Louie Byrne

Address: 1 Inis Rí, Shannon, Co. Clare
Telephone No. 061 364184
Fax No. 061 364184
Email Address: lbyrnesrn1@eircom.net
Selected Works: Dare you Ripple My Pond
Cry the Cursed Land
Rainbows Seldom Touch the Ground, Premier Books, Beds. U.K. 2001
The Little Book of Doggerel Story Verse and Play, 2002
Extract from 'Rainbows Seldom Touch the Ground' 2001 'The snowflakes plastered the windowpane like slowly closing curtains obliterating her view of the cursed mountain. It swirled on the green sward as it greedily consumed the velvet sheen, making a mockery of her sorrowful praying. Leaping impetuously over the rocky Craig it rattled the latch on her door demanding entry. She felt the melancholy of the elegy as the storm grew in intensity. The pagan mountain continued to mock her and her God. She knew that it would never surrender her son ... ever!

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