval Paddock
Noughaval Shessimore
Noughaval Parkbeg
Noughaval Park Paddy
Noughaval Mohercreevah
Noughaval Lackaraghfrastil
Noughaval Mohercreevagh
Noughaval Balligannor
Noughaval Castlepark
Noughaval Poulcoolicky
Noughaval Cragane Cligane
Noughaval Balligannorbig
Noughaval Balligannormore
Noughaval Mohernamalla
Noughaval Noughaval
Noughaval Cloun
Noughaval Craignabrock
Noughaval Wellpark
Noughaval Poulcoran
Noughaval Church Park
Noughaval Drombue
Noughaval Commons
Noughaval Sallaghiska
Noughaval Lassananwalla
Noughaval Lismoher
Noughaval Hill Division
Noughaval Fanaglinna
Noughaval Rusheen
Noughaval Poulbane
Noughaval Carron
Noughaval Lismoherbog
Noughaval Kiltennane
Noughaval Turlogh
Noughaval Shanawaila
Noughaval Kieltane
Noughaval Lisnagaun
Noughaval Clounpollagh
Noughaval Mohernalica
Noughaval Cragane Riegh
Noughaval Ballymahony
Noughaval Poulacarrane
Noughaval Mohernavar
Noughaval Benroe
Noughaval House Division
Noughaval Moanduveen
Noughaval Moherbarmagh
Noughaval Beenroe
Noughaval Moneduveen
Noughaval Knockbrack
Noughaval Lackan
Noughaval Bog
Noughaval Valley
Noughaval Knockavoreheen
Noughaval Ballymurphy
Noughaval Shruhshea
Noughaval Poulbue
Ogonnelloe Bellkelly Eyre
Ogonnelloe Bellkelly Purdon
Ogonnelloe Caruena
Ogonnelloe Caher
Ogonnelloe Ballyhurley
Ogonnelloe Ballinaglera
Ogonnelloe Carhucore
Ogonnelloe Ballyloughlane
Ogonnelloe Ballybrohan
Ogonnelloe Cornaginoe
Ogonnelloe Rahineamore
Ogonnelloe Aughenish
Ogonnelloe Carhugare
Ogonnelloe Ballybran
Ogonnelloe Island Cosgrove
Ogonnelloe Rahineabeg
Ogonnelloe Ballyheefy
Oughtmama Aughinish
Oughtmama Dune Brannagh
Oughtmama Mountvernan
Oughtmama New Quay
Oughtmama Bally Cunneen
Oughtmama Bourneen
Oughtmama Demesne
Oughtmama Island Scanlan
Oughtmama Derreen
Oughtmama Lower Rhine
Oughtmama Upper Rhine
Oughtmama Pouna Mohir
Oughtmama Behah
Oughtmama Oughmama
Oughtmama Knockacallinan
Oughtmama Ballylinnane
Oughtmama Parkwatere
Oughtmama Turlough
Oughtmama Knockinniagark
Oughtmama Cloun
Oughtmama Lagagea
Oughtmama Upper Lagagea
Oughtmama Aughivinane
Oughtmama Slieve Corran
Oughtmama Park Noe
Oughtmama Troul field
Oughtmama Parkacorran
Oughtmama Eathen
Oughtmama Turf field
Oughtmama Poulmoure
Oughtmama Gurtaclare
Oughtmama Gortboyhane
Oughtmama Deelan Beg
Oughtmama Poulafooka
Oughtmama Creggballiknole
Oughtmama Deelanmore
Oughtmama Moheravullane
Oughtmama Kilmealrahan
Quin Ballykilty
Quin Deerpark
Quin Parkatiahane
Quin Brook Lodge
Quin Carrawroe
Quin Cahircalla
Quin Cragalasga
Quin Ballyhenon East
Quin Carrowmeer
Quin Coolshamroge
Quin Raunabpoll
Quin Ballyhenon
Quin Cahir
Quin Cahir
Quin Crevaghmore
Quin Cungane
Quin Cahernagoan
Quin Creevagh beg
Quin Arden
Quin Derreen
Quin Cragboy
Quin Dangan
Quin Shanacill
Quin Cahershine
Quin Parkgaru
Quin Dearpark
Quin Carrawbawn
Quin Gurteen
Quin Ballymulcand
Quin Cappaghnamadgh
Quin Lackavurrina
Quin Cleft
Quin Ballyroughan
Quin Rawluba
Quin Cullane
Quin Clouncrey
Quin Kileen
Quin Leaghadee
Quin Kilcornan
Quin Pike Island
Quin Kilcornan
Quin Terreen
Quin Part Ballyroughan
Quin Quin Gardens
Quin Leaughcarrow
Quin Reynneen
Quin Quinville
Quin Knocknagouge
Quin Commons of Quin
