Photograph of Knute Skinner

Knute Skinner

Address: Killaspuglonane, Lahinch, Co. Clare.

A Hush

A hush settled on the street.
Looking around me,
I saw everyone stopped.
Motionless, some were on footpaths,
feet raised in arrested stride.
Other, their moments exposed
to the oncoming traffic,
were halted-as were all the cars.
Was I moving myself?

At some point I must have moved,
leaving behind me children
gripped by their mothers' hands
and women in old cloth coats
burdened by bags
and young men jacketed bright
on errands of trust.
Here I am, so surely I moved,
back into a world which never,
from one breath to the next,
coincides with the world before.

From "Sketches", Salmon Publishing, 2002.

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