Quin Kevagh East
Quin Kevagh West
Quin Ardnavylane
Quin Church Lands
Quin Ryne
Quin Fey Quin
Rath Clivdon
Rath Adelphia
Rath Riverston
Rath Knocknamalouge
Rath Knocknareeha
Rath Gortnanaugh
Rath Carrunagaraun
Rath Gortnaglough
Rath Mohera
Rath Boherbullig
Rath Moherbullig
Rath Willbrook
Rath Boula
Rath Cahirgall
Rath Tonelegee
Rath Carruduff
Rath Newtown
Rath Applevale
Rath Cahirgrinnane
Rath Currakeal
Rath Lisscullane
Rath Gortcarrawn
Rath Creagreagh
Rath Ballykinnacurra
Rath Lakefield
Rath Creagmoher
Rath Poulbane
Rath Rath
Rath Cahirnamona
Rath Shesshave
Rath Cahirkirkane
Rath Kilkeedy Beg
Rath Poulnabruckee
Rath Carnane
Rath Roxton
Rath Creagirran
Rath Gortculdurrin
Rath Ardane
Rath Knockraha
Rath Scool
Rath Knockvacarh
Rath Knockmagarra
Rath Knockreddane
Rath Knockreagh
Rath Moyhill
Rath Knocknaslinna
Rath Cahaska
Rath Martree
Rath Carrumeer
Rath Grinnane
Rath Scariff
Rath Knockglass
Rath Moanreel
Rath Drinaugh
Rath Loughnagown
Rathborney Lismacsheedy & Feenah
Rathborney Faunrusk
Rathborney Carhaghatiege
Rathborney Poulacopil
Rathborney Dumbrickane
Rathborney Burrenwee
Rathborney Cahiracunna
Rathborney Moneen
Rathborney Lismorohane
Rathborney Croughbeg
Rathborney Clonmartin
Rathborney Gragins
Rathborney Lislarheemore
Rathborney Killane
Rathborney Crough South
Rathborney Dooniwardane
Rathborney Cahirmacnaghteen
Rathborney Lishilisheen
Rathborney Poulnabrockee
Rathborney Lisgogane
Rathborney Berneen
Rathborney Glaninchin
Rathborney Ballyalbon
Ruan Moymore
Ruan Kilkee West
Ruan Kilkee East
Ruan Bealnalicka
Ruan Nouen
Ruan Dromcavin
Ruan Cooga
Ruan Killeen
Ruan Cloonfeighra
Ruan Balloughboy
Ruan Ounkeagh
Ruan Tullydea
Ruan Rathcahane
Ruan Ballamacrogan
Ruan Tuormore
Ruan Lissiline
Ruan Commons of Rouen
Ruan Claunigleighane
Ruan Kiltifura
Ruan Lismunga
Ruan Lissduff
Ruan Kilmakenis
Ruan Tounlegee
Ruan Renneen
Ruan Caherlaughra
Ruan Ballyogan Beg
Ruan Commons
Ruan Ranaghan & Garravillane
Ruan Tullomacken
Ruan Gurteen
Ruan Ballyogan More
Ruan Foulrim
Ruan Ballytigue East
Ruan Ballytigue West
Ruan Back
Ruan Tierneigh
Ruan Laughanawhelan
Ruan Lisseenvicnahehy
Ruan Cahermacreagh
Ruan Addraun
Ruan Raferigine
Ruan Mheree Commons
Ruan Dromore
Ruan Portlicka
Ruan Ballyharahan Ross
St Munchin's Island
St Munchin's Kilrush
St Munchin's Clonmaken
St Munchin's Caherdavin
St Munchin's Knock
St Munchin's Shanabouly
St Munchin's Coolraine
St Munchin's Moylish
St Munchin's Cloncanane
St Munchin's Ballygrenon & Oakfield
St Munchin's Pass & Quarry
St Munchin's Gurtgerane
St Munchin's Woodbrooke
St Munchin's Knockalisheen
St Munchin's Ballycanon Gabbett
St Munchin's Ballycanon Gloster
St Munchin's Capintimore West
St Munchin's Capintimore East
St Munchin's Glanagross
St Patrick's (North) Quinpool & Cappanacressane
St Patrick's (North) Ballyfinnan
St Patrick's (North) Drommin
St Patrick's (North) Quinsborough
St Patrick's (North) Castlebank
St Patrick's (North) Lakile
St Patrick's (North) Ballykilane
St Patrick's (North) Gurtatoher
St Patrick's (North) Gerrane
St Patrick's (North) Saint Thomas's Island
St Patrick's (North) Fairy Hill
St Patrick's (North) Churchland
St Patrick's (North) Ardnacrussia
St Patrick's (North) Knockballynameith
St Patrick's (North) Rose Hill
St Patrick's (North) Athlunkard
St Patrick's (North) Shanakill
St Patrick's (North) Clounoughter
St Patrick's (North) Rossmadda MacAdam
St Patrick's (North) Ballyglass MacAdam
St Patrick's (North) Rhenabrone and Annegrove
St Patrick's (North) Spring Hill and Blackwater
St Patrick's (North) Derrymore
St Patrick's (North) Parkroe
St Patrick's (North) Ballyglass
St Patrick's (North) Rossmadda Copley
St Patrick's (South) Corbally
St Patrick's (South) Park
St Patrick's (South) Park Gabbett
St Patrick's (South) Park Harrald
St Patrick's (South) Rebouge Island
St Patrick's (South) Rebouge
St Patrick's (South) Singland
Templemaley Ardcarney
Templemaley Nutfield
Templemaley Tuannesk
Templemaley Ballymulqueeny or Stonepark
Templemaley Ruanroe
Templemaley Cahercuneen
Templemaley Bearfield
Templemaley Creggavealcross
Templemaley Trienaderry
Templemaley Knockaclara
Templemaley Ballycarroll
Templemaley Drimmeen
Templemaley Ennismore Island
Templemaley Killian
Templemaley Bally Keliher
Templemaley Dromdart
Templemaley Ballyhee
Templemaley Clounteen
Templemaley Licknane
Templemaley Licknane beg
Templemaley Poulefookane
Templemaley Reiskane
Templemaley New Village
Templemaley Ballymakiggin
Templemaley Ballyduff Patterson
Templemaley Ballyduff Blake
Templemaley Ballymaley
Templemaley Ballycorey
Templemaley Knockaderry
Templemaley Knockandira
Templemaley Knockanoura
Templemaley Cappahard
Templemaley Gauris
Templemaley Doolick
Tomfinlough Cragboy
Tomfinlough Derreen, Cragalogh, Granahan & Ruan,
Tomfinlough Ruan & Ralahine
Tomfinlough Crussa
Tomfinlough Crussa
Tomfinlough Ballycar, Monofola & Lisleagh
Tomfinlough Boherarone
Tomfinlough Cahirnakilla East
Tomfinlough Cahirnakilla West
Tomfinlough Mughane
Tomfinlough Ailacotty
Tomgraney Callaghy
Tomgraney Tirionier
Tomgraney Ballyvannon
Tomgraney Ballymalone
Tomgraney Tullaharry
Tomgraney Tomgrany
Tomgraney Ballyquin
Tomgraney Raheens
Tomgraney Ballyminogue
Tomgraney Scarriff
Tomgraney Fossabeg
Tomgraney Fossamore
Tomgraney Capparoe
Tomgraney Aughrim
Tomgraney Poulagour
Tomgraney Coolagoree
Tomgraney Clonusker
Tomgraney Currakile
Tomgraney A parcel of Mountain
Tulla Miltown
Tulla Fomerla
Tulla Doonane
Tulla Clondoorney Beg
Tulla Clondorney More
Tulla Clondoorney
Tulla Clondana
Tulla Upper Clondana
Tulla Cragroe
Tulla Drimsarlagh
Tulla Craganecreen & Knockballyore
Tulla Bonavoree
Tulla Knockdromleige
Tulla Clounteen
Tulla Moymore
Tulla Tulla Town
Tulla Lahardane
Tulla Laccaroe
Tulla Coultee
Tulla Derrymore
Tulla Lisscullane
Tulla Lisscullane
Tulla Lissduff
Tulla Knocknamanister
Tulla Kilvagoon
Tulla Glandree
Tulla Kildonalballagh
Tulla Gurtcumer
Tulla Derryquin
Tulla Derryknock
Tulla Curraghnatoo
Tulla Uggoon
Tulla Upper Uggoon
Tulla Affogh
Tulla Tyredagh
Tulla Newgrove
Tulla Kiltanon
Tulla Ballyblood
Tulla Lissofin
Tulla Cutteenbeg
Tulla Cutteenmore
Tulla Loughane
Tulla Furree
Tulla Ballybreen
Tulla Garruragh
Tulla Rosscaree
Tulla Fort Ann More
Tulla Toam
Tulla Maryfort
Tulla Fortanebeg
Tulla Rosslara

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